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How to Choose Your Membership Levels Properly

Wild Apricot Blog

I surveyed over 50 membership sites to see what types of Membership Levels were most common. In this post I cover the four most common membership level tiers and show you examples from real organizations. membership-levels

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Study Suggests Networking Events do not Work

Smooth The Path

Networking events can be awkward for some of us. Also, it takes a lot of luck to meet folks who know something about the problem we are trying to solve at a networking event. These two reasons explain some of why receptions and other networking events don’t meet our member’s needs.

Part 2: Straightforward Association Blogging Strategies


See how to continue your journey to improve your association blogging techniques. Take some time to learn how to craft the actual article. It doesn’t need to be overwhelming.

Three reasons you may need an instructional designer

Aaron Wolowiec

The need for instructional designers is growing as associations look to improve human performance in a world that is continually changing and demanding new skillsets from working professionals


Who Should Own Your Online Community?

Higher Logic

Every business project needs an owner. Someone who will work with colleagues and stakeholders to develop goals and a strategy, then implement that strategy. Often these owners aren’t just single people. They’re entire teams or departments. That’s the way it is with online communities.

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An AMS search: 4 questions to ask your potential provider.

YourMembership Blog

Whether you’re investing in an association management software (AMS) system for the first time or replacing your existing AMS, it’s one of the largest purchases your association ever makes. Of course, there are basic must-ask questions around budget, features and timelines. But, these are not the only important questions you want to ask your potential. The post An AMS search: 4 questions to ask your potential provider. appeared first on YourMembership.

If You Want Change, You Have to DO Something

Jamie Notter

I’m working with several clients right now on the “Playbook” stage of our culture consulting work.

Top 10 Most Popular Membership Management Softwares

Wild Apricot Blog

Ever year Capterra (a software review website) publishes their Top 20 Most Popular Membership Management Software list — analyzing criteria like customers, members, and reviews — to help organizations decide which option might be best for them.

Are you still committing these social media fails?


This is an excerpt from The Top 5 Social Media Fails You’re Still Committing (and how to #win instead!) on the Wild Apricot blog. Head over there to read the full article! Everyday I see nonprofits doing social media wrong. Some are even hurting their reputations from repeated mistakes.

WARSAW, Poland | Poles march to denounce government, eroding democracy

NonProfit University Blog

WARSAW, Poland — Thousands of Poles marched in Warsaw on Saturday to demand respect for their country’s constitution while denouncing a populist government that they accuse of eroding democracy.

JP Moery’s Association Playbook – Episode 138: Three Precarious Assumptions Made in Association Sales - Moery Company

The Moery Company

We often make “assumptions” in the membership and sponsorship sales game, says Host JP Moery and warns, “Don’t make this mistake – ever, as the assumptive narrative has proven to be a dangerous one over and over.”


The Top 7 SEO Tips for Nonprofits Who Want to Rank #1

Wild Apricot Blog

If you'd like to increase the traffic to your website, these 7 nonprofit seo tips will help your pages rank in a snap. I know, because they worked for me

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5 Ideas for Your 2018 Social Media Editorial Calendar


Have your social media accounts been driving massive exposure to your brand? I imagine most of us would agree that we’d like to see our social media channels perform better than they are now. Let’s up our social media game this year! Here are a few ideas: 1.

Missouri Political News: Missouri Senator Nasheed’s Utility Amendment Generates $10 Million Annually for St. Louis City

NonProfit University Blog

JEFFERSON CITY, MO —The Missouri General Assembly gave final approval to a piece of utility infrastructure legislation that included an amendment from State Senator Jamilah Nasheed, D-St. Louis, that will provide an estimated $10 million for the City of St. Louis every year.

Three Core Conference Planning Tenets To Master And Skillfully Apply

Velvet Chainsaw

Does your conference committee practice organized abandonment and avoid no-bottom-line-mindsets? What is their capacity to see opportunities in the mist of change? How are they at focusing on the purpose, goals and target market of the conference when making decisions?

3 Reasons Why the Big Red “M” is Sponsoring an IndyCar - Moery Company

The Moery Company

Since announcing our IndyCar sponsorship two weeks ago, we’ve been getting unprecedented activity on social, and record hits on our website over the news. If you haven’t heard, we’re sponsoring Dale Coyne Racing with Vasser-Sullivan as an official partner of the No.

Making Member Engagement Easy: A Monthly Checklist


When it comes to my work style - and lifestyle - the one thing I can’t live without is the act of making checklists. I have lists for my daily to-dos, what I need from the store, what to pack for an upcoming trip, etc. And I do mean etc.). Why my love for checklists? They’re easy to run through. Depending on the type of list, I can often sit down and knock out list item after list item, without getting distracted. (As As long as I make it a point to dedicate time to that list.).

St Louis Local News: CDA To Host Capacity-Building Workshops for Non-Profits, Developers, and Contractors

NonProfit University Blog

Over 20 hours of training available, starting May 24. Louis, MO – Starting May 24, the City of St. Louis’ Community Development Administration (CDA) will host over 20 hours of training for local non-profit organizations, developers, and contractors.

Lather Up Curiosity, Rinse, Repeat!

Velvet Chainsaw

Children are curious creatures. They explore, question and wonder, often through play. In this context, they learn. We are naturally inclined to learn new things; thus reaping curiosity’s benefits. From the moment we are born until we die, learning is hardwired into our brains.

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Chasing the Chickens of Membership - Moery Company

The Moery Company

Full disclosure: I am not a farm girl. I grew up in the suburbs of Washington, DC. But I have seen clips of animals (or people), trying to catch a chicken in the yard.

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Membership Management: 4 Top Ways to Maximize Engagement

Blue Sky eLearn

Your members are more than a source of revenue for your association. Members who find value in your member community don’t keep their feelings a secret. They’re not shy about telling their friends and coworkers that they’re a member of your association.

Missouri News: Senator Jill Schupp’s Legislation to Protect Victims Whose Private, Intimate Photos are Released Without Their Consent is Passed with Bipartisan Support

NonProfit University Blog

JEFFERSON CITY, MO — The Missouri General Assembly passed legislation to protect victims whose private, intimate photos are released without their consent. The legislation, House Bill 1558, includes policy provisions originally included in legislation sponsored by State Sen.

Our Member’s Automatic-Minds do not Want to be Engaged

Smooth The Path

Our brains are on auto-pilot much of the time. Have you ever climbed into your car and got lost in deep thought and were surprised when you turned into your destination? Car-driving auto-pilot happens because our brains rely on habits to cut down the cognitive load.

The Most Ignored Association Growth Opportunity - Moery Company

The Moery Company

Sponsorship sales is the hottest growth opportunity for associations today, and organizations continue to miss the boat. Let me explain why and what your next steps should be to revamp your program.

Segmenting Members Leads to More Relevant Communications – and More Memberships

Association Adviser

Last year’s survey results revealed that associations are communicating with members more frequently and via more channels than at any time since we began this survey in 2011.

Florida News: FLorida Governor Scott – Floridians Should Pay Attention to Potential Severe Weather

NonProfit University Blog

TALLAHASSEE, FL – Florida Governor Rick Scott today made the following statement regarding the National Hurricane Center’s monitoring of a weather system that could potentially develop into a tropical or sub-tropical depression.

How Do We Know Curiosity Killed The Cat? (Allegedly.)

Velvet Chainsaw

Curiosity allegedly killed the cat. How do we know curiosity killed that cat? Were there any eyewitnesses to that crime? Did anyone hear strange cat calls? Did you see what curiosity was wearing? Do you know any reason why curiosity wanted to kill the cat?

Webinar: Bridging the Gap Between Member Expectations and Association Technology


Beth Farrar, Marketing Manager, Member Solutions, Community Brands We recently uncovered technology drives member loyalty. This nugget came from our 2017 Community Brands Digital Member Study , which revealed a strong correlation between loyalty and technology.

Great Opening Sessions Light a Fire

Idea Architects

It's the opening general session of a major conference. What does that session need to do for those in attendance? For the sponsoring organization? I've been thinking a lot about this after delivering the keynote at a fair number of opening sessions the past few years.

Self-Directed IRA Administrator Explains the Importance of the Proof of Funds Letter

NonProfit University Blog

ASHEVILLE, N.C./ May 12, 2018 (STLRealEstate.News)–A hot real estate market can require investors to move quickly—otherwise, they might miss out on the best opportunities to secure a price on a real estate investment.

Washington Governor Inslee proclaims state of emergency in Eastern Washington due to flooding

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OLYMPIA, WA – Washington Governor Jay Inslee late yesterday proclaimed a state of emergency for Eastern Washington counties responding to flood conditions. Flooding is impacting communities in Ferry, Okanogan and Pend Oreille counties.

Illegal Alien Admits Unlawfully Returning To The United States And Failing To Register As A Sex Offender

NonProfit University Blog

CAMDEN, N.J. An El Salvadorian man previously convicted for sexually assaulting a child today admitted to failing to register as a sex offender after unlawfully returning to the United States and traveling to New Jersey, U.S. Attorney Craig Carpenito announced.

Sugar Land Nurse Convicted in $3.5 Million Healthcare Fraud Scheme

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HOUSTON, TX – A federal jury has convicted a 51-year old Sugar Land nurse of conspiracy to commit health care fraud, six counts of health care fraud and conspiracy to violate the anti-kickback statute, announced U.S. Attorney Ryan K. Patrick.

NC State And Local Law Enforcement Agencies To Receive More Than $730,296 In Federally-Forfeited Funds

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. Attorney R. Andrew Murray announced Wednesday the distribution of $730,296 in federally-forfeited funds to state and local law enforcement agencies, resulting from a forfeiture action against convicted drug trafficker James Alexander Brown.