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Building Buy-In for an Online Community at Your Association

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This is how you can prove your new member community will be a valuable technology investment. New Member Acquisition. The goal: Every year, bringing in new members is likely to be on your association’s list. Use community to reach future members.

5 Unexpectedly Thoughtful Ways to Thank Your Association’s Volunteers

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Change your member’s profile photos to show a special banner, such as MVP, so it’s clear that your volunteers are some of the most valuable members of your association. Hold a Volunteer Appreciation Event. Find Appreciation Methods that Work for Your Members.

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4 Tips for Generating More Non-Dues Revenue from Advertising

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In our digital age, online advertising is the best way to get your content and sponsors’ content in front of your member or donor base. If you can offer targeted advertising capabilities to advertisers, displaying certain ads based on members’ data , they’ll love it.

Public Social Network or Private Online Community? 11 Tips to Guide Your Decision

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Could the same concept apply to building a community for your customers or members on social media? Social media is an important part of any organizational strategy. You have more engagement with your customers/members. You can protect your members’ data.

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Association Revenue Trends in the US and UK (Plus 3 Tips for Increasing Your Income)

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Associations have to adapt to new member expectations, advancing technology and the shifting needs of their industries. Dues revenue most commonly comes in as annual payments from organization members. Advertising or sponsored articles in your print magazine or e-newsletter.

Better Member Retention From Frictionless Experiences Designed for Your Association

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In the age of infinite choice, organizations can not afford to make the purchase experience difficult. All of these changes, which would be unheard of just a decade ago, seek to make the consumer experience easier. Immediate access to behind-the-pay-wall member benefits upon joining.

No more masses for association marketers

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As some of you may know, Event Garde sends a monthly e-newsletter. Taking a holistic approach means moving away from a single communication strategy to a tailored, one-to-one communication approach.”. Remember that newsletter I referenced?

Association Brain Food Weekly: 6.5.20

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The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community… What a week. Then I lose myself reading articles on Twitter or in newsletters, and, one of my favorite activities, compiling a list of more things to read. Host: Liz King Events.

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4 Professional Services that Save Associations Time and Money

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A membership director also helps with event planning and updating the website, for instance. If your staff doesn’t have experience in web design or enough time to devote to site architecture, content, and hosting services, you risk becoming part of that statistic. Event Planning.

What to include in your membership marketing plan

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I was delighted to recently present at CHASE on how to develop your membership marketing strategy and plan. Events. For example, your membership service is likely to offer benefits to members, volunteering opportunities and professional career development activities.

On Becoming the Netflix of Associations

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The teams are: strategy, content, acquisition and retention. Associations traditionally build their organizational structures around products like: membership, events, education, certifications, publications, research, and more. Rather than building a structure around product lines and outputs we are building ours around delivering the best experience possible and meeting our members’ needs wherever they are in their professional journey.

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6 Tips to Improve Your Association’s Management with Data


When associations thrive, they see boosts in member recruitment and improved retention rates. They experience strong event turnout and growing engagement through other channels such as social media and discussion boards. Offer events that interest your members.

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Simple Tips for a Better Email Campaign


SilkStart’s email campaign tool lets you effortlessly communicate with all of your members at once, or a specific segment. Easily design a message to promote your next event, keep members up-to-date, increase online engagement, and more using our tips below!

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Win Back Your Lapsed Members

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What do you know about your lapsed members? Some associations are taking time to analyze and develop strategies to bring members they’ve lost back into the fold. Last week, we talked about engaging new members with meaningful experiences. AARC was bleeding members.

What is an AMS System? Your Association Questions, Answered


Each year, associations work hard to host memorable events and offer educational courses to keep their members engaged and invested in the community. Association management is a rather unique field because members pay dues in exchange for being part of the community.

Daily Buzz: The Subtle Power of Inbound Marketing

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Why organizations should move away from standard promotional strategies. Why should your organization adopt this strategy? Free up time to focus on the member experience. Looking for an event conversation starter?

Top Tips From 2018 Membership Hacks

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In the weekly Membership Hack column, we share the little ways that associations save time, money, and resources while delivering value to members all year long. Savvier member recruitment. But you don’t need a major retail event or sports month to recruit prospects.

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Social Media Benchmarking: Gauging Success for Project and Organizations in Global Health and Development

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Note from Beth: You need a identify a measurable goal for your integrated social media strategy that can be linked to your organization’s overall results and pick a data point or KPI that you will collect along the way to measure success. Flickr Photo by Kevlar.

Jeffrey Cufaude, Idea Architects: People Are Starved for Real.

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After being fed an unsatisfying buffet of assorted workshop topics at multiple events, they still hunger for deep learning, the kind of learning that actually changes mindset and behavior and produces demonstrably improved results. Beginning in 2013, I hope to change that by repurposing a portion of my work to provide even more content-rich learning experiences coupled with compelling conversation over a sustained period of time. Jeffrey Cufaude, Idea Architects.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 6.22.18

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The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community… If you’re into association publishing and/or communications, follow the hashtag ( #AMPAnnual18 ) for Association Media & Publishing’s annual conference next week, Monday – Wednesday.