Build a Better Membership Community: Get the 10-Step Guide to Online Engagement

Connected communities are impactful for so many reasons; more than ever before, people are finding ways to engage virtually, & membership organizations are providing a meaningful way to make this happen.

No matter what the purpose of your community is, learn about managing your members online, gain insight from community managers, and pick up tips to help save time & boost efficiency.

The 10 steps:

  • Segment your community before you launch your online platform
  • Treat your launch as a campaign
  • Draft a dream engagement plan for a superstar community member
  • Tell stories that keep people coming back
  • Coach people into generating the engagement you want
  • Create a positive environment
  • Make every interaction count
  • Give people a reason to return
  • Introduce positive reinforcement
  • Report on the metrics that matter

Download the guide today!

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