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Don’t get ghosted by your members

Nimble AMS

Here are five tips to keep your members happy and engaged so they don’t abruptly cut ties with your organization. In modern social lingo, ghosting isn’t about an unwelcome haunting by a sheet-draped apparition.

Association Management Systems (AMS): 5 Software Strategies

Higher Logic

Your association provides your members with many different opportunities to develop as professionals and grow in their careers.

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The Basics of LMS Project Management from Kickoff to Close

WBT Systems

The Basics of LMS Project Management from Kickoff to Close. Read more about The Basics of LMS Project Management from Kickoff to Close

Lessons for Meeting Pros from “The Great British Baking Show”

Associations Now

The amateur baking competition is known for its tasty creations and likeable personalities. But the TV show also has lessons that can be applied to meeting planning. “On On your mark. Get set. Bake.”.

Time for a Career Center Health Check

Association Adviser

If your online career center needs a little CPR (Career Platform Resuscitation) in user-friendliness and revenue potential, here four areas within which your association should start administering some TLC. The post Time for a Career Center Health Check appeared first on Association Adviser.

5 Musts for Your Membership Website: Part 1


Your website is one of the most important (if not the most important) marketing assets your association or chamber has. It’s where you not only attract (and hopefully convert) prospects, but where you engage your members and provide them with a bulk of their membership value.

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Simple Ways to Revitalize a Member Onboarding Program

Associations Now

The earliest member interactions can lead to long-term member engagement. If your onboarding program needs a shot of energy, consider these small tweaks to make the welcome feel more personal and relevant.

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Driving Growth with Hybrid Events

Blue Sky eLearn

Whether it’s due to conflicting schedules, cost, or travel limitations, there are throngs of people who would love to engage with your brand at an event, but simply cannot attend.

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Don’t let your small association suffer death by spreadsheets

YourMembership Blog

Managing member data with spreadsheets might have worked when your association was just getting started. But now it will only slow you down. Here are five reasons to move on to a better member management solution. When your small association is getting started, spreadsheets might seem like the easiest way to manage member data. The post Don’t let your small association suffer death by spreadsheets appeared first on YourMembership. Membership & Marketing

11 Powerful Online Directory Software Options You Can Try Today

Wild Apricot

Want to start an online directory? Launch your site today with one of these easy-to-use directory software options

Association Brain Food Weekly: 10.25.19

Reid All About it

The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community… Jessica Klein at Fast Company reviews the latest research on freelancing. Did you know that 35% of the U.S. workforce is now freelancing?

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Vending Machine Group’s New Plan: More Healthy Offerings

Associations Now

The National Automatic Merchandising Association is bringing together its members in an industry-wide effort to increase the share of healthy snacks in vending machines by 40 percent.

5 Musts for Your Membership Website: Part 2


If you read our blog yesterday , you learned the five musts of the public-facing side of your membership website. Well today, we’re focusing on the members-only section of your website. What are the must-have features and elements - you know, the ones that are going to keep your members engaged ?

The 3 Best Instagram Strategies For Nonprofits

Wild Apricot

If you’re struggling to get results, or simply starting from scratch, I’m going to show you the three best Instagram strategies for nonprofits I’ve seen get more likes and followers. Instagram

Understanding your Community Growth Pattern

Disciple Media

An understanding of the growth pattern will enable you to plan and strategize. Not every community grows at the same pace, some will always be slow burns – especially those with limited specialist appeal and few resources.

Membership Hack: Coworking Space for Members Only

Associations Now

Mimicking WeWork and other coworking operations, the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council recently opened a coworking space near its Boston headquarters. Spaces cater to members only for impromptu meetings or large-scale events. How to hack it?

Identifying opportunities to automate

Association Success

When we start talking about automation or artificial intelligence, people often recoil a little. That might stem from a fear of change, or a belief that it will bring drastic change and completely disrupt the way we work.

How to Grow Your Nonprofit’s Instagram Following

Wild Apricot

If you're planning on starting a nonprofit Instagram and aren't sure where to begin, Lilach Bullock, social media expert, has you covered. nonprofit-instagram-strategy nonprofit-instagram

The Secret to Retention? Give Members the Benefits they WANT


Most members see value in membership directly from the benefits they get for paying dues. It feels transactional, but it makes sense! That’s what the majority of new members see upfront, and hopefully, once they start to engage all of the other, non-tangible benefits will come to light.


Give Your Content Management a Leg Up With Artificial Intelligence

Associations Now

The benefits of machine learning and other forms of artificial intelligence can prove a boon to your content strategy. Here are a few ways it can work for your association. In some ways, content management is a problem of organizing lots of data.

What is Association Management Software (AMS), and Does My Association Need It?

Association Adviser

A primer on what association management software is, and the top reasons why associations should consider using an AMS platform. The post What is Association Management Software (AMS), and Does My Association Need It? appeared first on Association Adviser.

Bigger isn’t always better

Association Success

We are a small team at the Greater Kalamazoo Association of Realtors, currently comprised of five full-time employees and 4 remote, flexible or part-time employees. Despite our size, we serve about 1,200 members.

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4 Reasons You Need a Website Dedicated to Your Biggest Event


Have you noticed an uptick in events that have their own dedicated website - separate from the host organization’s website? And have you wondered.

Daily Buzz: An Offbeat Example of How Data Can Inform Anything

Associations Now

What your association can learn from Adam Sandler’s film career. Yes, you read that right.) Also: a psychological approach to collaboration. Whether you like him or not, chances are you’ve seen an Adam Sandler movie or two (or more—we won’t judge).

Rejuvenate After the Conference

Smooth The Path

Throughout my career, I have been involved in conferences as an exhibitor, sponsor, attendee, volunteer, speaker, and host. No matter the role, conference days are long, but no other role is as demanding as being the conference host. In my association, we were often up at 5 AM and to bed at 1 AM for seven days straight.

Why your association needs an operating system

Association Success

When most of us hear the phrase “operating system,” what first comes to mind is likely something your phone did while you were sleeping. You woke up in the morning, sleepily reached a hand over to silence a buzzing alarm clock and realized that things looked a little different. . At first, you might feel a little uncomfortable. Maybe a font was updated, or an icon looks different or is located in a different place. But, given time, you come to appreciate the updates.

Seasonal Promotions at Your Association or Chamber


Q4 brings many things, but one of the most loved (and most fun): holidays! There’s Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa (among many others). And let’s not forget about Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday. Put simply, there’s a lot going on.

How an Association Helped Put Craft Beer in the Smithsonian

Associations Now

The Brewers Association funded a wide-reaching initiative to bring the story of craft beer to the National Museum of American History. A new exhibit opens this week.

Please Give to Support My Ride

Jamie Notter

Many of you know that I am an avid cyclist. I've been riding for years, and some of you will remember that for about 10 years I would do an annual ride in the fall, which included a fundraising component, geared towards supporting wounded soldiers.

Team 26

Susan Coven joins The Moery Company’s Business Development Team

Moery Company

The Moery Company (TMC) is pleased to announce the newest member of the team Susan Coven who will serve in the capacity of Business Development Manager.

Meet Tammy Dalakis - Customer Success Manager at MemberSuite


Meet Tammy Dalakis, a huge Hokie fan that plays sand volleyball and loves spending time outdoors with her family and friends. Learn more about our Customer Success Manager (CSM) in this month's Employee Spotlight


Conference Circuit: Risk Management

Associations Now

Rundown Attendees: 700 plus. Exhibitors: 40 plus. Keynote speakers: 6. The Risk Management Association’s 2019 Annual Conference begins next week in New Orleans. Attendance is expected top 700.

Don’t Fake the Engagement: Three Marketing Strategies To Build Emotional Loyalty

Associations Now

It’s not about pushing short-term campaigns or even long-term purchases. You want to win over customers to your side, according to the CMO Council. Here’s how you can make emotional loyalty work for you.

Could More Recurring Fees Create Subscription Fatigue?

Associations Now

Various research suggests that subscription services lead to unconscious overspending by consumers and more selectivity about what they’re willing to pay for. Could subscription fatigue create problems for membership programs?

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