The Big Picture: Most overused phrases in press releases

The Big Picture

Most overused phrases in press releases. Factiva Insight has issued a new report listing the most overused used phrases in press releases for 2006 for the US, the UK and globally. Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Most overused phrases in press releases : Comments. Continuing Education. The Big Picture. A big-picture view of issues and trends affecting associations - in Mississippi and nationally. Shawn on Facebook. Shawn on Twitter.

ASAE Calls for More Association-Specific Relief for COVID-19 Impacted Organizations


With the support of the ASAE Research Foundation, a separate nonprofit entity, ASAE is the premier source of learning, knowledge, and future-oriented research for the association and nonprofit profession and provides resources, education, ideas, and advocacy to enhance the power and performance of the association and nonprofit community. WASHINGTON— ASAE applauded Congress for swiftly constructing a $2.2

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Internet Association Releases Proposal For Racial Justice And Reform And Reaffirms Commitment To Diversity & Inclusion


Washington, DC - Internet Association (IA) today released racial justice and reform considerations for policymakers as they work to address systemic racism and inequality. The post Internet Association Releases Proposal For Racial Justice And Reform And Reaffirms Commitment To Diversity & Inclusion appeared first on Internet Association. News Press Releases black lives matters diversity Diversity and Inclusion racial justice workforce

Internet Association Launches Website Highlighting the Industry’s COVID-19 Response Efforts


IA members are all pitching in to help people through these difficult times, and IA has launched this new COVID-19 website to make it easier for families, healthcare workers, educators, government officials, and industry to learn about tools and other resources.”. News Press Releases coronavirus covid-19 member efforts membership new website

WBT Systems Enhances Social Learning for Professionals with New TopClass LMS Release

WBT Systems

Major update to TopClass learning management system offers enhanced social learning capability for association, continuing education, and corporate training programs, with more rewarding and diverse learning experiences that increase engagement. The post WBT Systems Enhances Social Learning for Professionals with New TopClass LMS Release appeared first on WBT Systems.

LMS 53

Education Groups Aid Louisiana Flood Victims

Associations Now

As southern Louisiana begins the arduous process of cleaning up after the floods that ravaged the area this month, the National Education Association and the Louisiana Association of Educators are working to provide public school employees with relief assistance and school recovery resources. But as John White, the Louisiana State Superintendent of Education, told The Washington Post : “There is the facility and capacity in the region to serve all students.

Lung Association Boosts Anti-Vaping Education for Teens

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The American Lung Association’s new INDEPTH training program is designed to help schools fight the surging popularity of vaping among teens, emphasizing education over penalties like school suspension. Although disciplinary measures like suspension have a role to play in discouraging vaping at school, the American Lung Association wants to help schools reverse the trend with a new educational program.

Drone Challenge Supports College STEM Education

Associations Now

I’m pretty stuck in thinking that it’s difficult to address the STEM side of education if you don’t make something, put something together. And so much of this technology is charge and fly, and I struggle to call that a STEM exercise,” AMA Director of Education Bill Pritchett said. “At AMA also hopes to build on the students’ STEM education and help develop them for STEM careers, as competition participants will complete an online curriculum and have access to training programs. “It’s

Learning from the ‘Netflix Diet.’

YourMembership Blog

Can Netflix viewer data support our education plans? The wildly popular internet brand with more than 100 million members in more than 190 countries recently published a press release about its global audience’s viewing habits. That audience enjoys more than 125 million hours of television shows and movies every single day. What the data shows. The post Learning from the ‘Netflix Diet.’ appeared first on YourMembership. Online Learning Professional Development

New Program Will Educate Fitness Professionals on Parkinson’s Exercise Needs

Associations Now

A new association-led training program aims to educate the fitness community to meet those needs. Now, the American Parkinson Disease Association is launching a free online training program to educate health and wellness professionals on Parkinson’s-specific exercise regimens. Chambers said in a press release. “In People with PD who exercise do better over the long term compared to those who don’t,” Terry Ellis, cochair of the training program, said in the release.

New Coalition Educates Drivers on Highway Safety

Associations Now

The goal of the coalition is to reduce the number of highway fatalities by educating drivers about the need to share the road with commercial motor vehicles (CMVs), such as buses and trucks. Anytime you can unify on an issue or, in this case, an education campaign, I think there’s just more power behind it.”. I don’t think there’s ever too much education,” she said. The post New Coalition Educates Drivers on Highway Safety appeared first on Associations Now

Client Spotlight: Phoenix Union Foundation for Education Creates $30,000 Emergency Relief Fund for PXU Families Impacted by COVID-19

SOS Association

We're proud to work with the Phoenix Union Foundation for Education who shared this press release today: The Phoenix Union Foundation for Education (PUFE) has created a $30,000 Emergency Relief Fund to benefit families of the Phoenix Union High School District (PXU) impacted by hardships due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). The Phoenix Union Foundation for Education is a 501(c)(3) organization and therefore, all donations are tax deductible.

Client Spotlight: Phoenix Union Foundation for Education Creates $30,000 Emergency Relief Fund for PXU Families Impacted by COVID-19

SOS Association

We're proud to work with the Phoenix Union Foundation for Education who shared this press release today: The Phoenix Union Foundation for Education (PUFE) has created a $30,000 Emergency Relief Fund to benefit families of the Phoenix Union High School District (PXU) impacted by hardships due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). The Phoenix Union Foundation for Education is a 501(c)(3) organization and therefore, all donations are tax deductible.

With New Education Program, Group Looks to Serve All Member Segments

Associations Now

With the introduction of a new education program, the National Association of Sports Commissions is working to better serve all membership segments. As a first step toward better representing its full membership, the National Association of Sports Commissions has launched its new education program, the Sport Tourism Learning Institute. Our goal is to provide a variety of educational opportunities for all our members and industry professionals.”.

Parsing Common Core: An Education Program Under Fire

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” The state-led education standards program formed with the help of two associations is facing criticism and charges of government overreach into the schools. With just a year to go until it is fully implemented, the Common Core State Standards Initiative for K-12 education has critics questioning the effort. territories, and the Department of Defense Education Activity have adopted the standards.

Association Marketing: 4 Ways to Promote Your Professional Association Wins

Association Management

These reports, issued with a frequency appropriate for your association, allowing you to: identify cost benefits such as how many individuals attended discounted educational programs, the number of free briefings received, etc. 3. Take advantage of press releases. But press releases still work—arguably, even better—for digital publications. Google News will display a press release on Business Wire the same way it does for traditional publications.

Industry Hiring Managers: Reach & Recruit Only the Best Candidates

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This is especially important in today’s job climate, where there’s an increasing need for more skilled and educated workers. Consider: By 2020, 65% of all jobs in the economy will require postsecondary education and training beyond high school, according to a recent report by Georgetown Public Policy Institute. Read the press release to learn more. Lean how associations make it easy for you.

What Video’s Rapid Rise Means for Your Association

Association Adviser

Video enhances engagement with your members, new ways to connect at your events and new ways to recruit, educate and train members. A 3-5 minute video from the executive director explaining an important or controversial topic will have far more engagement with members than an email or press release. New ways to educate: Training and education are far more effective when there is a visual aspect. By Marcus Underwood.

Video 104

Did You Know? Associations Plan to Rake in More Revenue from Publications, Events and Continuing Ed

Association Adviser

Non-dues revenue is often an essential component of an association’s operating budget, allowing staff to produce high-caliber member communications, events and continuing education programs. A quarter each of respondents to last month’s poll reported that they plan to improve efforts to earn non-dues revenue from publication advertising, live events or continuing education. Our Corporate Champion revenues cover most of our educational program costs.

You’ve Got to Read This: October 11, 2011

Reid All About it

If you’re going to a conference or educational session and plan to tweet, read this post first. Standard press releases are often misdirected, irrelevant and boring. Here are some creative alternatives to sending a press release from Claire Celsi at Ragan’s PR Daily. I usually start off my selection of good reads with something to help you save time or be more productive, but nothing wowed me this week.

Accessible, Affordable: The Strategy Behind One Group’s Online Learning Efforts

Associations Now

(ISC)² is planning a major expansion of its online education efforts, including the addition of new staff, as a way to help cybersecurity pros keep up with the latest trends. In response, (ISC)² is launching some training programs of its own , in the form of its new Professional Development Institute, a continuing-education program for cybersecurity professionals. The offering will be free to (ISC)²’s members and associates, according to an association press release.

There’s Good News for Conference Content, and a Warning, in New Report

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In response, meeting planners have continued to increase the number of ways in which they deliver conference materials to attendees,” said Jonny Popp, Omnipress general manager, in a press release. For example, attendees are starting to favor education content that is short-form, visual, and interactive, which means that associations are slowly starting to get away from print-based content.

The Most Important Year for Association Membership Renewal – Association Hustle Podcast Episode 254

Moery Company

Associations are pulling in new member types with content, education, and advice. number of press releases distributed. This is the most important year for membership renewal and now is not the time to take your foot off the gas.

How the Events Industry Is Coming Together Amid COVID-19

Associations Now

The daylong, worldwide event focused on education, inspiration, and networking in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. The 12-hour event, hosted by Meeting Professionals International, connected members and nonmembers with personal and professional education, panel discussions, and conversations on recovery and meeting together again.

Associations Prep and Debut Virtual Conference Options

Associations Now

With coronavirus causing many groups to rethink face-to-face meeting plans, some have turned to virtual offerings as way to deliver the education their attendees need. Although we could not organize as much real-time interaction and question and answer sessions as we would have liked, the energy and technological savvy of our audiovisual staff and some of our PC members enabled us to add a mechanism for direct interaction in sessions …,” organizers said a press release. “We

Higher-Ed Groups Join Forces to Promote Analytics

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Three higher-education associations are encouraging college and university leaders to embrace analytics as a way to improve strategic decision-making. The National Association of College and University Business Officers, the Association for Institutional Research (AIR), and EDUCAUSE released a joint statement last week calling on higher-education institutions to “harness analytics for better strategic decision-making.”.

What’s on the Horizon for Meetings in 2020?

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According to a press release from Streampoint Solutions , whose FaceReg software was used at the event, 35 percent of attendees took advantage of it. Starting now, when I consider speaking invitations, I will expect a level playing field, where scientists of all backgrounds are evaluated fairly for speaking opportunities,” he said in a press release. “If A new year often brings change. Here are three ways that association meetings may transform in 2020.

Awesome Association MarComm Jobs – Week of August 30


The individual will be the chief communications strategist developing a wide range of communications materials for both internal and external audiences such as talking points, news releases, advocacy resources, digital content and more. The individual will be the media point person for 340B Health, developing and maintaining relationships with the press. This position will implement communication strategies to promote and educate the U.S.

Canadian Commercial Drivers Group Opens Safety Training Facility

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For the AMTA, road safety is paramount,” said AMTA President Chris Nash in a press release. “We Being able to bring that to the forefront and educate in a controlled environment or to build training for people to be safer and competent on the road, that’s was this facility is all about.”. That facility, which is being funded by a $10 million investment, will be used to educate and train new technicians, who are in short supply.

2015 Association Management Trends and Important News from YM

YourMembership Blog

As quoted in our press release, “this significant addition makes YourMembership the leading engagement platform for organizations, delivering upon their mission of helping associations, organizations, publishers and other companies succeed by improving personalized user interactions across the web, social and mobile channels.”. Now there is, as we have just released our newest publication, The Essential Guide to 2015 Association Management Trends. Welcome to 2015!

Realtors Expand Reach of Accelerator Program

Associations Now

The 48 tech companies that have thus far participated in the accelerator have raised more than $350 million in financing during or after the program, according to an NAR press release. Those accepted will gain access to mentoring and networking resources; education on the real estate market; NAR’s Insight Panel, which offers feedback from the real estate industry; and exposure through NAR’s existing marketing and communication channels.

New Bill Would Expand 529 Savings Accounts to Cover Professional Certification

Associations Now

A new bipartisan bill would expand the use of 529 education savings accounts to cover the fees related to professional certification and credentialing programs. 6 to expand individuals’ use of “529” education savings accounts to cover the costs of professional certification and credentialing programs. Currently, 529 education savings accounts can only be used to pay for tuition at colleges and universities, vocational schools, and other postsecondary institutions.

Daily Buzz: Don’t Give Up Professional Development

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Continuing education is often the first thing to go when budgets are tight, but it’s worth holding on to. When you pay for people’s education, people think you care about them and their success in the organization,” she writes. To figure out which type of education program is right for members of your team, Treyz suggests asking them this question: Where would you like to be in five years, and how can I help you get there?

Hurricane Florence Sheds Light on Pharmacists’ Work and Role in Public Health

Associations Now

The theme of this year’s APhA campaign, “Easy to Reach and Ready to Help,” aims to educate the public on just that, according to a press release. What does a pharmacist do? During American Pharmacists Month, the American Pharmacists Association wants to highlight the industry’s dedication to your health.

Meet The Animated Brain Starring in an Association Campaign

Associations Now

My Brain Robbie, a new educational campaign put together by groups focused on brain health and Alzheimer’s disease, aims to reach an audience often left out of brain-health discussions: kids. According to a press release, the campaign aims to fill what’s seen as a gap in dementia prevention among young children.

Girl Scouts Look To Boost Interest in IT Careers With New Cybersecurity Badges

Associations Now

To that end, GSUSA will collaborate with Palo Alto Networks to create the cybersecurity badges and the accompanying education and skills requirements needed to obtain the badges. “At Girl Scouts of the USA, we recognize that in our increasingly tech-driven world, future generations must possess the skills to navigate the complexities and inherent challenges of the cyber realm,” said GSUSA CEO Sylvia Acevedo in a press release.

NAACP Charts New Direction With National Listening Tour

Associations Now

I firmly believe that this tour will expand our reach, touch our people, engage more diverse audiences, and reinforce our focus on civil rights in this age of great political and social uncertainty,” Interim President and CEO Derrick Johnson said in a press release. Russell to The Associated Press. The NAACP embarks on a listening tour to meet with local leaders and better plan its future in a new era of civil rights activism.

Group Asks Universities to Review Athletics the Same as Finances, Curriculum

Associations Now

Recently, the highest-profile issues in higher education leadership are related to college sports. Now, the Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges (AGB) is recommending university governing boards keep athletics accountable by applying the same review process as they do for other parts of the college experience, including finances, curriculum, strategic planning, and educational quality. Legon, in a press release.

An Event-Focused Solution to Closing the Skills Gap

Associations Now

Often, these efforts involve launching apprenticeship programs or multimedia campaigns that encourage young people to consider jobs in their respective fields or to educate them about opportunities available. Recognizing an imminent labor shortage in its industry, the National Kitchen and Bath Association launched a conference program for local high school students to build awareness about careers in residential construction and design. It’s a model for others to consider.

How to Find the Best Association Event Speaker


Put on an engaging, educational event for your members within budget. press releases, logos on your site, social media promotion, email marketing, etc.). Associations work with limited budgets. To stretch every dollar, they often solicit sponsorship’s and donations. From daily operations to special events, the funding challenge is ever present and a little creativity can go a long way in increasing member engagement at little to no cost.