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Strategy Development and Deployment

Eric Lanke

Couple of conversations this week with members of my association's Board on the differences between strategy development and strategy deployment. I probably need to provide some background first. My Board recently decided to change our cycle of strategic planning.

Future Focus: When Looking Ahead, Talk to Members First

Associations Now

As part of an initiative to examine future forces shaping the corporate real estate profession, CoreNet Global spent time interviewing its members worldwide. The effort resulted in a new study forecasting industry trends that will affect members and the association by 2025 and beyond.

3 Bad Habits All Association Pros Need to Ditch ASAP


Bad habits. We all have them, and for the most part, we all struggle to break them. But the first step in breaking a habit is to identify what it is. Here are three bad habits that we think all association pros need to ditch ASAP: Small Staff Chatter


The Moery Company is Growing – Join Our Team!

Moery Company

Job Information : Sales Associate . Location : Alexandria, VA. Job Status/Type: Full Time, Employee. Job Category : Sales/Business Development. Career Level: Entry-Level. Industries : Consulting firm for Trade Associations.

Team 243

Association Brain Food Weekly: 1.25.19

Reid All About it

The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community… Oh my god, Millennials, Gen Z, they’re here! Quick, change everything about your educational programs because these young folks are soooo different. No, don’t.

33 Free Nonprofit Webinars for February 2019

Wild Apricot

Here are all the free nonprofit webinars I could find happening in February


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JP Moery’s Association Playbook – Episode 174: Four Top Tips for Selling to Associations

Moery Company

“So, how do you get association clients?” Host JP Moery hears this question quite a bit. He’s partnered with more than 100 associations over the years and has a pretty broad background in the space.

Tips 180

Connecting Learning Courses with Job Opportunities

YourMembership Blog

As an association leader, it’s safe to assume your number one goal (or close to it) is member acquisition and retention. Well, what if I told you we have information and innovation that can help you achieve that goal? Last year, we sought out to determine how important continuing education and career advancement are to driving. The post Connecting Learning Courses with Job Opportunities appeared first on YourMembership.

Course 118

Membership Q&A: Networking Events

Spark Consulting

What is the best type of networking event to hold to get the maximum member engagement? It depends. I know, I say that a lot.

Daily Buzz: Spend Less Time on Email

Associations Now

Responding to emails can take up an unnecessary part of the workday. Change your email habits to save time and be more productive. Also: The American Physical Therapy Association breaks ground on its new headquarters.

A Winning Solution to the Pay-to-Play Sponsorship Dilemma

Moery Company

IStock/Credit: AlexMX. I want to address a quick topic today in the area of sponsorships. Over the last year or two, I’ve started to see associations accept the idea of having sponsors pay for the opportunity to deliver content – thought leadership.

Burnout, Resilience and Nonprofits: The Latest Research, Trend, and Insights

Beth Kanter

Photo by Norbert Reimer. My book, The Happy Healthy Nonprofit , was published a month before the presidential election.

The #1 Reason Why Management Retreats Fail

Jamie Notter

I was talking with a colleague the other day who said that in her experience, management retreats usually ended up at one of two extremes: either they were stellar and everyone loved them, or they were a disaster and people ended up quitting at the end.

Cost 142

Three Do’s of Attendee Onboarding

Associations Now

Like new employees, first-time conference attendees will benefit from a smooth and successful onboarding experience. Some ideas for building an attendee onboarding strategy that will turn first-timers into long-timers.

The Pay-to-Play Sponsorship Dilemma

Moery Company

IStock/Credit: AlexMX. I want to address a quick topic today in the area of sponsorships. Over the last year or two, I’ve started to see associations accept the idea of having sponsors pay for the opportunity to deliver content – thought leadership.

What’s the Difference Between Automation Rules and Marketing Automation, Anyway?

Higher Logic

Automation rules. Marketing automation. Two terms that sound similar (and sort of are) except for the fact that they tend to be siloed into two separate spheres of community and marketing.

The Physics Of Conference Entropy

Velvet Chainsaw

In physics, the second law of thermodynamics says all things—bodies, businesses, conferences, energy, organizations, relationships—move toward chaos and disorder. This is also known as the state of maximum entropy. In one sense, entropy is a measure of uncertainty or randomness.

Watch Out: Email Mergers Are Heating Up

Associations Now

In the past year, a number of major email service providers—particularly, and most prominently, Campaign Monitor—have expanded via acquisition. What should associations know, and what are the pitfalls to avoid?

How Associations Can Launch a Podcast in 2019 – Moery Webinar

Moery Company

IStock/Credit:Frank Peters. More than 124,000 million Americans listen to podcasts and among these are your members. Podcasting is the #1 way to connect with them – drive thought leadership, enhance engagement, and reinforce the association’s value proposition.

Qualitative Research Reveals What Matters Most to Members

Smooth The Path

How do you know if the questions and answers in a member survey are the right ones? You might not. Survey participants will select an answer because that is what they are expected to do or because the survey makes them, but the answer they select may not be the right answer.

Thinking Differently About Volunteering

Idea Architects

I think we need to reframe the way many organizations currently view volunteers. They see it as something that only “some people” may do.

Survey: Creative Workers Face Tough Tech Learning Curve

Associations Now

Professionals in design, video production, and other creative arts are struggling to keep up with a growing need for higher-level tech skills—and their employers are too, an AIGA survey finds.

4 Benefits of Associations Hosting a Virtual Conference


Hosting a physical conference is cost-prohibitive for many organizations with small budgets, making it an out-of-reach goal. With the technology available today, smaller organizations can reap the benefits of hosting their own conferences…virtually. Virtual conferences can offer: Member education.

Cost 59

Set benchmarks to measure progress

Effective Database

It’s impossible to measure progress if you don’t know your starting point. This sounds axiomatic, but too often it is overlooked by associations looking to improve their data management. Measuring progress requires setting initial benchmarks.

The ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’ Aspect of Association Communications

Association Adviser

Sometimes, figuring out if your association messages are getting through to your members feels like playing “Duck, Duck, Goose.” You hold your breath in anticipation, hoping they’ll land on “goose” and choose your message as the one of the lucky ones they’ll read that day. But, what if they do?

Membership Hack: Raise Awareness With Testimonials

Associations Now

The American Academy of Implant Dentistry created patient testimonials, a PSA-style video, and a website to increase public understanding of implant dentistry, putting the spotlight on AAID-certified members. How to hack it?

Video 93

A Member Research Strategy to Consider

Smooth The Path

In the last post and the one before , I have been talking about all the benefits of the qualitative methods of research (qualitative research is deep-dive, story-driven research that is adept at answering your complex questions.). But, there is one big drawback.

Is It Time to Re-evaluate Your Online Social Community?


Online social communities have been around for a while now. But it’s no secret they’re often underutilized. Many people think, “We have a Facebook page. Why would we need an online social community too?”.

Build a Strong Foundation for Your Communications with an Editorial Content Plan

Association Adviser

As the saying goes, “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.” This holds particularly true for your association’s print and digital communications. It’s essential for your association to have a clearly defined editorial content strategy if you want to reach your communications goals.

Hospital Coalition: Let’s Make Our Tech More Interoperable

Associations Now

A coalition of major hospital groups, led by the American Hospital Association, is making the case that improved information sharing is imperative to improving health outcomes.

Make This Your Year of Professional Growth


We all need to continually acquire new knowledge and skills to stay employable and promotable, yet sometimes staff members don't get sufficient professional development opportunities. Read on to learn the steps to take for professional growth


Don’t Believe Myths about Generational Learning Differences

WBT Systems

Don’t Believe Myths about Generational Learning Differences. Read more about Don’t Believe Myths about Generational Learning Differences


A Short History of Naylor Career Solutions

Association Adviser

Joe Rosensteel, vice president of digital product development for Naylor Career Solutions. Boxwood Technology started in 1997 as a way for John Bell’s recruitment company, Bell and Associates, to find more candidates for tough-to-fill mainframe engineering positions.

Nonprofit Alliance Seeks Amendment to California Data Privacy Law

Associations Now

Nonprofits are concerned about negative effects that could come from a new California law regulating how organizations collect and use personal data. The Nonprofit Alliance is looking to amend the law and pressing for “carefully crafted” federal privacy legislation.