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Repair Association Backs Farmers Seeking to Unlock Tractor Software

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As technology advances, what used to be a simple repair is now much more complex, often involving computer troubleshooting as much as a mechanical work. The issue: A farmer who purchases a tractor gets a key to the engine, but its software—a critical component in modern-day tractors, for example, is self-steering through GPS—stays behind a proprietary lock. Andy Goodman of the Iowa-Nebraska Equipment Dealers Association is on the other side of the tractor debate.

Airlines, Private Companies Take Stab at Getting Around TSA’s Lines

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Alaska Airlines has used CLEAR’s biometrics technology for boarding passes, for example. A Bloomberg report highlighted the frustration of some passengers, who believe the approach is unfair. Former Nebraska Sen. CLEAR, a company that uses biometrics to offer a shortcut at the airport security line, has earned a major boost in recent months. But the strategy, which comes with a yearly membership fee, has proved controversial for some.

Mo Rocca on Creativity, Comedy, and Obit Con vs Comic Con


So it’s really been interesting to me to see that technology. We’ve had technology to help people create virtual events and and you Virtual versions of things for years. I’m not a political reporter. I mean, the reporters I know are most are well intentioned.

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