4 Email Marketing Tips Worth Embracing

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Email may drive your organization’s marketing, but when was the last time you thought about how you use it? Four decades ago this year, a guy named Gary Thuerk sent an email promoting a new product line. It broke pretty much every rule you know about email today.

Four Ways Psychology and Email Marketing Tie Into Each Other

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Before your hit send on that next member email, consider the role psychology plays in getting your message across. You could write and design the best email in the world, but unless you consider how it will be received, its ability to resonate with your audience is slim.

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Email Marketing Trends: What’s Hot in 2017

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Long neglected as part of the communications conversation, emails have become more essential than ever in 2017. Read on for some suggestions on to improve your email production workflow. But the problem is, it can be a challenge to understand all the nuances of building a useful email.

Email Marketing Trends: Are You Doing Enough With Your Data?

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A Design Tool to Watch The pain of email design isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but developers are beginning to get a little craftier about solving the problem. Now I’d like to take a little time to look at the flip side of the email marketing story.

Building Buy-In for an Online Community at Your Association

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Looking to personalize and target your email communications strategy to different member segments? According to Marketing General Inc, these are the top four challenges to associations’ member retention: Members’ lack of engagement with the organization (41%).

Who Should Own Your Email Newsletter Production Process?

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The email newsletter is a centerpiece of digital strategy for many organizations. Email communications touch on many different parts of the org chart at once. And this can make executing your email newsletter tricky business.

No more masses for association marketers

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As some of you may know, Event Garde sends a monthly e-newsletter. Email marketers: Does this sound familiar? According to most reports, email is the No. 1 tool for marketing among associations. But do email campaigns work?

Why You Should be Segmenting Your Members by Data, Rather than Type

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In the 2018 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report from Marketing General, Inc., associations surveyed revealed the most common level of segmentation for their member marketing efforts: 55% – Membership level/type. Example 1: Newsletters.

8 Tips to Write Emails Your Association Members Will Open

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Let me guess – your inbox is overflowing with so much content that you don’t know which way is up, much less which emails are worth your time. It’s a relatable circumstance for anyone with an email address (and fun fact: active email accounts are expected to hit 5.6

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Email Marketing Metrics

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I am often asked if there are benchmarks for open, click and bounce rates, which we can use to evaluate the effectiveness of email as a channel to deliver our promotions and messages. classic list of email marketing benchmarks." While I have not yet found anything relating directly to association marketing or membership marketing, I think that you'll find the following interesting and useful as a reference. email metrics Tactics Email

Wild Apricot Blog : Does Your Nonprofit Need an Email Newsletter Service?

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Are You Worried About Appearing Tone-Deaf?

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We write emails to our members. We may write the association’s newsletter, webpages, articles, blog posts, or letters to the membership. Some organizations are getting feedback that they are sending too many COVID-related emails, or not enough. Most of us are writers.

17 Essential Email Design Tips + Inspiration for the Non-Designer

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Did you know that the number of emails sent per day is projected to grow to 333 billion by the year 2022? With so much content flooding our inboxes as it is, understanding the basics of email design has never been more critical in the competition for your subscribers’ attention.

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5 Smart Tips to Strengthen Your Automated Emails and Increase Conversions

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Everyone uses email. Not everyone loves email, but everyone uses it today nonetheless. But, how many times a week do you scroll through your inbox and think, "Why am I receiving emails about something completely irrelevant to me?" or "Why am I being sent this email asking me to register for an event that I already registered for?". Segment your email list. Not all emails are created equal—no one wants every email you send to the entire membership.

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Clean Up Your (Email) Act

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Before your association sends its next member newsletter or email announcement, ask yourself: when was the last time you updated your email list? The post Clean Up Your (Email) Act appeared first on.

20 Marketing Automation Mistakes You Could Be Making (And How to Fix Them)

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That being said, it’s time to take a closer look at your marketing automation strategy to see if you’re making any of these common mistakes. But a great strategy needs to be the foundation of your marketing automation campaigns. Do you know where your subscribers read your emails?

[Infographic] The Power of Audience Segmentation

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Good marketing delivers relevant content. Great marketing delivers personalized, timely content to the right people. Did you know 77 percent of email marketing ROI comes from segmented, targeted, and triggered campaigns?

5 Marketing Pain Points & Solutions (From Our In-House Experts)

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Can we talk about how glamorous the life of a marketer is for a moment? …I While the role of a marketer can be incredibly interesting and rewarding, it doesn’t come without challenges. You’re not alone, you hardworking marketer, you! Video Content Marketing.

Keep Your Association on Track: 4 Ways to Stay Organized

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Manage registration, marketing efforts, and product add-on revenue all through your main database. Email marketing software. Gone are the days of sending out a single monthly newsletter round-up of your association’s activities and opportunities. Email Newsletter.

How to Recover, Relaunch, and Rebound Your Association

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Our newsletter open rate is up 20% and our click through rate has gone up to 22%. If you have a virtual training program for your industry you ought to be doubling down on the marketing of it right now. We’ve adjusted, adapted, and pivoted.

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The ASAE Annual Exhibitor Email Deluge

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Every year, when I register for the ASAE Annual Meeting, I check the box to receive emails from exhibitors. As a writer/marketer, I like seeing how vendors in my community use email marketing. Remind attendees why they’ve received your email so they don’t mark you as spam.

Moving Forward: How to Recover, Relaunch, and Rebound – Association Hustle Podcast Episode 234

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Our newsletter open rate is up 20% and our click through rate has gone up to 22%. If you have a virtual training program for your industry you ought to be doubling down on the marketing of it right now. Check out our blog at moerycompany.com and subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 1.6.17

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The New Jersey Society of CPAs (NJCPA) is using demographic and behavioral data to provide targeted, relevant content – newsletters, website content, and event marketing emails – to their members and community. Email Marketing in 2017: Trends, Data and Best Practices.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 1.6.17

Reid All About it

The New Jersey Society of CPAs (NJCPA) is using demographic and behavioral data to provide targeted, relevant content – newsletters, website content, and event marketing emails – to their members and community. Email Marketing in 2017: Trends, Data and Best Practices.

Association Brain Food: Week of February 1, 2016

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One of the ways I’m contributing to the Association Executives of North Carolina (AENC), as a member of its professional development committee, is by compiling a list of professional development opportunities that’s shared in AENC’s weekly newsletter.

Much Ado About Email: Raise Your Eyebrow (Slightly) About Gmail’s Changes

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When word arose about changes the world’s largest email service made to the way it organizes messages, marketers got nervous. Associations live and breathe email marketing, so the clicks clearly showed a little collective concern.

Daily Buzz: Drowning in Distractions? Block Your Time for Better Productivity

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Also: Boost your email-marketing efforts with landing pages. In today’s work environment, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the constant emails, messages, and calls that come your way. Lead Your Audience From Email to Landing Page.

Daily Buzz: Advice for a Successful Email Strategy

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Email marketing is a great way to get your message directly in front of members. But if you’re crafting each email with your organization, rather than your members, in mind, it’s likely that your emails will go unread. Trying to reach members through their inboxes?

ASAE Reveals 2020 Gold Circle Awards Winners


WASHINGTON — ASAE announces the winners of the 2020 Gold Circle Awards competition, which denotes excellence, innovation, and achievement in association/nonprofit marketing, membership, and communications programs. Convention/Meetings Marketing Campaign. E-Newsletter.

Email-Driven Curation: Get Your Voice Out Front

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Curation Tips If you’re looking to create a newsletter of your own, The Association Contrarian Report’s Jeff De Cagna offers these tips. Unless they make it personal, you shouldn’t, he says—especially considering the flood of emails most people already get.

Test-Drive Your Next Member Recruitment Campaign

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Digital marketing tools make it easier to test out a member recruitment campaign in real time. At the American Optometric Association, piloting several marketing tactics with chapters first helped inform a national campaign targeted to young prospects. Email marketing.

3 Creative Ways Associations and Nonprofits Can Use Volunteer Management Tools

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Once you go through the applications you can announce the winners at your annual conference, on your website, or via email. Then, find creative ways to recognize contest winners through your member newsletter, via your community homepage, or by publishing a congratulatory blog post.

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What Makes a Marketing Email Go Viral?

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Want more people to forward the emails your association sends? A new study highlights the elements of viral marketing emails. However, the much quieter email forward is often a considerably more powerful influencer.”. So, what does it take to make an email go viral?

AI and Email: A Match Made in Heaven?

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AI Goes Both Ways While AI is often thought of in terms of marketing when it comes to email, it’s been widely used in nonmarketing contexts for decades. Unfortunately [for marketers], this means the user is in total control,” she explained.

6 Tips to Improve Your Association’s Management with Data


Something as simple as addressing email and direct mail communications to the member by name is a great start. This is the first email marketing design trend on this list. This could be a prospect who filled out their email to download a resource from your website.

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Improve Intergenerational Communication: 3 Tips to Attract & Retain Younger Members

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In its 2018 Membership Marketing Benchmark Report, Marketing General reveals that: 27% of individual member organizations have trouble attracting and/or maintaining younger members. Your time capsule website and emails are turning them off.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 6.20.16

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– How to Leverage Webinars to Fuel Your Marketing & Sales Engine. Presenter: Kristi Casey Sanders, director of digital marketing strategy of Plan Your Meetings @ Meeting Professionals International. Presenter: Michael Chidzey, Marketing Director, event agency Chillisauce.

Member Engagement Strategies: A Guide for Associations


Email marketing. Email marketing. Consider measuring your email open and click-through rates, which members opted to receive your newsletter, and how often members respond to your correspondences.

Tips for Marketing (Online Courses) To Your Association Members  

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Associations and nonprofits share a marketing dilemma unlike traditional for-profit businesses. The target market and demographics for a business are centered around prospective clients and existing clients. Tips for Marketing to Association Members.

Kickstart a Video Campaign with this Simple Process

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I know you’ve heard it, “Video is the next big thing” and “Video converts”… Marketers hear this all day long, and it’s true. The problem with video as a marketing tool is that it puts us on the spot and makes us vulnerable.

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