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8 Tips to Write Emails Your Association Members Will Open

Higher Logic

Let me guess – your inbox is overflowing with so much content that you don’t know which way is up, much less which emails are worth your time. What to open? What to ignore? It’s a relatable circumstance for anyone with an email address (and fun fact: active email accounts are expected to hit 5.6

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Up Your Name Badge Game

Associations Now

Name badges are a staple of association conferences. Three elements to keep in mind when designing your next attendee badge. Do you remember the first time you wore a name badge? I don’t. But I was reminded a few months back when I was going through some boxes at my parents’ house.

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Making Marketing Simple for Associations


Marketing encompasses everything your association does. Here are some tips to break marketing down into bite-sized pieces.

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JP Moery’s Association Playbook – Episode 189: What Value Are You Providing Through Social Media?

Moery Company

“I’ve talked a good deal about social media and how these platforms better enable you to communicate with members and prospects – and I still have plenty to say on the subject,” shares Host JP Moery.

AMC-Managed Organizations are More Stable than Standalone Organizations

Why do organizations managed by Association Management Companies outperform standalone organizations? This paper seeks to answer that question through the results of a study examining the rates of change in the length of chief staff executive tenure and changes in office locations of membership-based organizations between 2009 and 2015.

Crowdfunding for Nonprofits: How to Succeed + 5 Platforms You Can Use

Wild Apricot

Crowdfunding for nonprofits might seem intimidating, but many organizations are using it to great success. In this post, I break down the steps your organization needs to take to succeed as well as reviewing 5 common crowdfunding platforms

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How to Increase Non-Dues Revenue without Nickel-and-Diming Members

WBT Systems

How to Increase Non-Dues Revenue without Nickel-and-Diming Members. Read more about How to Increase Non-Dues Revenue without Nickel-and-Diming Members

The Big Red “M” Announces Partnership with FSI

Moery Company

The Moery Company is pleased to announce its recent partnership with the Financial Service Institute (FSI). FSI was founded in 2004 with a clear mission: to ensure that all individuals have access to competent and affordable financial advice, products and services delivered by a growing network of independent financial advisors and independent financial services firms.

7 Steps to Protect Your Members' Data (+ Downloadable Checklist)

Wild Apricot

Here are 7 steps you can take today to make your website more secure and protect your members' data from online criminals. Not a techie? No problem! We show you step-by-step how to do them

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What Should We Do to Get Ready for Blockchain?

Spark Consulting

One of the key elements of blockchain networks is the network. This technology is a system-level technology. What that means is that its true power lies in the network effect, in the system.

Let Your Members Determine Email Frequency

YourMembership Blog

Email tops the list of easiest communication channels to consume, most likely to keep members engaged, and most powerful storytelling. The question is, are you using email in a manner that your members desire? According to the Community Brands Member Loyalty study, email tops the list of easiest communication channels to consume, most likely to. The post Let Your Members Determine Email Frequency appeared first on YourMembership.

How Associations Must Adapt to the Generational Shift

Moery Company

Pixabay. There are a few things keeping association leaders up at night and one is declining membership numbers with the retirement of Baby Boomers. This is a reality for most organizations. And, data show in the next decade there will be more Millennials in the workforce than any other generation.

The 10 Best Membership Website Builders You'll Come Across [2019 Update]

Wild Apricot

Looking for a new membership site platform? Here are the top ten membership website builders and their features so you can build the best membership website possible


How Will Blockchain Affect My Members?

Spark Consulting

As you may recall from my previous post on my new whitepaper, Blockchain for Associations: Separating the Hype from the Promise , my co-author Shelly Alcorn and I think that this is the REAL question association execs need to be asking ourselves right now.

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3 Benefits of a Customer Advisory Board for Your Software Company

Higher Logic

Do you have a Customer Advisory Board (CAB) or customer advisory council? A lot of software companies do. It’s one of those boxes that you check because you know it’s a best practice.

Association Leadership Hustle – Moery Webinar

Moery Company

The post Association Leadership Hustle – Moery Webinar appeared first on The Moery Company. Resources

The Top 10 Most Downloaded WordPress Membership Plugins (of all time)

Wild Apricot

Here are the top 10 most downloaded WordPress Membership Plugins of all time - free and paid. We’ve made it super easy to pick the right plugin for you by highlighting each one’s most important features


Partners in Preparation: 3 Materials to Give Your Event Speakers


From webinars to conferences, educational events tend to draw a crowd. But whether that crowd leaves happy or not, well.a big part of that has to do with your event speakers. Did they deliver new, interesting, and/or helpful content? Did they cover what attendees were hoping they would?

The Vision Statement: A Roadmap for Association Success


Tweet One of our most popular blog posts, An Association Mission Statement, What it is (and isn’t) , touches on the difference between a mission statement and a vision statement. While at first glance, the differences may seem small, the fact is that the two serve very different purposes.

Report: Thought Leadership Has a More Direct Effect Than You Think

Associations Now

A recent study from Edelman and LinkedIn finds that while leaders put a lot of value into good B2B thought leadership and make decisions based on it, sales departments often discount its value.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Membership Site Platform (+5 sites to try right now)

Wild Apricot

Over the last few years, I’ve helped dozens of membership organization get set up and running quickly with membership site platforms. I’ve condensed all my experience and their advice to help anyone else looking to quickly choose the best membership site platform for their needs

Communicating Your Unique Membership Value: 2 Steps


Part of growing your organization is communicating membership value - and that’s tough! You and your active members know there are things that are totally unique to being a member of your organization, but it can be hard for a potential member to see that before joining.

Don’t Get Deserted on an IT Island: 8 Steps to Improve IT Maturity


Many of us dream of a relaxing vacation on a tropical island with white sand, sparkling blue water, brilliant sun, palm trees, and refreshing tropical drinks. But, being stranded on a deserted island with little hope of rescue—that sounds like a nightmare.

Four Takeaways for Associations From Experiential Marketing

Associations Now

With brands increasingly dedicated to putting on events to strengthen consumer interest, associations could gain a lot from borrowing some of experiential marketing’s best points. Events over stuff.

Why 100+ Parks and Recreation Organizations Use This #1 Management Software (with examples and alternatives!)

Wild Apricot

Learn how you can spend more time out in nature and less time managing your association or organization with Parks and Recreation Management Software. Recreation-Management-Software Parks-and-Recreation-Management-Software parks-and-recreation-software parks-and-recreation

Keys to Successful Advocacy: The Role and Value of Coalitions

Association Adviser

Associations can widen their support for a position by establishing coalitions with other organizations. Here's why coalitions in advocacy are a good idea. The post Keys to Successful Advocacy: The Role and Value of Coalitions appeared first on Association Adviser. Advocacy Features advocacy association advocacy

How to Resuscitate Your Education

Association Success

What can you do when your meetings are flatlining? It’s no secret that traditional lecture-style educational sessions are no longer the most effective way to educate. But how do you overhaul outdated learning techniques for interactive and engaging sessions, especially when you’re working on a budget? It starts with lots of pre-planning.

Report: Associations, Think Tanks Have a Leg Up in Advocacy Game

Associations Now

A new report from the Public Affairs Council finds that federal watchdogs are most trusted by congressional staffers, but associations and think tanks top other forms of private-sector advocacy.

Increase Retention with a New Member Onboarding Campaign


Want to develop a solid relationship with new members? With an onboarding plan guiding the way, you can help members immediately get value from their membership in a way that works for them, making renewal a breeze


Your Non-Dues Revenue Questions Answered: Webinar Q&A

Association Adviser

Our April 24 webinar about hidden ways to earn more non-dues revenue for your association generated plenty of thoughtful questions! Our panelists wrote answers to all submitted questions in this post. The post Your Non-Dues Revenue Questions Answered: Webinar Q&A appeared first on Association Adviser. Features Webinars webinar

Attracting and Keeping Your Master Learners Coming Back

Association Success

Does your organization understand how to keep it’s master learners enticed and engaged? (a a Two-Part Series on Master Learners). How do you know people (staff and members) are Master Learners? In order to get them to come to you for their education needs, and to come back for more, you have to know the attributes of a Master Learner.

An Adept Lesson in Crisis Communications on Social Media

Associations Now

After a major bug left users of the Firefox browser without their add-ons over the weekend, the social media accounts of its parent company, Mozilla, kicked into gear. Your IT team should take notes. If you’re a Firefox user, this past weekend was very nerve-wracking indeed.

A Handwritten Note Calendar: The New Email Marketing Calendar?


You’ve heard of email marketing calendars. You may even have an email marketing calendar. It’s a great way to plan ahead and get really strategic about your member and prospect communications. Plus, it’s a great way to ensure you’re not overdoing it. Or, just as dangerous, underdoing it.).

What Should I Include on My Online Event Registration Form?


Many non-event planners probably wouldn’t believe us if we told them that building an effective online event registration form can actually get quite complicated.