Time for a MOOC-like makeover

Aaron Wolowiec

The public seems to embrace them, while higher education remains skeptical of their educational value. But either way, MOOCs probably aren’t going anywhere, so it’s wise to take some tips from their success. So what’s a MOOC? Does your association offer a MOOC?

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MOOCs: A myth for the masses? Not so much

Aaron Wolowiec

An infographic by Online-PhD-Programs.org summarizing MOOCs. Massive Open Online Courses – or MOOCs – seem to be all the rage. MOOCs are online classes that are available to anyone with a computer and/or Internet access. Some MOOCs are free, but others aren’t.

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Will MOOC’s Impact Association Educational Offerings?

SCD Group

As I read a news story about 300,000 people enrolling in an environmental course, I wonder how exposure to massive open online courses will impact educational offerings of associations and professional societies. Should you be pursuing your own version of MOOC courses?

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Associations play an important role in higher education

Aaron Wolowiec

education) wasn’t nearly as strong. As some of you may know, I work at a university (in addition to my Event Garde role), so I live and breathe higher education. But with credentialing programs, MOOCs, conferences and other online offerings, associations can fill the skills gap.

Associations play an important role in higher education

Aaron Wolowiec

education) wasn’t nearly as strong. As some of you may know, I work at a university (in addition to my Event Garde role), so I live and breathe higher education. But with credentialing programs, MOOCs, conferences and other online offerings, associations can fill the skills gap.

The State of the MOOC: What Associations Should Know

Associations Now

Massive open online courses, or MOOCs, have been around long enough that some strong takeaways are starting to show themselves. Read on to see what Harvard and MIT have learned about MOOCs—and what your association should keep in mind. Is Now the Time For Your MOOC?

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Wednesday Buzz: Use MOOCs to Build Community

Associations Now

Does your association provide massive open online courses (MOOCs) or virtual continuing education courses to members? The post Wednesday Buzz: Use MOOCs to Build Community appeared first on Associations Now

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MOOC as Promotion: Brewers Association Launches Beer Course

Associations Now

Interest in broadening craft beer knowledge is high; however, many of today’s food educators do not know where to access adequate information on beer and food pairing,” the association’s craft beer program director, Julia Herz, said in a news release.

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How Associations Can Transform Higher Education

Reid All About it

If you need a little inspiration—the kind that makes you feel blessed “to have been alive and well back then”—then read The Association Role in the New Education Paradigm , a white paper from Elizabeth Engel, CAE and Shelly Alcorn, CAE. The sad state of higher education.

Giving 2.0: The MOOC Launches Today: Sign Up for Free

Beth Kanter

The MOOC , is a Stanford University-sponsored FREE online course intended to teach givers of all ages, backgrounds, incomes and experiences to give more effectively. Giving 2.0:

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Challenges and Opportunities for Association Education Programs

WBT Systems

In this post, we have collected some articles that we think will be interesting for associations, and that touch on some of the challenges and opportunities for association education programs today.

Life goes on…and so does learning

Aaron Wolowiec

As a result, certification programs, assessment-based certificate programs, digital badging and competency-based education are likely to be areas of significant growth for continuing education and professional development providers.”.

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Association Disruption: What’s your Educational Moonshot?


How grand is your association’s vision for your educational programs? Thinking small isn’t going to turn your association into a market leader and innovator, but an educational moonshot will. Educational moonshots in public schools. What’s your educational moonshot?

Survey says: Most of us are lifelong learners

Aaron Wolowiec

Perhaps of special interest to associations, 36 percent of the workforce sought education for a license or certification. At the same time, 65 percent of those who participated in professional education said learning has expanded their professional networks.

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Survey says: Most of us are lifelong learners

Aaron Wolowiec

Perhaps of special interest to associations, 36 percent of the workforce sought education for a license or certification. At the same time, 65 percent of those who participated in professional education said learning has expanded their professional networks.

Survey 193

Moose to MOOCs and 3 other articles for association executives

SCD Group

Universities bolster MOOCs for online learning By Mary Beth Marklein via USA TODAY. The spillover impact to expectations of our conferences and educational program. Public universities and systems in nine states say they''ll join a push to greatly expand and improve online learning.

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Is your online education ready for Generation Flux?


This article originally appeared on the Avectra blog with the title, Association Learning Communities Offer More than MOOC. One of those articles, The Big Idea That Can Revolutionize Higher Education: MOOC , was written by Laura McKenna for The Atlantic. Lessons from MOOC.

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The Many Benefits of Selling Online Education to Corporate Members

WBT Systems

Who will the companies in your industry choose to educate their employees? Become the preferred educational partner in your industry by selling online education to corporate members and customers. We’ll be joined by William Hold, Chief Development Officer at The National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research, who has run a profitable online education program for companies in the insurance industry. Even MOOCs have caught on. Education on demand.

17 Education And Learning Trends That Will Affect Your Organization This Year!

Velvet Chainsaw

Here are 17 education and learning trends in alphabetical order that many organizations are adopting this year. These trends are disrupting most traditional education programs. Evidence Based Education (EBE). MOOCs – Massive Open Online Courses.

Can Associations Corner the Education Market?

Associations Now

A look at some of the roles associations can play as the price and demand for traditional higher education continue to climb. With the rising costs of higher education—college tuition costs have increased by more than 500 percent over the last 28 years—and growing skepticism that the price may not be worth it , the idea of a traditional college education is experiencing somewhat of a backlash and is opening a potential opportunity for associations.

Remember the 3 E’s When Marketing Educational Programs

WBT Systems

First, create awareness in your target audiences—their awareness of the need for pursuing professional development and their awareness of the educational programs your association offers. The three E’s of marketing educational programs will help you succeed with each of these three phases of marketing. You don’t often hear about expeditionary marketing but in times of change, this bold approach could take your online educational programs—and non-dues revenue—to new heights.

Wake Up to Educating the Future Workforce

Associations Now

Emerging technology is shifting our workforce toward intellectual capital and changing the ways we educate both students and adults. At the 2013 Digital Now conference , in multiple presentations—none of which were ostensibly related—the topic of education kept arising.

What Happens When Digital Education Reaches Your Profession/Industry?

SCD Group

The digitally-driven rapid changes in higher education could be a precursor for associations and our role in knowledge transfer. The Minerva Schools at KGI is one of several recent entrepreneurial initiatives aimed at shaking up traditional higher education.

SCD Group: 5 Articles on Association Meetings & Education

SCD Group

5 Articles on Association Meetings & Education. Education (whether conferences, seminars or webinars) represents a key component – and major revenue source – of most associations. Boring Conference Education Creates Zombie Attendees By Jeff Hurt via Velvet Chainsaw’s Midcourse Corrections What created this zombie army? Boring conference education! Bad And Boring Education Is Unacceptable. 5 Articles on Association Meetings & Education.

2018 eLearning Predictions: Updated Hype Curve

Web Courseworks Associations

As always, we try to use this blog post to speak from our experience as a learning technology partner to organizations that provide continuing education and professional development. MOOCs: We will go against the grain a bit here and argue that MOOCs AREN’T DEAD.

Association eLearning vs Free Online Courses

WBT Systems

The following are the top reasons suggested to promote free, public online courses, such as MOOC s (Massive Open Online Course): Cost Efficiency : Lower costs of attendance and time-saving as a result of removing need to travel and ability to access content online at a time that suits the learner.

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Finding Radical Value in Core Competencies

Association Subculture

Rising college tuition costs, shrinking numbers of seats, and new technology based delivery systems are combining to create a perfect storm in the adult education world. However, the coming disruptions in the educational system couldn’t come at a better time for associations.

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How to Continue the Conference Learning Experience

WBT Systems

Should they take such a primary place in your association’s educational offerings? Attendees will not only enjoy networking and education during the conference but will reap additional value by continuing the conference learning experience when they get home. Adult learning expert Jeff Hurt said: “The real work [of learning] actually begins when the education session ends. Consider offering continuing education credit to those who view these sessions online.

What Will Associations Monetize In The Future?

Velvet Chainsaw

Associations offer more than education opportunities. Education And Content Commoditized. Education and networking are two key functions of associations as identified in the 2010 Association Forum white paper “The Purpose Of Associations.”

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8 New Ideas for Engaging Online Students

WBT Systems

Many instructors are subject matter experts but they aren’t trained in adult education or online learning. Make sure your program offers education in online instruction. When students become more engaged in the learning experience, they’ll get more out of the course, and they’re more likely to come back to you for additional education. ~~~. 10 Secrets of Online Course Design from Award-Winning MOOCs. For many adults, taking a class online is a new learning experience.

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A Big Course From a Small Association

Associations Now

One executive at a state association has taken the lead on educating healthcare workers on a pressing national issue via a MOOC. We don’t exist to gain members, we exist to help, educate, and advocate.” That’s what this MOOC is doing.”.

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Improve Student Success with an Online Learning Community

WBT Systems

Sandra Milligan, director of the Assessment Research Centre at the University of Melbourne Graduate School of Education, analyzed data from more than 100,000 learners in the University of Melbourne’s MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). A learning community makes a huge and memorable impact on a student’s experience with your online educational programs. Do you ever think about your association’s online learners and how they manage to fit your courses into their busy lives?

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9 Ways to Increase Online Student Engagement

WBT Systems

If you’ve taken a continuing education class, you’ve seen how students fade away over time. Require all students to go through the introduction to online learning the first time they register for one of your online educational programs. Associations Blog eLearning Tips adult learning association Continuing Professional Development Design e-Learning elearning Online education tipsPeople get busy. They have trouble making class and keeping up with coursework.

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Social Media Roundup: Why Hiring Is a Lot Like Dating

Associations Now

Plus, associations can’t afford to pretend Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) don’t exist. Don’t Fear the MOOCs. Ignoring the problem doesn't make it go away: the effect of MOOC madness (via @peachnewmedia ) #assnchat [link].

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My Top 10 Learnings From ASAE Annual 2013

KiKi L'Italien's Acronym Soup

Use MOOC for more personal development. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are changing the way we approach education. I''ve already taken Coursera courses, but I should check out some others for more FREE online education. My fabulous co-presenters and me.

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10 Tips to Take You from Zero to eLearning Hero

Blue Sky eLearn

As part of your prep work, spend some time determining what style of online education your members will find most valuable. You’ll hear all sorts of terminology in the eLearning world – MOOCS, Moodles, gamification – don’t be overwhelmed by this!

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What Three Fringe Learning Formats Might Offer Associations

Associations Now

Three alternative learning formats, though yet to be widely adopted by associations, may offer the potential to boost your educational product portfolio. How could MOOCs be of value to associations? Another potential drawback of MOOCs is their generality.

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What I’m Reading

Spark Consulting

What MOOCs will – and won’t – change about the traditional four-year college education. How important are generational differences in the workplace? Giving stuff away for free? What are you getting in return ? Grammar “errors” that really aren’t. How does your association define success? If your definition doesn’t include what your members think , you’re in big trouble. Staff overwhelmed by email? Having a hard time sharing files?

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 10.7.16

Reid All About it

Since I’ve been on an education kick lately, here’s an example of curation by a for-profit organization. This list is part of their Data Science Career Guide , a six-part series recommending the best online courses and MOOCs for people entering the data science industry.

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Mastering Your Craft

Thanks For Playing

Talking about the future of work led us naturally into talking about the future of getting ready to work, aka our education system. One of the concepts that came up, tying both work and education together, was apprenticeship. Enter MOOCs ( massive open online courses ).

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