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5 Steps to Turning Strangers Into Members and Members Into Advocates

Wild Apricot Blog

Follow these five steps from marketing strategist Amy Jacobus to bring your potential supporters down the marketing funnel and turn them into raving fans

Talk About How You Will Live Your Values

Eric Lanke

It worked. There's not much more to say than that. Last week, in Behaviors Are a Necessary Part of Values , I wrote about an upcoming discussion on values at my association's Board meeting.

13 Ideas for Generating Non-Dues Revenue


Note: This post was originally published on 1/13/16; Updated 10/16/18 for added value. Membership dues are a big part of your organization’s overall revenue stream. But in order to attract more members, it’s important to keep those membership dues down.

Three Must-Haves for Successful Membership Recruitment

Moery Company

Istock_Credit:Michail_Petrov96. Successful association leaders will tell you that you can’t take your members’ interests for granted. What worked before to get members to enroll is changing.

Email Marketing vs. Marketing Automation [Explained]

Higher Logic

Email is an important component of any modern marketing strategy. But, email marketing on its own can only do so much. What it does, it does…fine. It’s limited, though. Let me explain.

What Associations Can Learn from Sears’ Decline Into Bankruptcy

Associations Now

Sears was a company that effectively invented the retail economy, but it stayed stagnant in areas that didn’t benefit its business while moving away from areas where it could have kept up. Associations should take note.

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Moery Partners with InLoop to Launch Association Media Platform

Moery Company

We have some BIG news at the Big Red “M.” We are launching a cutting-edge industry news platform – through InLoop – designed through artificial intelligence (AI) to provide the most relevant and influential association content the industry as to offer.

Why your payment vendor is one of your association’s most important vendors.

YourMembership Blog

When you think about your association’s revenue, your first thought may not be about your payment vendor. But having a solid partnership with the right payment vendor is critically important to your organization. Consider this: The value of digital payments around the world is expected to reach $3.9 trillion this year, an increase of 14%. The post Why your payment vendor is one of your association’s most important vendors. appeared first on YourMembership.

7 Giving Tuesday Ideas To Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet

Wild Apricot Blog

If you're hoping to create a great experience for donors this Giving Tuesday, check out this list of ideas to inspire you. giving-tuesday-ideas giving-tuesday


The Ultimate List of Association Blogs for 2018


Back in 2015, we recommended the 7 best association blogs to check out as an association professional (including some of our favorites like Associations Now & Smooth the Path ).

JP Moery’s Association Playbook – Episode 160: Follow the Tech Trends (or, Get Left Behind) with Kerry Doyle

Moery Company

Today’s association business environment requires us to stay abreast of ever-evolving technologies and be ready to pivot.

Q&A with The Discovery Educator Network Community: Connecting and Empowering Educators Across the Globe [Case Study]

Higher Logic

Where can educators around the globe find resources, advice, networking, and support when they need it? There was never one dedicated space that offered a sense of community beyond the walls of a school building or district. Connecting was difficult - until the Discovery Educator Network (DEN).

Say Yes To Developing Next-Gen Professionals

Associations Now

As millennials and Generation Z become a larger part of the workforce, associations must adapt a culture that encourages and empowers them. Why saying yes to their development will both benefit them and your association.

Burn Conference Traditions Immune From Criticism

Velvet Chainsaw

People don’t trust institutions today say sociologist Dr. Josh Packard. We don’t think institutions have our best interests in mind he says. We believe they serve the interests of the professionals who created and run them, and they serve the interests of perpetuating their own existence.

How to Develop Top-Selling Sponsorship Inventory for Your Next Event – Moery Webinar

Moery Company

If your sponsorship inventory consists of food and beverage events and branding of the conference bag, sponsors are bored. And, it’s a guarantee the new, most sought-after sponsors will be aligning themselves elsewhere.

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Salesforce or Microsoft: What’s the Right CRM Platform for Your Association Management Software?

The Nimble AMS Blog

In the past few years, there has been a noticeable push by associations to leverage enterprise constituent relationship management (CRM) platforms from Salesforce or Microsoft as the platform for their association management software (AMS).

How Two Associations Built Diverse Boards

Associations Now

Think marathon, not sprint, they say. But don’t wait to start building a culture that champions diversity. A decade ago, the Online News Association’s leadership persuaded itself that it didn’t need to think much about diversity.

Why CX Matters: How does technology aid customer experience?

Association Success

In this second part of a series on CX at associations, turn to technology for answers. When you delve into putting a customer experience strategy in place, you’ll naturally start to think about technology that will enhance the customer experience.

Unpacking an Association’s Digital IT Bag


In many areas of life, we’re digital first. And increasingly so. Ask someone how they met their partner. At least half of them will say Match or Tinder, depending on their age. We buy our clothes, supplies, groceries, books, and movies online.

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15 Questions to Ask in Your Next Member Satisfaction Survey


Note: This post was originally published on 5/18/16; Updated 10/15/18 for added value. Member satisfaction surveys are valuable for a number of reasons.

Tools to Help Staff and Members Navigate Change

Associations Now

We all know change is hard. But change is coming, whether you’re ready for it or not. Learn how one young professional has helped her members and colleagues better manage change. There has been a lot of talk about change management in the association space and beyond.

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HighRoad Solution Shows Fonteva Users How to Integrate Marketing Software to Accelerate Growth

HighRoad Solution

HighRoad Solution is excited to be part of this year’s Fonteva Users Network Conference. This opportunity to help the Fonteva community use marketing automation tools to increase membership, engagement, and revenue is a highlight of our year! HighRoad News & Events

Put Your AMS to Work Earning Non-Dues Revenue

Association Adviser

Most of us know that membership software is designed to make association processes easier and more automated, but did you know that your AMS could earn your association essential non-dues revenue?

What is an Association Mission Statement?


What exactly is a mission statement? A well-developed mission statement is a practical tool used by associations to help guide decisions about priorities, actions, and responsibilities. A mission statement is what ensures an organization stays on its intended course.

3 Ways to Involve Members in Innovation

Associations Now

A new study says associations are developing better practices for pursuing innovation, but it’s often a top-down effort. Here are three ways you can generate change that starts with your members. Would you call your association innovative?

HighRoad Presents at OrgSource on Stacking the Association Martech Deck

HighRoad Solution

You wouldn’t put on your favorite sports sweatshirt and head out to your yard with only a rake, would you? Even if that is how you did it growing up, you know that using only a rake means a lot of extra work and a sore back at the end of the day. HighRoad News & Events


Industry Buzz: 3 Key Takeaways from #MCLIVE18


If you follow us on social media, you likely know about the conference we just held in Indianapolis - MC LIVE! (If If you don’t follow us on social media, should! All the links are at the bottom of this page.). That said, at MC LIVE!,

When Your Superpower is Member Development and Revenue Generation: Tamela Blalock, CAE, CMP, DES

Association Adviser

Tamela Blalock, MBA, CAE, CMP, DES. If you could have a professional superpower, what would it be?

What Can You Do to Attract Next-Gen Attendees?

Associations Now

Your industry’s young professionals are looking to learn and grow. To serve that interest, your association needs to offer education that appeals not only to them, but also to their managers—who may have the last word on whether they attend.

The Superpower Most Associations Overlook

Smooth The Path

Have you ever had a conversation with an extremely busy, successful person and while they were talking to you, they made you feel like you were the only person in the world? That is a superpower!

MC LIVE! 2018: Get the Recap!


HighRoad Solution Talks Marketing Automation At The Personify User Group Meeting in Chicago

HighRoad Solution

Is your association looking to deepen relationships with prospects and members, but you’re struggling to make the most of your data? HighRoad News & Events

Report: How the Meetings Space is Evolving Over Time

Associations Now

A new report, based on historic data from the International Congress and Convention Association, finds that meetings are generally getting smaller, but there are a lot more of them.

Report 103

On-Demand: Amanda Kaiser Webinar for Association Pros


Exceptional new member experiences are key to association success. In this FREE, on-demand webinar , membership expert Amanda Kaiser explains why associations are focusing on new members in order to successfully engage all members.