Please Help the Families of Newtown

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Categories: YourMembership.com News Tags: donation , Sandy Hook Elementary School On December 14, 2012 an extreme tragedy struck Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

“NO vendors, please.”

Reid All About it

Every day in my association’s online community, people reach out to fellow members to ask questions or request guidance. Today I saw someone ask for examples of associations that have had proven success with social media.

Duh. Pinning. - KiKi L'Italien's Acronym Soup - Yes

KiKi L'Italien's Acronym Soup

If you are sick of hearing about Pinterest, then you'll really hate this post. Pinterest has basically taken the world by storm and is one of my favorite excuses for insomnia lately. Haters are quick to call Pinterest an online


What is Innovation?

Jamie Notter

I facilitated a staff retreat for a department within a larger association yesterday, and they asked me to talk to them about innovation.

The Future of Work: A Manifesto


This manifesto is a work in progress, and my personal output from 4 incredible days in Omaha last November with Joe Gerstandt, Jason Lauritsen, Jamie Notter, Janyne Emsick, Jen Benz, Eric WineGardner, Charlie Judy, James Papiano, Stuart Chittenden, Mike Wagner and David Ballard.

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The great proposal debate: Why consultants eschew RFPs

Aaron Wolowiec

The call comes in. A prospective client needs you – immediately! – to help with an urgent project. They’re unclear how to resolve the issue, but they believe you can help. Simply draft a proposal describing you’re recommended course of action and be sure to include your proposed fees. Days – sometimes weeks – later, they’ve curiously decided to complete the project themselves. I was recently faced with this dilemma.

Eric Lanke: Provocative Proposals for Change

Eric Lanke

I just finished reading an advance copy of Shelly Alcorn's "Provocative Proposals for Change," a report she authored based on Appreciative Inquiry interviews she conducted with more than 200 association executives

Essential parts of a successful member retention campaign.

JP Moery

Member retention is an increasingly critical topic for our clients. I have a few ideas re-vitalize renewal efforts. Go beyond "invoice based" renewal. The best associations have a designed engagement program which contacts members at least seven times. These contacts should be made in addition to regular communications like newsletter and marketing pieces. Action: Develop a retention program with at least 7 outbound communications (include phone, email and conference calls) 2.

What If Don Draper Ran Social Media for Your Association?

YourMembership Blog

What can an association learn from Don Draper? Social Media and your online community will never be the same

Adapt or Die

Reid All About it

Head's Up! The Awesome Is Back.

KiKi L'Italien's Acronym Soup

Many of you may be asking yourselves about this blog. What's happening with it? Where are the regular updates? What's shaking in KiKi's world? Where is the blog bliss we long for? I know, I know. You can dry your tears because change is a comin'.

Video 91

Why Aren’t You a “Best Place to Work?”

Jamie Notter

I read in Forbes about a new list out of the best places to work, and this one is from Glassdoor. Unlike some of the other lists, where the companies actually apply to be on the list, this one is a big survey of employees across lots of companies (500,000 people participated).

Survey 110

Get LinkedIn or Get Left Out: Using LinkedIn Effectively


You hear a lot of hype about the benefits that Facebook and Twitter can bring to your business, but these social networking sites can often overshadow the even greater potential LinkedIn has for virtually every department within the organization.

Come Original - Whole Self Membership

Association Subculture

To come original it ain't nothin' strange. you got to represent you to come full range an'. full range of emotion full range of styles. when you come to town you'll have them comin' for miles and. come original, you've got to come original. all entertainers. hear why. 311 ( link to video ).

Video 64

Humanizing Government Relations

Association Advocacy Chick

My fellow lobbyists, I have distressing news. Our members don’t know who we are and why we exist within our associations. They don’t see our value. We have to deal with a Congress that can’t get s**t done (yup, I just cursed). Congressional staffers don’t want to meet with us. We’re being told that a 10% cut to our program areas should be considered a legislative victory.

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It's Not About the Notices

Thanks For Playing

Membership retention isn't about renewal invoices: how many you send, when, in what format. Or at least, it isn't ONLY about the invoices. When someone decides to join your association, she's responding to a promise made - your brand promise.

Creating A Stronger Conference Story

Velvet Chainsaw

Tweet. What do vacations and colonoscopies have in common? More than you think! Emmy-winning former Wall Street Journal and NBC journalist, author , inventor and business consultant Kare Anderson shares her thoughts on creating a stronger conference story.

Does Your Nonprofit Have A Social Media Work Flow?

Beth Kanter's Blog

Image from Steve Heye.

3 Things I Learned from Bosses

JP Moery

This weekend I reflected about my bosses who influenced me regarding leadership. I jotted down tactics they used, and thought the ideas might help you. To make the dash, you need the cash. It continues to surprise me how many executives seem "above the fray" in regards to fundraising. My experience is the best CEOs are prolific fundraisers who then have the resources to hire great people. If you are the President/CEO, don't forget to be the #1 salesperson. Make a decision for cryin' out loud.

Team 59

How Moose Became King of the Forest: 5 Tips for Recruiting

YourMembership Blog

Launch a successful membership recruitment campaign with these five easy steps that you can start today

Reclaiming Twitter for Conversation

Reid All About it

Something unusual happened to me yesterday. I had a conversation on Twitter. You might be surprised to hear that, after all, I’ve been a Twitter resident for a long time. But somehow the magic between me and Twitter has faded over the years.

Extrapolation Gets You No Where | KiKi L'Italien's Acronym Soup

KiKi L'Italien's Acronym Soup

Most of my life I have tried preparing for the future the best that I could. Sitting deep in thought, going around and around looking at all the options and all the possibilities before moving forward had a dizzying effect


The Down-Side of Great Ideas

Jamie Notter

We go to conferences to learn great ideas, but we still don't know how to make change back in our organizations. This is a problem

Generation Y – Reinventing the Way We Communicate


Those of us born between 1980 to 1995 are commonly referred to as Generation-Y. To be honest, I think the name N-Gen (Net Generation) is more befitting. We are certainly addicted to the internet; we grew up with it, so it comes naturally to us.

Gen Y Workforce and Association Membership

Association Subculture

People try to put us d-down (Talkin' 'bout my generation) Just because we get around (Talkin' 'bout my generation) Things they do look awful c-c-cold (Talkin' 'bout my generation) I hope I die before I get old (Talkin' 'bout my generation). The Who - 1967.

Video 64

22 High-Impact, Low Cost Social Media Opportunities for Nonprofits

Wild Apricot Blog

For non-profits new to social media, guest blogger, Brad Aronson offers 22 social media opportunities to consider. social media

Cost 79

Five reasons why membership is killing association business models: Part I

Principled Innovation

Membership is perhaps the most sacred tenet in all of association orthodoxy. Indeed, for many organizations, the membership imperative defines the very existence of the association: membership is who they are and what they do. In a time of relentless societal transformation, however, the impact of forces beyond our control makes it necessary for us to question all of our most deep-seated beliefs, including our beliefs about membership.

Creating Compelling Experiential Spaces For Conferences

Velvet Chainsaw

Tweet. Steelcase, a global office environment creator, was invited by TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) Conference organizers to create immersive environments for their conference. Did you click on that link to watch the short video clips showing some examples?).

Attention Data Nerds: The Mobile Mindset Study and More

Beth Kanter's Blog

Source: Mobile Mindset Study. Two excellent sources for stats on how mobile use in the US has become more pervasive. American’s are no longer tethered to their desktops to use the Internet, especially social media.

Special Offer for Blog Readers

JP Moery

Good morning, friends. This week, I visited friends at the National Confectioners Association to discuss "Top Ten Trends in Association Business Development." We had a great dialogue about these observations and how it applies to NCA's opportunities. As you prepare 2013 plans and budgets, I am pleased to offer this presentation as a complimentary, no obligation, live briefing for your team during the month of August.

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Storytelling Tip ? Capturing the Difference

YourMembership Blog

If you are using storytelling for your business or organization's marketing, consider expectations for a moment. Expectations are akin to the emotional

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Reads of the Week: November 16, 2012

Reid All About it

In one corner, a company that made a mess of customer service and then made it worse with social media. A moving company threatened to sue my friend’s wife because she wrote a negative Yelp review about them.

3 Ways Associations Can Live Dangerously in 2013

KiKi L'Italien's Acronym Soup

What if 2013 was the year of living dangerously for associations? What kind of changes would we see? Fear is such a pain. It saps our energy; develops more of the same old thing. Fear creates doubt in the place of excitement. Fear sucks.

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Fire Two-Thirds of Your Employees

Jamie Notter

You might as well. Because according to the research report put out by Towers Watson , only about one third of employees (globally) are highly engaged in their jobs. They surveyed 32,000 people to come to that conclusion, so these data are nothing to sneeze at.