Turn Your Community into a Content Marketing Engine

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Once considered a fad, content marketing has proven it’s “King” and shows no signs of slowing down. With 2017 coming to a close, now is a great time to revisit your marketing plan and amp up your content initiatives. What Is Content Marketing and How Do I Get Started?

Could Affiliate Marketing Hold Potential for Associations?

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Affiliate marketing has gained a lot of notice in recent years as a powerful revenue generator for online media outlets. One of those options is affiliate marketing, a model that’s existed online for decades. The post Could Affiliate Marketing Hold Potential for Associations?

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Friday Buzz: Another Take on Association Content Marketing

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Following an MMCC presentation on content marketing, an association communications pro explains why what works for for-profits may not for nonprofits. FAQ from @Informz on the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) taking effect 7/1.

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Robust Collaboration Tools to Empower the Modern Social Media Marketing Team


With access to a bountiful supply of new and tested collaboration tools and services, there certainly are no excuses for fouling up on managing your online marketing campaigns. The post Robust Collaboration Tools to Empower the Modern Social Media Marketing Team appeared first on SocialFish.

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10 Tips for Documenting Automated Campaigns

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That never rang any truer for me than when I needed to document a marketing campaign for the first time. Last month we launched some redesigned campaigns for our marketing automation tools. In this case, the campaign heavily links to articles in the customer community for our marketing automation tool. FAQ’s. I have yet to include an FAQ section, but that is next on my to-do list. Marketing Automation“The devil is in the details.”

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How the Customer Support Funnel Works for an Online Community

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Netflix Director of Marketing Camille Watson said, “We knew members couldn’t experience the full power of Netflix until they returned the first three movies and could experience the rapid turnaround in getting the next movie. Engagement Marketing

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International Cleaning Supply Group Sweeps Australian Arm into the Fold

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” The groups released an FAQ [PDF] noting some of the reasons for the merger—particularly NCSA’s limited resources and reliance on volunteer leadership to manage its benefits, annual meeting, and networking events.

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Energy Storage Group Gets Proactive on Corporate Responsibility

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According to an FAQ , the pledge came to light out of concern with the sector’s fast growth. We intend to work proactively to address topics head-on that could otherwise disrupt the industry’s progress,” ESA stated in the FAQ.

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Exhibitor Priority Points System that Rewards Loyalty

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one point for every $5K in integrated marketing spend). No matter what priority-points system you adopt, be sure to create documents that describe how it works and FAQs. Sponsorship & Exhibits exhibit sales Exhibitor marketing exhibitors loyalty sponsor acquisitionYour Points System Should Influence Current Spend Decisions. Like any storefront business, exhibitor booth selection is heavily influence by three factors: location, location, location.

Membership Hack: Conference Suggestion Box

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Submitting a suggestion is quick and easy, he says, and members can look at past submissions as well as an FAQ page to guide pitching. Does your conference need an overhaul?

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Why and How You Should Get Proactive About Customer Service


Delivering a superior customer experience is the new marketing battlefield, says Gartner, projecting that by 2017 half of all consumer product investments will fund innovations that improve consumer experience. Upgrading From FAQs to Proactive Advice.

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Why Your Business Needs eCommerce To Survive


Good customer service is marketing. How about an faq for your estore? MarketingBack In The Day. I can easily think back to my first experience buying online. It was the early 2000s, and Amazon.com was brand new.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.10.19

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How to use FAQ pages to improve SEO. Mike Murray, Content Marketing Institute ). When you’ve crossed the finish line of this challenge, you’ll be able to develop marketing and communications that provide a clear and simplified value message to your audience.

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How to Increase Customer Retention with an Online Community

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Fill your community with self-service tools including detailed product documentation in file libraries, FAQ pages, and help forums where customers can post questions for their peers to answer. A five percent increase in customer retention can increase business profits by 25 percent.

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Retail Associations Demand That Visa Fix Flawed EMV Rollout

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In a related FAQ, the agency notes that payment-card networks don’t comply with the Electronic Fund Transfer Act if the new payment terminals installed in retail stores require that payments are routed through a specific payment processor. “A

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Growth Hacking Your Community with Vanessa DiMauro

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Community builders are expected to be the shepherds, content creators, marketers and social media experts, help people advance their thinking, answer any tech questions and think up new features – sometimes all in the same day.

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Keep Members Coming Back

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Recently we started “office hours,” in which once a week for two hours we are available in person or via instant messaging for whatever our members might need, from help setting up their profiles on the website or for brainstorming marketing ideas with them. Include an FAQ page with detailed information on how members can make the most out of their membership: what features are available, when/where are meetings, how can they connect with other members, etc.

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America’s Health Insurance Plans to Test New Provider Directory

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“[N]ot all providers rely on the same method of communication,” AHIP writes in a FAQ on the partner directory. A major trade group for health insurance providers is developing a new program to provide families with accurate information about plans.

Top-Level Domains as a Member Benefit? Ask Your.Realtor

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The association applied for the top-level domain last year , collaborating with the Canadian Real Estate Association on a marketing deal to share it across North America. An FAQ page on its website lays out the details of the program.

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Accessibility for All: Toolkit Ensures Better Meetings For Every Attendee

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With that same idea in mind of providing people with lots of information and ensuring all attendees have the best onsite experience possible, earlier this week the Event Service Professionals Association (ESPA) introduced a new resource called “Project Access: Accessible Meetings FAQs.”.

LinkedIn Groups: What you Need to Know Now


Then LinkedIn addressed these rumors in an FAQ …sort of. If you read this blog, you know I tend to be sort of a glass-half-empty kind of gal. I prefer to think of myself as a realist rather than a pessimist, but hey–someone has to be the downer, right?

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The One Way to Deliver Unwelcome News

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That the IMA did not create a FAQ for this announcement is a huge unforced error in my mind. What might a FAQ include? Imagine you are leaders of an important community institution, one some might even describe as beloved.

Thanks For Playing: You Say You Want a Revolution

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Here are some answers to the specific questions raised about how and why the speakers were selected followed by a link to the FAQ's we posted when we announced the speakers. More information: FAQ’s About General Sessions. They could even market it as "Choose your personal keynote." skip to main | skip to sidebar. Thanks For Playing. Seeking community in associations since 2008. 27 March 2012. You Say You Want a Revolution.

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Your Online Audience Deserves Better Than a Stream of Clickbait

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“ ClickHole has one and only one core belief: All web content deserves to go viral,” the site’s owners state in a tongue-in-cheek FAQ. Cheap, eyeball-grabbing online content is good for traffic, but are traffic numbers really your goal?

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Associations React After CBS, Time Warner Cable Reach Deal

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Regarding whether TWC paid 600 percent more than other providers for CBS content, the company said this in a FAQ : “We won’t discuss specific deal terms. “The agreements are a true reflection of the free-market negotiation process.

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The Bots are Here: Leading With Our Humanity in the Age of Automation

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Automating the FAQ function 24/7 for stakeholders with questions comments, or requests without increasing staff workloads. Do you want it to assist in marketing to build your email list or delivery of services?

Roundup: Associations React to British Brexit “Yes” Vote

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“Until the UK officially leaves the EU, not sooner than two years’ time, there will be no changes to holiday arrangements,” ABTA said in an FAQ released Friday.

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American Business Media Merges With Software Association

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ABM also provided a FAQ page for members who want more details about the merger and voting process. By joining forces, we can bring the entire industry together and magnify opportunities for connection so the right people can connect in the right environments and bring innovations to market.”.

Many Standards to Rule Some: Multiple Internet of Things Groups Launch

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Boross works on Nest’s product marketing team. “Today, there are multiple forums driving different approaches to solve the challenge of IoT connectivity and interoperability,” the group says on its FAQ page.

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Chase Credit Journey


This is however for personal accounts only, and if you have a business account, you may not be able to access the mobile app at all; Here’s how it looks like; FAQs of Chase Credit Journey.

FAQ 65

Credit Freeze


Some FAQ about credit freeze: Will Freezing my credit affect my credit score? For people who are concerned about identity theft or data breaches, placing a credit freeze on your personal financial report would be a great idea.

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What You Need to Know Before You Install Facebook’s Messenger App


This is the sole reason they give in their FAQs about the change: Why is this changing? This post originally appeared on Mizz Information.

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Resources for Small Staff Associations


This is a list of free or cheap web, social media, marketing and design resources that I presented in my session, 20 Tools to Help You MacGyver Your Small Association’s Communications, at YourMembership Xperience 2016. Good for FAQs on how to use your website, member profiles, etc.

Renew The Heart & Soul of your Non-Profit for a Chance To Win $10,000

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If you have questions about the grant, please see the FAQ page on the Heart & Soul site. He is the author of Facebook Marketing for Dummies, a regular contributor to the Huffington Post, and an instructor for MarketingProfs University and Charityhowto.

Keeping the Memories Alive: Storage Association Launches

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Its focus is squarely on consumers—with the goal of promoting hard drives in an era when flash-based storage devices have gained a major foothold in the market, particularly with mobile device users.

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The Member Voice in Merger Talks

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So, while some mergers arise out of financial distress or market-expansion aspirations, OFA and ANLA’s case was more of an earnest marriage, Geary says. In the lead-up to a potential merger, two associations in the horticulture industry kept their members involved every step of the way.

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The Virtual Association, Part 2 : Off Stage

Off Stage

And as an aside, the FAQ approach to answering questions has great benefits: as social media commentator Clay Shirky says, "Once one person solves the problem once, the problem stays solved for everybody." Association Marketing. Off Stage.

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Association Social Media: American Diabetes Association


I am on the External Communications team, within the Marketing Communications division. There are dozens of Local Offices that carry out our mission in communities across the United States, and they maintain their own social media accounts to share what’s going on in each individual market.