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Inside Baseball

Eric Lanke

I'm not much of a sports fan, but one sports analogy I use pretty consistently is the term "inside baseball." I use it to describe a situation when I'm going into too much jargon and detail in front of an audience that doesn't understand or doesn't need such an in-depth explanation.

Outsourcing: The Myth Debunked

Moery Company

I feel the need to debunk a big myth about outsourcing. Something I hear regularly is, “We don’t want to outsource membership sales because this is such a close-knit family industry.” Well, let’s break this down a bit, and I’ll share my perspective.

How to Brand Your Nonprofit To Scale Your Positive Impact

Beth Kanter

?. Note from Beth: My colleague, Simon Mainwaring, has launched a new series of online courses “ WeFirst Works ” that help you find your purpose – whether an individual, company, or nonprofit. .

What Burning Man's 10 Principles Can Teach You About Building Community

Higher Logic

Some people might be nervous to tell their employer that they’re jet-setting to the desert for Burning Man — because, wait, what is Burning Man anyway? The answer is not a simple one. A festival? Nope. A Mad Max-esque utopia? I’d say so. A party in the desert? Sure, but I’ll get back to that.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 11.30.18

Reid All About it

The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community… If you’re going to the ASAE Technology Conference next week and see my name badge walking toward you, snap me out of my daze, I mean, big thoughts, and say hello.

Maintaining a Positive Attitude in Sales

Moery Company

For those of you in sales, you may agree at times it can feel like an absolute grind. When things aren’t going your way, it’s easy to get down on yourself and blame others for your mishaps. Conversely, it’s easy to be positive when you’re making sales and things are going your way.

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20 Marketing Automation Mistakes You Could Be Making (And How to Fix Them)

Higher Logic

Before we get started, let me say this: making mistakes is part of learning how to do anything well. That being said, it’s time to take a closer look at your marketing automation strategy to see if you’re making any of these common mistakes.

40 Free Nonprofit Webinars For December 2018

Wild Apricot

Here are all the free nonprofit webinars I could find happening in the month of December


JP Moery’s Association Playbook – Episode 166: What Farming and Sales Success Have in Common, with Julie Divine

Moery Company

Who knew there was a strong parallel between farming and a fantastic sales process? This week, Host JP Moery welcomes to the show, Moery Biz Dev Associate Julie Divine who recently moved her family from Northern Virginia to where she describes as “the middle of nowhere with cows.”

Must-have functionality for your next association management software

YourMembership Blog

Your association may be small, but when it comes to selecting new association management software (AMS), you’re about to make a big investment – not just a financial one, but also an investment in the future of your association. To ensure your investment in your new AMS will enable your staff to best serve your. The post Must-have functionality for your next association management software appeared first on YourMembership. Membership & Marketing Tech Trends

What Kind of Community Manager Are You?

Higher Logic

Any community manager knows that good community teams come in all shapes and sizes. Our community managers at Higher Logic can trace their roots back to education, human resources, research, journalism, and so much more.

5 Things Your Organization Should Do to Improve Website Accessibility

Associations Now

With increased attention being given to situations where website design renders content inaccessible for people with disabilities, now’s a good time to keep in mind strategies to ensure users aren’t getting forgotten by your developers.

Maintain Sales Momentum During the Holidays!

Moery Company

The post Maintain Sales Momentum During the Holidays! appeared first on The Moery Company. Business Development Business Practices Sales


GivingTuesday 2018 Scales Generosity and Kindness to New Highs

Beth Kanter

The results for this week’s GivingTuesday 2018 have been reported.

6 Bad Habits that are Killing Your Membership Marketing

Membership Marketing

The most recent research shows that nearly half of all professional and trade associations are experiencing growth in their membership counts. But that also means over half of associations are reporting declines or stagnation in membership. What is holding back growth for these associations?

Time for a Conference Chatbot?

Associations Now

If you’re looking to improve onsite customer service at your meeting, a chatbot may be a good choice. Not only will it help answer your attendees’ most frequently asked questions, but it will also provide your association with data and insights.

November Update: Get the Dream Nonprofit Career You Deserve

Wild Apricot

In our November newsletter, you'll find information on our free careers webinar, details of new releases, and our Member App Mini Course to help you get started using the mobile app. spotlight releases Mobile-App november newsletter update

Course 120

HighRoad Solution Presents Email and Marketing Automation Best Practices for Associations at ASAE’s Tech Conference

HighRoad Solution

HighRoad Solution is thrilled to be a part of this year’s ASAE’s Technology Conference and Exposition.

Engaging Your Young Professional Members: 4 Tips (Plus Ideas!)


Engaging your members is one thing. Engaging your young professional members is another, entirely. They’re at a different point in their lives and careers, and thus, should be approached differently. So how should you approach YP engagement? Below are a few tips - plus a few concrete ideas!

Tips 74

Why a Major AI Conference Is Headed to Ethiopia

Associations Now

The International Conference on Learning Representations, which brings together AI researchers from around the world, is heading to Africa in 2020. Recently, researchers of African descent have faced challenges getting travel visas to North America and Europe.

How to make your own community app. Build or buy?

Disciple Media

For someone who’s made a conscious decision to read a blog about “how to make your own community app”, you’ve probably already read about the benefits of online community building. So you probably know that online communities deliver deep, long-term engagement with customers, followers and fans.

Increasing Readership Engagement: eNewsletter Briefings

Association Adviser

In our fast-paced, digital world, our attention spans are waning. So is our free time away from screens. Business professionals face more work demands than ever leading to a juggling match between work priorities and association membership involvement.

Why you can’t trust your website analytics: Part One

Association Success

Google Analytics is lying to you - massively. How much do you trust your website stats, e.g. Google Analytics? The answer should be ‘not that much’. Data from three separate UK membership organizations reveals a steady decline in the proportion of visitors who are captured by Google Analytics.

Helping—and Keeping—Members in Hard Times

Associations Now

Whether due to job loss or career transition, your members might face times when it’s difficult to pay dues. Offering a transitional membership category can be one way to retain members through a period of hardship.

Happy Giving Tuesday: How Board Members Participate

Beth Kanter

Before I take you behind the scenes of our NTEN board fundraiser for Giving Tuesday , let me ask you to consider to a donation of any size to support NTEN and the Nonprofit Technology Conference Scholarship campaign. Donor Perfect is matching the next $3,000 that is donated).

DelCor’s Guide to the 2018 ASAE Technology Conference


ASAE’s 2018 Technology Conference & Expo ( #asaetech18 ) is packed with sessions led by industry experts that will provide valuable information about current technology trends that you can take back and put into action in your own association.

10 Body Language Techniques for Powerful Presentations


When making presentations, it’s critical to be aware of the messages you’re sending through body language. Set up your board members for success. with The Field Guide to Board Orientation. 10 Tips for Effective Body Language: Open your chest and arms and keep your back straight to help you relax.

Tips 57

Membership Hack: Get Social With Onboarding

Associations Now

When new members join, you might send them a welcome letter or packet of information. But one association goes a step further and recognizes new members on social media platforms. How to hack it?

The value of a consultant? Perspective

Effective Database

At a recent speaking engagement, I was asked what I think is the greatest value a consultant can bring to a project (in this case, choosing a new association management system). I think the greatest value a consultant with significant experience can bring you is perspective. .

Did Someone Say More Non-Dues Revenue?


It’s the topic that never seems to tire: non-dues revenue. How can we generate more? How can we improve upon the initiatives we’re already executing? What new tactics and ideas should we try?

Your Members Feel Very Alone

Smooth The Path

According to the US Census Bureau, most businesses are relatively small. 99.7% of companies in the US have 500 or fewer employees. Even in organizations with 500 staff, most professional positions are held by people who are the only ones who do what they do at that organization.

Content Strategy Lessons From Amazon’s New Holiday Toy Catalog

Associations Now

This year, Amazon kicked off the holiday season by introducing something that many will consider unusual for the e-commerce juggernaut: a printed toy catalog. Here’s why associations would do well to take a page from Amazon’s book. This is holiday season marks the first year without a big toy store.

Garbage in, Gospel out

Effective Database

We’ve all heard the phrase “Garbage in, garbage out.” ” If the data entered into the system is bad, any reports coming out of it will be bad. Simple. But what about “Garbage in, gospel out”? (I I first heard this from my father.)

Print is Alive and Kicking

Association Adviser

“Wait…print isn’t dead? Not at all – recent surveys demonstrate that younger generations prefer print and read more than older generations.”. Millennials: A Generation of Page-Turners, Jan. 16, 2017.