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Building Buy-In for an Online Community at Your Association

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This is how you can prove your new member community will be a valuable technology investment. New Member Acquisition. The goal: Every year, bringing in new members is likely to be on your association’s list. Use community to reach future members.

5 Unexpectedly Thoughtful Ways to Thank Your Association’s Volunteers

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Change your member’s profile photos to show a special banner, such as MVP, so it’s clear that your volunteers are some of the most valuable members of your association. Other members, volunteers, and vendors will all see how important volunteers are every time they get an email, read a blog , or view other content authored by a volunteer with your MVP banner on their photo. Hold a Volunteer Appreciation Event. Find Appreciation Methods that Work for Your Members.

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What to include in your membership marketing plan

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Events. For example, your membership service is likely to offer benefits to members, volunteering opportunities and professional career development activities. These are the most commonly used channels: Direct marketing: Member emails, hard copy mailings, SMS/instant messages, and via direct marketing from partnerships you may have (if opted in). Social media: Go where your members are. Advertising: In print media, inserts at events and online advertising.

Thanksgiving for associations: 5 ways to show your members you appreciate them

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Everyone likes to be appreciated, and your members are no exception. Your association wouldn’t be an association without members. The season of gratitude is the perfect time to consider how you can make your members feel more appreciated. Here are five ways to thank your members for their support. This may seem simple, but thanking your members for joining can be a powerful way to make them feel welcome, appreciated, and to set the tone for a great member experience.

6 Tips to Improve Your Association’s Management with Data


When associations thrive, they see boosts in member recruitment and improved retention rates. They experience strong event turnout and growing engagement through other channels such as social media and discussion boards. By examining your association’s member data, you can pinpoint the specific areas where your efforts are making an impact, or not. This holds true whether it’s your member engagement efforts or your internal operations.

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Your Brand is Your Association’s Lifeblood

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Associations see this today with for-profit competitors entering the marketplace and providing your members with free education, multimillion-dollar trade shows, guaranteed ROI, and subscription-based media communicating with your industry. It’s the same shopping scenario for prospective association members looking for education, professional connections and development. What valuable experience are you offering to members who join your association?

Why Membership is Everybody’s Business

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Members sit at the center of all our efforts – and this should tie us together. There is a sign on my door, that says “it takes hours, it takes days, it takes weeks, to recruit a member - but it only takes seconds to lose one”. There is no way that a membership team could, or should, be solely responsible for recruiting, engaging, and retaining each member of an association. Events and Programs Department. In the center of this circle are your members.

Win Back Your Lapsed Members

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What do you know about your lapsed members? Some associations are taking time to analyze and develop strategies to bring members they’ve lost back into the fold. Last week, we talked about engaging new members with meaningful experiences. This week, we’re focusing on the opposite end of the spectrum—members who have left your association. Associations need to evaluate strategies and, most importantly, demonstrate a strong value to win back former members.”.

Solutions for Your Membership Conundrum

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Delivering the right value to the right members at the right time. Members tell us we’re sending them too much. The same members tell us they never know about events, professional development opportunities or other benefits to which they’re entitled. There’s a disconnect between why young members join and why associations THINK they join. . Mentoring programs benefit members at all career stages. In our industry our members are going from 5 a.m.