Volunteer Recruitment: Crafting a Compelling Email


Does your association or chamber currently have a volunteer recruitment strategy in place? Or is that strategy, we ask for volunteers as we need them ? For that reason, it’s best to have an ongoing recruitment strategy. Well it could be as simple as a page on your website and a series of email marketing campaigns. The key, though, is what you include on that web page and in your emails.

Building Buy-In for an Online Community at Your Association

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In order to recruit new members, associations need to provide a unique value proposition , something compelling enough that people see value in paying for membership on their own or asking their company to sponsor their membership. Looking to personalize and target your email communications strategy to different member segments? Many associations are looking to technology to help them achieve various goals like millennial recruitment and maximizing staff resources.


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10 Association Communications Stats with Tips to Reach Younger Members More Effectively

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The sooner associations wake up to the reality that their multigenerational membership base isn’t going to retain itself with an outdated communications strategy, the sooner they can break through to emerging generations and maximize overall engagement and retention. Customization : With customized communications, you can increase your chances of recruiting them as members and play a pivotal role in their growth while diversifying membership and working to future-proof your association. #3.

3 Automated Email Campaigns Professionals Australia Used to Strengthen Their Association

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They can no longer rely on sending batch-and-blast, one-off emails to their whole member base as an effective membership recruitment and retention strategy. With over 40 diverse member segments, Professionals Australia found it impossible to recruit, onboard, and engage with each segment in a personalized way. They sent one-off emails where needed and the same content to everyone due to technology and staff limitations. Campaign #3: Recruiting New Members.

3 Ways to Improve Membership Acquisition at Your Association

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Developing a growth strategy for your association takes time. A balanced, comprehensive growth strategy will include a mix of focus on both member retention and member acquisition. In this post, we’ll focus on member acquisition strategy and how associations can effectively reach potential members and convince them to join. The Top 3 Ways Associations Recruit New Members. The Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report from Marketing General Inc. Email.

Test-Drive Your Next Member Recruitment Campaign

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Digital marketing tools make it easier to test out a member recruitment campaign in real time. At the American Optometric Association, piloting several marketing tactics with chapters first helped inform a national campaign targeted to young prospects. When it comes to new-member recruitment, a little bit of testing and tinkering can go a long way to a successful outcome. Email marketing. Have you piloted a member recruitment campaign with a chapter?

8 Tips to Write Emails Your Association Members Will Open

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Let me guess – your inbox is overflowing with so much content that you don’t know which way is up, much less which emails are worth your time. It’s a relatable circumstance for anyone with an email address (and fun fact: active email accounts are expected to hit 5.6 A “good” email open rate among members depends on your industry and the end goal of your email. Recent data shows that: The average email open rate (across all industries) is 16.19%.

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You Could Just Set It and Forget It with Marketing Automation…But Don’t!

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If you are under the impression that “set it and forget it” is a successful strategy for using marketing automation software, I release you from this spell. People will say one of the benefits of marketing automation software is that you can simply put the software in action and then let your automated campaigns go their merry way. Set it and forget it" can work for rotisserie chickens, but it won't work for your marketing automation strategy.

Engagement vs Junk Mail: Strategies for Association Marketing

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I’m not sure why but the volume of junk email marketing arriving last week reached a tipping point. Here’s a sample of what arrived in my email box one day last week: Connecting up. I just wanted to followup and see if you received my earlier email?” All “signed” their emails with a “personal signature” as though we were friends. Do your research to know the communications preferences of your personas: email, social media, texting, etc.

Daily Buzz: A Better Strategy for Member Research

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Also: Suggestions for a stronger email list. How to Declutter Your CRM’s Email Marketing and Make it More Efficient [link]. Associations send out so much email that the occasional list cleaning is a sheer necessity sometimes. At Business 2 Community , digital marketing pro Steve Hamm warns about the problems that happen over time—and the strategies to fix those issues. Analyzing the state of your membership?

Is Your Association in Need of Membership Sales Professionals?

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So much so, for the first time – we had a great association ask us to help them recruit a membership director last year. But when you search for who is in charge of membership recruitment or sponsorship sales, that person is hard to find. It’s not unusual for associations to have difficulty recruiting the types of professionals needed to grow their membership. Association Business Strategy Business Development Business Practices Membership Development Sales

The Importance of Brand in your Email Marketing: 2013 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report shows email to be a primary promotion tool to increase awareness and drive member acquisition/renewals/reinstatements. So, Above or Below the Fold? Where do you place your logo?

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The 2013 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report clearly shows the use of emails as a TOP 3 channel to promote association awareness, promote membership, fuel member engagement, and drive member renewal and reinstatement (see the data presented below). Brand provides the reader with justification to read the email answering the simple, but very important, internal question the recipient asks themselves, "Should I really even bother with this email?" Email Brand

Want to Maximize Association Membership Value? Create Indispensable Engagement

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Maybe you’re struggling with: Retaining and recruiting more members. With tools like online community and marketing automation , you recreate the best parts of your association online. Then, with email marketing automation, gather the data you need to know about your members and create a personal experience for each member, providing unique value for each member.

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Keep Your Association on Track: 4 Ways to Stay Organized

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However, whether increasing non-dues revenue or new member recruitment, it’s just as important that your organization follows through with these goals. From creating processes for handling your association’s most valuable asset (your data) to delegating tasks to maintain an organized strategy, this guide covers it all. Manage registration, marketing efforts, and product add-on revenue all through your main database. Email marketing software. Email Newsletter.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 11.20.20

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The ROI Member Recruitment Brochure: How to Create Brochures That Positively Influence Membership Decisions. Maximizing Revenue through Smart Pricing Strategies. The ROI of Words: How to Write Website Copy That Will Drive Member Renewal and Recruitment. Follow Blog via Email.

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Top 10 Informz Blog Posts from 2017

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Over the 2017 calendar year, we published 125 awesome blog posts across the spectrum of marketing automation topics. Get to know the critical requirements and implications of the Canadian Anti-Spam law that will regulate the use of commercial email being sent to recipients in Canada. How to Choose the Best Marketing Promotional Items. Giveaway swag is an oft-overlooked aspect of successful marketing. Email of the Month: Meet Minneapolis.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 1.6.17

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The New Jersey Society of CPAs (NJCPA) is using demographic and behavioral data to provide targeted, relevant content – newsletters, website content, and event marketing emails – to their members and community. Email Marketing in 2017: Trends, Data and Best Practices. See what email marketing strategies and tactics work based on responses from over a hundred marketing professionals. Hosts: Return Path and American Marketing Association.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 1.6.17

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The New Jersey Society of CPAs (NJCPA) is using demographic and behavioral data to provide targeted, relevant content – newsletters, website content, and event marketing emails – to their members and community. Email Marketing in 2017: Trends, Data and Best Practices. See what email marketing strategies and tactics work based on responses from over a hundred marketing professionals. Hosts: Return Path and American Marketing Association.

Introducing the 2020 Community Movers + Shakers

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Now, he's head of Structure3C, a community strategy firm. How Matt is movin’ and shakin’ in the community industry: Matt’s career path has taken him through teaching, sales, marketing, IT, and now, community management. With a community of over 5 million users worldwide, Shana has worked to launch and grow a community composed of online communities, in-person events, social media, content creation, email marketing, and customer support. Online communities are powerful.

6 Tips to Improve Your Association’s Management with Data


When associations thrive, they see boosts in member recruitment and improved retention rates. Discover opportunities to recruit new members. For example, if you successfully incorporated new registration measures, or unsuccessfully incorporated new engagement strategies, plan your next event with that in mind. Data can improve your member communication strategies in a variety of ways. This is the first email marketing design trend on this list.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 10.5.18

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In their Ultimate Guide to SEO , HubSpot describes in plain English how to increase your site’s visibility and rankings with search engine optimization, content marketing, and link building. A few quick hits before we get to this week’s list of free webinars: Keep an eye out for these top 11 phishing email subject lines. Presenter: Jason Askey, Product Marketing Manager at Cvent. Positive Personal Branding: 18 Email Rules to Accelerate Results.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 3.17.17

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Now, onto more mundane things… Is inbound marketing still a bit perplexing for you? Aptify shows how associations can use inbound marketing for lead generation and, ultimately, membership recruitment. Follow along as a young professional goes from website visitor to new member in a process turbo-charged by inbound marketing content. Presenter: Mark Bornstein, vice president, content marketing, ON24, Inc. Follow Blog via Email.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 7.21.17

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Host: American Marketing Association. If you’re attending Annual for the first time or looking to maximize your experience, you need to hear about Tom’s conference learning strategy. Learn about trends and strategies for growth in the healthcare industry, why hotels may say “no” to medical meetings business, tips for sourcing on-site staff at medical meetings, and what to look for when seeking a technology solutions provider. Host: American Marketing Association.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 10.12.18

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Harvard Business Review says, “Translators play a critical role in bridging the technical expertise of data engineers and data scientists with the operational expertise of marketing” and other front-line managers. How to explain content marketing to anyone. Content Marketing Institute ). Join this Coffee Talk to share and discuss strategies for improving your website—design, user experience, and personalization—and producing big results. Follow Blog via Email.

Daily Buzz: It’s Time to Start Thinking About 2019

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Four questions to ask to develop the strategies that will get you there. As Q4 kicks off, it’s important to look ahead and start creating strategies for 2019. From there, develop initiatives and strategies that will help your team get from point A to point B. Recruiting new members is always exciting, but getting them integrated into an association’s online community, resources, and other offerings can be a complicated, and sometimes incomplete, process.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 6.2.17

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As a writer and a learner, I love content hubs, and so does Imagination, a content marketing agency serving the association space. 2017 Key Performance Benchmarks: Email vs. Automation. Hear about key performance metrics from the 2017 Association Email Marketing Benchmark Report on emails sent using marketing automation. A top concern among executives is their inability to recruit and retain talent. Follow Blog via Email.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 7.11.16

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Focus On: Referral Marketing. Demand Metric recently conducted a study to learn about the current state of referral marketing. Hear about trend data and the interest in, evolution of, and success with referral marketing. Gather with fellow association execs for a lunchtime discussion on how organizations are tackling member engagement and achieving great results using email marketing and marketing automation.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 11.9.18

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But most will agree that recruitment and retention feels tougher now than ever before. – Cause-Related Marketing, Sweepstakes, Raffles, and Other Charitable Promotions: Being Creative and Compliant (Washington DC and webinar). The 2018 State of Marketing Automation Benchmark Report found that membership renewal campaigns are one of the top automated campaign types associations are leveraging with positive results. Event Strategy: How to Get More Leads and Better Sales.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 11.10.17

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If you work in an association, I encourage you to think about content strategy for five minutes because the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) Foundation is studying how associations use content strategy. This research will: Document which associations are developing and implementing content strategies. Analyze emerging challenges and threats to association content strategy models. Distributed Commerce: The Future of Event Marketing?

Hot Association Jobs This Week – April 19


We focus on jobs in social media , marketing , communications , PR , advocacy , and digital. This year, the FA is focused on expanding advocacy efforts, working with chapters to share the Fulbright experience with communities nationwide, expanding membership with clear messaging and marketing, piloting a networking portal for members, developing an enriched digital presence in social media, and supporting chapters through development grants and other services.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 4.14.17

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The association tech market is a hot destination for private equity and many in our community think more acquisitions are likely to come. Tue 4/18 at 11:30 a.m.* – How Are Organizations Using Marketing Automation? Marketing automation is not just a buzz word for an updated approach to email marketing. Engagement is the goal of B2B marketers who use content to connect with their audiences and ultimately make a case for their value proposition.

What’s coming down the pike in social marketing?


I was invited to help design and participate on a panel on “trends in social marketing” last week for the first ever Real Magnet User Group Conference. Join us for a panel discussion of social marketing experts – from across industries – to discuss what’s next in social marketing and how they’re positioning for it. For associations those business goals will almost always fall into one of four categories: retention, recruitment, outreach, and sales.

5 Ideas About Information Overload for Association Members/Donors

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Information overload and the number of times you email association members has been an ongoing topic on ASAE’s Collaborate. Rather than focusing on how many emails we should send members or how members should handle “information overload,” let’s look at how we can improve the effectiveness of our email marketing. For more information on this topic, Brian Clark of Copyblogger offers a free ebook on email marketing. #4

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Report: How Nonprofits Are Using Digital Platforms

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” For one thing, the study notes, most of the organizations surveyed don’t have staff dedicated to their digital and online strategies—in fact, just 43 percent of organizations say they do, with smaller organizations less likely to have digital staff than large ones. Email marketing remains king … but Facebook and Twitter are close behind. The study found that 94 percent of nonprofits rely on emails, while 88 percent rely on Facebook and 79 percent on Twitter.

How Your Association Marketing Plan Benefits from an AMS Upgrade


One of the most important players in your association marketing plan doesn’t have a place in the org chart, doesn’t have an office, and doesn’t even get vacation time. You take this player for granted as long as they assist your marketing efforts. Does it support your association marketing plan in a 21st century way? Let’s look at how a 21st century AMS supports association marketing to find out if you could benefit from an AMS upgrade.

Best Association Management Software | Our Top Picks


With features spanning database capabilities, messaging and email tools, accounting and payment systems, and event planning, a top AMS solution is a smart move for practically any group. That’s why we’ve created this comparison of all the biggest names on the market – and provided our own reviews! Retain more members and grow like never before with one of the most agile and intuitive AMS solutions on the market! Targeted emails. Email marketing.

Survey Says… Online Education’s Role in Membership Marketing

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Associations want to know how their membership recruitment, retention, and marketing tactics compare to others so they can improve member growth and engagement. Every summer, the association community looks forward to the release of the Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report from Marketing General Incorporated (MGI). Online education’s role in membership marketing. The most effective recruitment techniques, in order: Word-of-mouth recommendations.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 11.2.18

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Besides having a strategy for how your association will use the data in your care, you should follow these six principles for collecting and updating member data. Many of my content marketer friends, acquaintances, and clients will appreciate this one. Andy Crestodina at Orbit Media Studios writes about seven habits of highly effective content marketers. Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2019. Even marketers can’t predict what will happen tomorrow.

Monday Buzz: Fostering New Generations of Members

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Plus: How are associations using email these days, anyway? New blood also means new engagement strategies, as countless studies have shown how millennials are approaching work and membership benefits differently from those of earlier generations. When approaching a problem, knowledge is power, and so gathering information, like behavior trends, about the group you are trying to recruit will be incredibly helpful. 2016: The Year of Email Marketing – https://t.co/a6uIghYGDr

Membership Marketing Blog: Fundraising with Social Media

Membership Marketing

Membership Marketing Blog. Membership marketing – acquiring, engaging, upgrading, and renewing members – is the cornerstone for associations and relationship driven organizations. Whether you are an association professional or a relationship marketer, join the discussion on the Membership Marketing Blog and share your ideas and counsel. Email This BlogThis! And give your remarks on email marketing book. Subscribe through Email.