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Top tips for effective association fundraising

Nimble AMS

Fundraising can be a powerful way to drive non-dues revenue for your association. . Here’s how fundraising can help your association and what best practices you can use to raise funds more effectively. Non-dues revenue plays a big role in ensuring your association’s ability to grow and thrive.

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Why Associations Need an Association-Focused Mobile App (And Not Just For Events) (Part 1 of 2)

Association Adviser

Most people are turning to their smartphones first before any desktop or laptop website. So what does this behavior mean for an association’s engagement strategy?


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How to find the right pricing strategy for your association


How do you set the right pricing for your association’s membership, products, and services? . Read on for ideas and resources to help you set prices that balances member value with profitability. When it comes to your association’s pricing strategies, there’s a lot to consider.

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How to Approach a Potential Sponsor the Right Way

Moery Company

Best Practices for Sponsorship Sales. How you approach a potential sponsor can make or break your ability to close the sponsorship sale. Follow these best practices to help form lasting sponsor partnerships that benefit all parties. How to Find Potential Sponsors.

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10 Common AMS Implementation Myths Debunked

Voicing the need for a new AMS may not win you any popularity contests. But if your business objectives aren’t being met, it’s time to broach the subject. Turn skeptics around with 10 hard-to-argue responses designed to showcase the value of a new system.

Association Brain Food: 5.6.22

Reid All About it

The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community…. In-house futurist. Take WBT Systems’ advice: become your association’s unofficial in-house futurist and you’ll be the most interesting person in the room.

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How to Get the Most Out of the 2022 ASAE MM&C Conference

Higher Logic

The post How to Get the Most Out of the 2022 ASAE MM&C Conference appeared first on Higher Logic. Find out how to make the out of your time at ASAE MMCC (plus, tips on how to ask to go)! The post How to Get the Most Out of the 2022 ASAE MM&C Conference appeared first on Higher Logic.

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Are Too Many Meetings Wreaking Havoc on Your Employees’ Mental Health?

Aaron Wolowiec

Are you have too many meetings and it's causing you (and your team) mental health issues? Find out here

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Tap Into an Uncommonly Used Reservoir of Energy

Smooth The Path

Last week while I was innocently taking a walk in a park, I learned that The Wolverine and I have something in common.

Why your association should be using an AMS built on a CRM

Nimble AMS

An association management software (AMS) system built on a customer relationship management (CRM) platform offers associations unmatched functionality. . Read on to learn more about the unique advantages of using Nimble AMS, built on the Salesforce CRM platform, for your association.

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7 Signs It’s Time to Move to a New AMS

Do you need to break up with your AMS? Your association deserves a membership management platform that enhances staff efficiency, creates value, and delivers outcomes to drive membership success. Download this guide to uncover the 7 signs it’s time to move to a new AMS.

How the Public Affairs Council Doubled Engagement During Member Onboarding

Higher Logic

The post How the Public Affairs Council Doubled Engagement During Member Onboarding appeared first on Higher Logic. Find out how the Public Affairs Council re-created their member onboarding process and saved time, all while doubling engagement.

One-Size-Does-Not-Fit-All In Education


With the belief that all children have the right to equal access to education no matter their race, ethnic background, religion, sex, or socioeconomic status, the public school system was established.

Does Your MSP Really Provide CIO Services?


In the association space, it’s common for organizations to face a complicated set of IT challenges—a tight budget, a small staff, unique business processes that often require multiple systems, and an ever-evolving set of technologies.

Go Small to Deliver Big Results: A Look at Microcredentials

Leading Learning

image by Annabel_P from Pixabay. by Ashish Rangnekar of BenchPrep. Microcredentials offer a way for learning businesses to deliver big results not despite their size but because of their size. The microcredentialing opportunity is being proven out.

8 Requirements Executives Should Look For in a New AMS

Selecting a new Association Management System (AMS) can be daunting, even for the most “seasoned” professionals. Learn what top association executives require when it comes to their most crucial investments.

Marketing Movers & Shakers: Meet Andrea Huggins

Higher Logic

The post Marketing Movers & Shakers: Meet Andrea Huggins appeared first on Higher Logic. This spring, we’re celebrating six Marketing Movers and Shakers in the association marketing space. Next up, meet Andrea Huggins!

Unlocking Doors to Keep Members Happy and Wanting to Renew

Association Adviser

Your association cannot thrive without key components. And some might suggest that your most important component is your members.

Ignoring Your Culture Is Like Driving with Your Eyes Closed


None of us would think it’s okay to close your eyes for a while when you’re driving—we know that would end up badly. Yet most of us are willing to ignore our organizational culture for years on end because we are “too busy.”


GPS Your Career


Now is the time to be deliberate and rigorous about what is next and ensure your destination is not a circumstance, but your choice. Over the years many people have asked me for advice on how to raise their profile and improve their chances of career advancement.

The Ins and Outs of Marketing Automation for Associations

What the heck is marketing automation? Grab this informative guide that explains what it is; why and where associations use it; and how it’s like email marketing on steroids. The guide also includes a new-member onboarding schedule that is helpful whether you already use marketing automation or not.

Gratitude for the nursing industry


Do you know what nursing associations do? They advocate for public health issues, educate and support our nurses, fight for better patient care, and more. National Nurses Week is this week (May 6 – 12).

Sparking Innovation in the Hybrid Workplace


Let’s dispel an innovation myth. Here’s one: innovation suffers if you can’t get everyone together in the office. The perception that innovation only happens when people are in the same room (i.e., working synchronously) at the same time is just that—a perception.

The 3 Foundations of High Impact Organizations


One of the frustrations I hear the most from leaders right now is their inability to focus their energy and efforts on the higher impact activities. They’re always putting out fires and reacting to the latest development.

The Right Tech Tools Deliver the Frosting and the Cake


orgCommunity’s June 9 Innovation Summit showcases the most interesting trends in the association industry and the people who make them happen. Planning this event is an annual reset. It’s an opportunity to consider fresh ideas and the strategies that keep them growing.

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The Four Culture Decisions that will Make or Break Your Return to the Workplace

Rethinking Work, Office, and Culture in the New Reality - How will you design the workplace for the needs of employees? How will you define what it means to collaborate or supervise? Find out here.

Is a college degree really required?

Effective Database

Is a college degree really required? I saw a job listing last week for an entry-level position at an association, seeking a data manager. From the job description, the position was focused on managing member records and doing some light querying, reporting, and data analysis. The association was seeking someone with one to three years of experience. … Is a college degree really required? Read More » Wes's Wednesday Wisdom

Become the Most Interesting Person in the Room: Your Association’s In-House Futurist

WBT Systems

No one can predict the future, not even the nice fortune-teller you visit on the way to the beach. A world full of humans with freewill can upset even the rosiest of predictions. But you and your association can

Modernizing vs Fixing Association Chapters

Mariner Management

Ten years ago we started a journey with a national association seeking to modernize its chapters.

Data. Volunteer. Strategic Focus.

Mariner Management

What do they have in common? They are three important “deserts” that the latest Benchmarking report from Mariner Management and Billhighway cites as common obstacles that chapters must navigate on their path to success.

How to Choose the Right AMS Solution for Your Association

The Buyer’s Checklist for association professionals is designed to help you make an “apples to apples” comparison of association management software (AMS) systems, so you can make the right purchasing decision for your association’s unique needs.