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What associations need to know about facebook’s new political content rules


This post originally appeared on Mizz Information. Ah Facebook…always looking for new/better ways to be transparent and to protect our security.

Facebook for Associations: Build a Community for Your Nonprofit with These 5 Best Practices

Wild Apricot Blog

Want to start harnessing the power of Facebook for associations? Here are the five best practices you need to apply to your nonprofit's Facebook strategy today. facebook-for-nonprofits facebook-for-associations

Our Members Have No Idea What is Going On Behind the Scenes at Our Association

Smooth The Path

I live in a little village with seven houses. There is a steep hill to the west of us and a sharp curve to the east. All seven homes have blind driveways.

9 “Musts” for a Successful Association Board Orientation


You want new board members to hit the ground running, right? The key is to make sure your orientation process is actually producing results. Get the Field Guide to Board Orientation for. a step-by-step plan. A successful orientation program generates excitement and motivation.

JP Moery’s Association Playbook – Episode 146: Why the “Discovery Strategy Session” is Key to the Podcast Launch - Moery Company

Moery Company

Podcasting is one of the fastest growing and effective communications tools today. Host JP Moery has been hosting the Association Playbook for three years, and it’s had a tremendous impact on his business.

5 Marketing Automation Features You Need to Start Using Today

Higher Logic

In the survey we did for our recent State of Marketing Automation: Association Benchmark Report , we asked associations what additional marketing automation features they’re using. We discovered that many of them aren’t making use of certain features that could be taking them to the next level.

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New Pew Research Report: The Future of Digital Life and Well-Being

Beth Kanter's Blog

The Pew Research Center has released a research report called “ The Future of Digital Life and Well-Being.” ” Pew interviewed technology experts and scholars (including me) about the benefits and drawbacks of our digital lives.

How Non-Salespeople Can Be Great at Sales – Moery Webinar Series - Moery Company

Moery Company

The post How Non-Salespeople Can Be Great at Sales – Moery Webinar Series appeared first on The Moery Company. Resources

Know Before You Buy: What Can Go Wrong With Marketing Automation Implementation

Higher Logic

When a task takes a complicated turn, it’s not uncommon for people to feel stuck and discouraged. And when people feel stuck, they lose sight of their goals.

The 2018 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report

Membership Marketing

The tenth anniversary edition of MGI’s Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report is now available to download. Participating associations will soon receive a printed in copy in the mail.

An Association Rebrand From Start to Finish

Association Success

Rebranding is a lengthy process - but worth every minute. Why Rebrand? Identity. At the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), we have over 40,000 members around the globe. The organization was founded in 1950 and nothing about the brand had changed since then. It became clear that changing the visual aspects of the association’s messaging was a high priority. Technology has changed and the way we were representing engineering was dated back half a century.

How to Launch an Association Podcast – Moery E-Book - Moery Company

Moery Company

How To Launch An Association Podcast – Moery Ebook from JP Moery. The post How to Launch an Association Podcast – Moery E-Book appeared first on The Moery Company. Resources

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When Members Believe the Association is Their Cause

Smooth The Path

Recently I had the good fortune to help with strategic planning sessions for an extraordinary association. From the outside, this association is very much like many others; there are members, chapters, special interest groups, and conferences.

The Age of Automation: How Bots and Artificial Intelligence Help Nonprofits Work Smarter

Beth Kanter's Blog

NYC Event: On Thursday, July 12th, Allison Fine and I will be leading an event at the NYC Tech Club on Bots, AI, and Nonprofits. If you are in NYC, you are invited to join us ! We will be talking about emerging best practices for using bots and artificial intelligence for nonprofits for fundraising, marketing, program delivery, advocacy, and internal management.

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Challenging Our Conference Mental Models To Build Future Effective Events

Velvet Chainsaw

How do we think? And just as important, how and what do we think about our conferences and events? How do we understand our conference planning processes, its underlying assumptions, and our customers, partners, exhibitors, and stakeholders?

3 Details That Can Make or Break Your Association's Event


We’ve all heard it: The devil is in the details, and boy if that isn’t true of event planning. It’s the little things that often have the biggest impact on people, and these three details, in particular, can actually make (or break) your association’s event…. event planning Association Views

Easy Social Media Posts for Associations


Managing social media for an association can be monotonous. Coming up with a content plan for posts can be just plain hard. Give yourself a break by taking advantage of weekly hashtags like #MondayMotivation.

Bake Learning Into Culture

Association Success

Professional development can become part of day-to-day operations. I am lucky to work for an organization that values lifelong learning. For me, keeping on top of my field and enhancing my skill set does not come second to my day-to-day work—it is an integral part of it. How can organizations make professional development a part of their culture and the air that they breathe? Strategic priorities.

Six Conference Paradigms To Bust Immediately

Velvet Chainsaw

If there’s something strange in your conference-hood. Who you gonna call? paradigm busters). If there’s something weird. And your event don’t look good. Who you gonna call? paradigm busters). I ain’t afraid of no paradigm. I ain’t afraid of no paradigm. Adapted from songwriter Ray Parker Jr.

Build Member Personas for Your Association: 8 Questions to Ask


Before you can start marketing directly to your target audience, you have to first understand what your ideal association member looks like. If you’re wondering where to start, we have two words for you: Member personas ! Building member personas ( AKA “fake” members established from research ) will help you start thinking of new ways to appeal to your potential and existing members.

LMS Integration: Why is it important?

Blue Sky eLearn

You probably know what an LMS is – a Learning Management System. Maybe you’re already using one. You have tests, surveys, and certificates. You charge money for people to take your courses and track their progress. And so on and so forth. But is your LMS integrated? And why is that important?

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Business Intelligence: The Myths and the Realities


The uptake in business intelligence tools is catching on in a serious way in the association market. Here are some myths and realities about BI

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Conference Innovation Through Paradigm Busting

Velvet Chainsaw

A strong driving force lies just beneath what you do on a daily basis. It is the unspoken, unrecognized, and unquestioned assumptions that steer your thinking, decisions and actions. These views developed over time and through education, experiences and interactions with others.

Membership Monday: New Member Onboarding: The Dos and Don'ts


In the last installment of our series, we taught you how to attract younger members to your association , which is great! But, what should you do once younger members have joined your association? Don’t worry, we won’t leave you in the dark to welcome these members to your association all on your own. You need the best advice in order to create the ideal new member onboarding experience for everyone involved. If members are the lifeblood for associations, then new members are the backbone.

Surveys, Research and Bias-Free Questions

Association Success

Pay attention to your language to keep your surveying as open and neutral as possible The Association for Women in Science (AWIS) has been around for almost 50 years. We are multi-sector and multi-discipline with members in universities, corporations, government, non-profits, and all areas of science. Recently, we have noticed a change in the makeup of our membership, with many younger members joining the organization, in addition to our mid- to senior-level members.

5 Shifts to Recharge Creative Conversations

Idea Architects

The past two weeks have found me held hostage in more poorly organized, under-managed, and enthusiasm-draining meetings than any human being should have to endure. In this day and age it is simply unacceptable to ask volunteers and our staff colleagues to share their valuable time and to then misuse it in such a manner. If your meetings are plagued by underwhelming results and lack the spirit needed to promote creativity and innovation, the following five practical pointers might help.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 7.13.18

Reid All About it

The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community… I’m always astonished when I meet someone who works for an association that doesn’t even support their professional development. That’s just ignorant.

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5 Simple Work Perks to Retain Association Staff


We talk a lot about member retention - but what about association staff? Turnover is a burden on any workplace, and even more so on organizations whose resources are already limited. And while you can’t please everyone all the time, there are plenty of little things you can do to show employees that you value their time and effort. Here are a few simple perks that could go a long way toward association staff loyalty: association leadership Small Staff Chatter

How to Get Your Association to Support Staff’s Professional Development

WBT Systems

Pick an association website at random and read their About page. Chances are you’ll see something in their mission or values about education. Associations have long been leaders in the lifelong learning business—which is why it’s so shocking to see how few associations support staff’s professional development, according to these survey results from Association Media & Publishing.

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Vacations Should Mean No Phone Calls

Eric Lanke

I've been on vacation this past week, doing my best to disconnect from the day-to-day schedule of my organization and relax with a day-after-day schedule of family fun and leisure activities. It's been great.

YM Unity: A place to connect, collaborate and contribute.

YourMembership Blog

As a customer of YourMembership (YM) association management software (AMS), you can meet up with many other administrators who have years of knowledge and experience on the platform. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could easily reach out to them whenever you wanted for ideas and answers? Chances are good those users have the same. The post YM Unity: A place to connect, collaborate and contribute. appeared first on YourMembership. Membership & Marketing Member Engagement SocialLink

Mark Your Calendars! July and August Events & Training


Ohh boy, this summer is really heating up (pun totally intended) with more and more events! Where will we see you in July or August? Check out where will be, plus all of the upcoming training opportunities for both MemberClicks and WebLink users: MC Insider