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5 Unexpectedly Thoughtful Ways to Thank Your Association’s Volunteers

Higher Logic

Whether they’re in your office or working remotely, your association probably has volunteers contributing to projects every day.

Membership 101: What IS “Engagement,” Anyway?

Spark Consulting

Association membership professionals, particularly in the last several years, talk about engagement A LOT. We want our members to be more engaged. We want to measure engagement. We want to score engagement. We want to reward engagement.

3 ways to share career center jobs with your members.

YourMembership Blog

People become members of associations for many reasons. Professional development is one of them. One way you can help your members with their professional growth is to put jobs in front of them which may help them further their careers. Doing so will encourage more participation on your job boards and help your members locate. The post 3 ways to share career center jobs with your members. appeared first on YourMembership. Career Solutions Job Board Software Career Development

Association Brain Food Weekly: 8.18.17

Reid All About it

Your weekly list of free webinars and events for the association community… It drives me nuts when I hear about associations that don’t give their employees a decent professional development budget. Short-sighted. Hypocritical too.

Price 141

Sticking to What You Know

Eric Lanke

It's hard for me to write about anything this week except the presentations that I'm going to give at one of my association's major conferences next week. Hard, because creating and rehearsing them has occupied an enormous portion of my mental life this week.

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7 Steps for Finding Work/Life Balance While You’re Trying to Save the World


By Meico Marquette Whitlock. ——-. You’re deeply committed to your organization and doing whatever it takes to make life just a little bit easier for your members and the community you serve.

#ASAE17 session: Build an experience-driven organization.

YourMembership Blog

Not long ago, strategy was king. Forecasting, planning and placing smart bets created the power sources within associations and nonprofits. The future of organizations fit into an established framework or system, and, if managed well, success followed. Today, uncertainty is palpable. Planning for next quarter is a challenge; even more difficult is committing to decisions. The post #ASAE17 session: Build an experience-driven organization. appeared first on YourMembership.

From Luvvie With Love: A Challenge to Do Better

Associations Now

You may know Luvvie Ajayi for her sharp Scandal recaps, brand smarts, and social commentary.

What We Can Learn from Finnish NGOS About Resilience

Beth Kanter's Blog

3 Common Legal Traps Nonprofits Fall Prey To

Wild Apricot Blog

Have you ever worried your nonprofit could have some hidden legal risks? Nonprofit attorney and strategist Erin McClarty shows you 3 common legal traps and how to avoid them. Erin-McClarty nonprofit-law legal-issues legal-traps nonprofit

How To 121

New Research Helps Associations Engage New Members Early to Engage Them for Life

Smooth The Path

When members talk with me about their member experience our conversations often shift back to the beginning. Members of different associations have different new member experiences even members of the same association have different new member experiences.

Following Your Members’ Footsteps

Associations Now

The path your members take when they interact with your association provides valuable information about what they want from you. At #ASAE17 this week, two sessions honed in on the value of giving your members room to move while paying close attention to their footsteps.

Team 89

[Guest Post] 5 Easy Ways to Improve Your SEO Now


You hear about the importance of SEO - search engine optimization - all the time. But are you actually taking the necessary steps to improve your organization’s SEO? Not sure how?

Introverts and Extroverts – Keeping ALL Members Engaged


Most associations have a variety of personalities within the group – on average, about 30 percent of members in a professional organization are introverts, 40 percent are strong extroverts, and the remaining 30 percent fall somewhere in between the two.

Purchasing Fundraising Software: A Small Shop’s Guide


It’s inevitable that as your organization continues to gain momentum and supporters, you’ll have to think about purchasing nonprofit fundraising software.

A CEO’s Perspective on Successful Strategic Planning

Associations Now

The Toy Association recently underwent a complete overhaul, which included creating a new strategic plan. CEO Steve Pasierb shares four tips on how to get it done. The times they are a-changin’.

Tips 88

Training Your Staff to Better Sell Your Association’s Member Benefits


You’ve heard it before: “We’re all in sales now.” And to an extent, that’s true - especially for associations.

Tips 72

Step-by-Step Guide: Nonprofit Walking Meetings

Beth Kanter's Blog

Earlier this week, I was honored to do a webinar for Soapbox Engage about self-care and bringing a culture of wellbeing into the nonprofit workplace based on The Happy Healthy Nonprofit: Strategies for Impact without Burnout.

Team 70

NAHB Association Management Conference is Coming Up


#NAHBAMC kicks off this week and the GrowthZone team is looking forward to connecting with HBA professionals in Denver! Be sure to stop by the GrowthZone booth in the Resource Pavilion. Take our 5-question survey and we’ll give you a $5 Starbucks card.

The Meeting of the Future is Green and Looks Like This

Associations Now

Your members care about sustainability, here are four low-impact, high-return ideas to embrace it. People who are looking to leave a smaller carbon footprint like to associate with businesses and organizations that feel the same way.

Live from Toronto! Updates from #ASAE17


ASAE’s Annual Meeting & Exposition is officially in full swing, and even though it’s only day #2, we’re already having a blast - and learning so much!

The False Promise of Overcorrection in Our Associations

Smooth The Path

We tend to overcorrect. When we see a problem, we not only correct it but overcorrect it. Instead of modifying our food choices slightly, we set rigid restrictions when we diet. And we do this in our professional lives too.

5 AMS Data Points You Didn't Realize Your Members Are Generating


I spent last weekend cleaning out the closets and going through what can only be described as “stuff.”. I didn’t know what I’d find, I was hoping to unearth some unexpected gems, and I ended up learning valuable info about the people who generated the mess (mostly that my son is a bigger clean freak than I am and that my husband hoards grocery store receipts).

Membership Hack: ROI Scorecard

Associations Now

The Digital Analytics Association has developed a scorecard that demonstrates to members the dollars-and-cents return on their dues investment. How to hack it? Using an Excel template, the Digital Analytics Association found a better way to calculate each member’s ROI.

The Anatomy of a Genuine Thank-You Note


No matter what your industry is, we cannot stress the importance of nailing a thoughtful thank-you note. In the association world, this can be to your volunteers, your board, your executive director, or even your members!

Where are you stuck? A Visit to the Saltan Sea

Leadership Solutions International

Photo by @davidlauer. As you look at this photo, what do you see? Do you see the darkness of the mountains or the light of the sunset? This is an iPhone photo sent by a friend in the moment of reflection.

Solving Problems In Someone Else’s Shoes.

Association Success

What is Design Thinking, and how could it surprise you? Design Thinking is about a starting point. In the face of a problem, a challenge, or a task to be completed, finding the most effective solution is not just a matter of choosing the route. It involves establishing the starting line.

#ASAE17: Leadership Lessons from The Streets, The Jail Cell, and The Kitchen

Associations Now

During the closing keynote at ASAE’s 2017 Annual Meeting & Exposition, Chef Jeff Henderson cooked up some leadership lessons, as well as a foie gras dish, for attendees.

Trello for Associations


If you haven’t heard the name, then check out Trello. It’s a free task management/productivity tool that can streamline just about anything. Like any business, associations are very team-centric. What is the key to a team’s success? Trello lives and breathes their three part blueprint: Communication, Direction and Evolution. Taken from their blog : Communication: How to set up team expression basics that give everyone an equal voice.

Team 48

Remember the 3 E’s When Marketing Educational Programs

WBT Systems

An effective online learning marketing plan has three phases. First, create awareness in your target audiences—their awareness of the need for pursuing professional development and their awareness of the educational programs your association offers. Then, make the sale—move your prospect from thinking “I should take a class” to “I am registered for a class.”. And finally, manage the relationship—get to know them better, earn their loyalty, and inspire them to become raving fans.

JP Moery’s Association Playbook – Episode 100: Five Things I’ve Learned Recording 100 Podcasts - Moery Company

The Moery Company

The 100th episode – what a milestone! Host JP Moery has come a long way since recording that first podcast back in September 2015, which featured some classic content on membership and advocacy. Today, with more than 7,500 listeners strong – he candidly shares 5 important lessons he’s learned along the way. Truth be told – JP shows up more fired up than ever when he enters the recording studio. He definitely has another 100 in him!

DC 43

Wednesday Buzz: Engage Social Media Followers With These Prompts

Associations Now

Social Media Today shares a bunch of content ideas to activate your social media feeds. Also: a dozen special ways to say thank you to donors. The creative well can run dry for even the best social media managers.

How To Network - Even If You’re An Introvert

Association Success

It's so important to cultivate a professional community - and it doesn't have to be frightening! I’m an introvert. And yet I’ve learned to embrace networking. I used to be one of those people who was terrified of “networking”—those awkward happy hours in which you make stilted conversation with strangers while trying to balance your drink and a small plate of messy finger food.

Release Notes


Each month we like to release an update of the highlights of what we’ve been working on and how the product is improving. Here’s what we launched last month. Banner Text: With just a couple clicks, add additional text underneath any custom webpage banner image. Test Email Campaigns: When sending a test email campaign, all file attachments will display to the recipient. PayPal Transactions: It’s now even easier to reconcile your PayPal payments.