Membership Hack: Recruitment Competition for Chapters

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This year, to raise the stakes, NAHB announced extra cash and prize incentives. How to hack it? To be eligible to win, a builder member must be in good standing with an affiliated state or local building association.

Where are the YPs?

Spark Consulting

How can I recruit young professional members if there are no young professionals entering our industry?” That track just doesn’t happen to include college. We know how to educate non-traditional students in non-traditional settings.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.1.20

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Here’s a pair of posts about a virtual event format I’ve only recently come around to. I must admit, I was a skeptic about using an avatar to attend an event in a virtual world. Florida Society of Association Executives ). I can’t seem to keep my flour canister full.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 7.11.16

Reid All About it

This webinar will provide essential information on the key changes expected in privacy rules, the repercussions of the GDPR, the costs of non-compliance and how associations operating in both the US and Europe can best adapt in this transitional phase. The Ultimate Guide to Event Interest.

Opinion Journalists’ Group Partners with Poynter to Boost Training, Outreach

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A group of opinion journalists are going to be getting a little help from a leading nonprofit journalism training organization. We’re honored that AOJ has decided to call Poynter its home.”.

Team Building with Diversity

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When we think about diversity, there is often a tendency to focus on gender, age, and race. While it is certainly important and crucial to be diverse in those areas, there are other areas to consider in which to be diverse. How we work, learn, communicate, and cooperate with others all have certain levels of diversity to them. When we recruit and hire staff and volunteers, we often subconsciously choose candidates that look and think just like ourselves.

Team 40