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Be like Netflix to inspire member loyalty

Association Success

In this era of convenience, distilling how to serve our members can be a challenge. However, all the big companies we often talk about, like Netflix, Amazon and Spotify, seem to have already figured it out. .

No Silver Bullet for Association Success – It’s about the Members

Association Leaders

As a leading Association Management Company (AMC) we are often asked by prospective association client partners and volunteer leaders of associations, “What is the key to making an association successful?”. They, understandably, want a ‘silver bullet’ or ‘easy button’ answer – something they can easily implement to make their association successful. . The answer is easy. Unfortunately, the implementation is complicated. The key to association success can be found in one word – Members. .

How You Can Make Your Membership More Affordable For Young Members

Wild Apricot

Are your memberships affordable for millennials and generation Z newcomers? Learn how to price your memberships accordingly using our free research report

Your Checklist for Engaging Conference Attendees


The more engaged your conference attendees are, the more fun they’re likely having, and not only that, but the more value they’re likely getting. And delivering value is what conferences are all about!). So how then can you ensure your conference attendees are, in fact, engaged?

The Anatomy of an Association Website

Association Adviser

Your association website is powerful but can lack the humanity that best sells your association. How can you bring more head and heart to your website? The post The Anatomy of an Association Website appeared first on Association Adviser.

Three Tactics to Manage “Free Riders”

Moery Company

IStock/Credit:xpoint. Here are three ideas on how to deal with “free riders” – the prospects who stay just close enough to the association to participate but never pull the trigger on joining. We’re paralyzed with our response. They often tell us how much they “like” us, “support” us, etc.

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How will your association join in on Make a Difference Day?

YourMembership Blog

Is Make a Difference Day on your association’s radar? It should be! It’s a day when people across the U.S. volunteer or provide some kind of service for their community or those in need. This unofficial holiday is celebrated the fourth Saturday of October (this year it’s October 26). Not sure what your association can. The post How will your association join in on Make a Difference Day? appeared first on YourMembership. Industry News & Trends Event Management

The #1 Student Organization Software Used By 100+ Student Organizations

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Many other student organizations have already automated their administrative work with student organization software, maybe it's time you did too

How to Earn and Reward Learner Loyalty

WBT Systems

How to Earn and Reward Learner Loyalty. Read more about How to Earn and Reward Learner Loyalty

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As Artificial Intelligence Use Increases, Ethics Policies Needed

Associations Now

New research finds that while AI use is expected to skyrocket in the coming years, most employers aren’t concerned about unethical uses of the technology. They also haven’t created ethics policies to address AI use, though they should.

You Are The Association

Eric Lanke

This past week one of my staff members retired from working for our association. She has been with the organization for just over 30 years. At the celebratory lunch we threw in her honor I asked her how many former Executive Directors of the association she had worked with.

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Association Hustle – Episode 203: A Big Association Disconnect

Moery Company

Following a highly successful joint presentation on podcasting – Host JP Moery received some great feedback from conference attendees. However, there was one subtle comment that exemplified for JP a big disconnect between the association and vendor communities.

How to tell if your non-dues revenue programs are worth it

Association Success

When it comes to non-dues sources of revenue, not all are worth the time, energy and effort.

Restructuring Membership? Here’s How to Avoid a Big Gamble.

Associations Now

A few key signs may indicate that it’s time to change your membership structure. Knowing when and how to act can help slow churn and create opportunities for future growth. Read More.

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Gifts Found in the Ripples of Hurricane Dorian:

Holly Duckworth

As you review your news and social media feed today, you may see many disgruntled people upset that they lost a week of productivity personally or professionally from the ripples of Dorian. Others are grateful the storm has passed.

Video Can Be a Game Changer

Moery Company

We recently had our morning “pep rally” meeting during which we share ideas and challenges we are facing and this particular day we discussed the use of video in prospect communications.

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Next Steps in the Association New-Member Onboarding Process


Our recent post, The First 3 Months of Association New-Member Onboarding covered the first three months of the onboarding process. The new-member onboarding and first-year renewal processes go beyond dropping a welcome packet into the mail.

Hurricane Dorian: Associations Get Into Response Mode

Associations Now

With both immediate and long-term response in mind, association-backed initiatives are picking up their efforts to assist as Hurricane Dorian makes its way up the East Coast.

Are you ready to kick @$$ and take non-dues revenue?

Association Success

We all know the buzz word — non-dues revenue — but it’s really about more than bringing in more capital. It’s about producing more value for our members without having to ask them to cough up the cash to make it happen.

How Does Receivable Management Services (RMS) Collect on Debts?


Having an unpaid debt that has been sold to a debt collection company is a situation that nobody wants to find themselves in. This is because it involves receiving multiple phone calls throughout the day, constant emails and letters, all of which demand you to pay for bills that you cannot afford.

Put Word of Mouth Marketing to Work at Your Association


“The best way to grow your association is for your members to do it for you.”.

Want to Make a Bigger Impact With Email? Send Less Often

Associations Now

An analysis from the marketing firm GetResponse found open and click rates surged when just one message was sent per week. The report also found that the first hour after an email is sent is key.

Cover Your REAR

Association Adviser

Knowing which media types are the most effective for your association is as simple as covering your REAR: Relevancy, Engagement, and Revenue. The post Cover Your REAR appeared first on Association Adviser.

Negotiating With the CBE Group


Almost everyone at one point or another has fallen behind on their bills and has found themselves in debt. Debts will land you on the receiving end of a debt collector’s call. This is not a pleasant experience.

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It’s time for your association to go back to school

Nimble AMS

How Salesforce Trailhead makes product learning useful, easy, and fun for associations. To operate efficiently and effectively, your staff needs to know how to use your association management software to its fullest. Here’s how Salesforce Trailhead makes product learning useful, easy, and fun.

Economics Association Bars Hotel Room Interviews

Associations Now

As part of an effort to make economics a more welcoming field for women, the American Economic Association has adopted a new rule barring employers from interviewing job candidates in hotel rooms at AEA events—previously a common practice.

3 Questions to Ask Your Most Engaged Volunteers


Volunteers are hard to come by - that’s nothing new. And chances are, when you truly need volunteers, you turn to the same dedicated people.because you know you can rely on them. But it’s only a matter of time before those volunteers get burned out, which you definitely do not want.


How Do You Deal With Southwest Credit Systems?


Southwest Credit Systems is a large first and third-party debt collection agency that is headquartered in Carrollton, Texas.

Will Artificial Intelligence Augment Nonprofit Staff or Replace?

Beth Kanter

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, bots, and other automation technologies offer many benefits to nonprofit professionals because it can perform basic and mundane tasks. As a result, it frees up staff time to focus on higher value activities.

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Can You Better Accommodate Attendees’ Peak Learning Times?

Associations Now

Some of your attendees will be early birds, while others will be late risers. Is there a way to accommodate both groups’ learning preferences, and what does it mean for your association?

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Team Building Tip: Take (and Discuss) a Personality Test


Have you ever wondered why you are, well.the way you are? Personality tests certainly aren’t an all-encompassing answer to that question, but they can definitely open your eyes to the way you - and others - function.

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3 Incredible Tips That Will Help Remove Amcol systems Inc. From Your Credit Report


Amcol Systems is a third party debt Collection Company that is based in Columbia, South Carolina. It is a large company that has over 200 employees, and they specialize in providing debt collection services to hospitals, healthcare systems, and physicians.

The Tricky Business of Understanding Members’ Needs

Association Success

In preparation for my SURGE Co-creation session this past May, I had posed this question to registered attendees about Netflix: “What keeps you coming back? Do you view your subscriptions as memberships?”. One response from Elizabeth Graham caught my eye: “It’s a small price to pay for a service that makes me laugh, relax, reflect, and explore from the comfort of wherever I am.”

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Daily Buzz: How to Ask the Board for New Technology

Associations Now

Making a plea for new tech? This is how you should position your conversation with the board. Also: Nonprofit leaders should pave the way for social good. Be it member growth, retention, or engagement, your team has a laundry list of goals to achieve. Don’t let outdated technology stand in your way.