How Associations Are Using Community to Support Their Members During COVID-19

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Over the past month, as our customers shared ideas about responding to COVID-19 in our users community, HUG, we noticed some simple but impactful ways associations are using their communities to support their members and their industries. Community Engagement is Skyrocketing.

What Burning Man's 10 Principles Can Teach You About Building Community

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Whether you’re a community builder or a community member, online or in person, I truly believe we could all stand to learn a thing (or ten) from how the Burning Man community operates. Each member has something unique to offer. Are you treating your members like real people?

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Tuesday Buzz: Use Your Website to Boost Member Engagement

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Don’t overlook your website as a valuable tool for increasing your overall member engagement. Almost all associations are interested in keeping their members engaged. After all, high engagement means greater retention.

How to Create a LinkedIn Group for Associations


This is a valuable opportunity for associations to connect with members and prospective members. You’ll be the owner of any group you create, but you can also assign other members to be managers who can help manage your group. A targeted (but specific) group name more likely to draw prospective members. Rules set the tone for the group and should consist of clear, sensible guidelines. to Engage Association Members. >>

Google Remarketing: 6 Tips for Advertising Success

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When remarketing is done successfully, you can re-engage prospects that dropped off, transforming them into leads and converting them based on behavioral actions. Think about your segments and personas of potential customers or members.

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How to Create Engaging Online Discussions: 7 Tips for Community Managers

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If you’re a community manager, I’m sure you know from experience that creating an engaging discussion is not easy. Most communities are already built around a certain subject, and that’s usually enough ground for initiating interactions between members. Engage immediately.

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Association Relevance Despite Market Turbulence

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In order to remain relevant to their members Trade Association CEO’s focus more on understanding industry challenges then helping drive industry outcomes. Slow Growth Creates Member Engagement Opportunities. Regulatory Challenges Create Engagement Opportunities.

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Engage Your Members with a Book Club


Stories are always better when they are shared with others, and creating a book club is a great way to for association members to network and foster relationships – either in person or online. And what do you want your members to get out of it? Struggling with member engagement?

Top 5 Association Management Takeaways from Xperience2014

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Petersburg, FL, provided an Xcellent platform for customers, employees and industry thought leaders to connect, engage, and grow. Determine what your members’ needs are in order to understand how to collect and use data. Develop a Ladder of Engagement.

A 360-Degree View of Outsourcing Content Management

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If your association needs help bridging the staffing gap or creating effective, engaging communication plans, outsourcing content management could be a viable, cost-friendly option. Here are some guidelines to help you understand what the outsourcing process looks like for your association. By creating value for associations, outsourcing creates value for members & contributes to greater member engagement.

Membership Hack: Chapter Microsites

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The Institute of Management Accountants uses microsites that chapter volunteers manage to drive online member engagement while maintaining IMA brand consistency. We were looking for user-experience consistency to benefit all members in all locations,” Stefanczyk says.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 7.24.20

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Quick hits before we get to the list of this week’s free education: 10 basic guidelines to minimize PDF usability problems. Fri 7/24 at 1 p.m.* – How to Go Virtual (While Still Creating an Engaging Experience). Hear about some major considerations for online engagement.

Strategies That Work When Launching a Member Council – Part 2 - Moery Company

Moery Company

In part one of this blog series, I made the case on why associations should consider launching member councils. 1 “Walk the Walk” on Being Member Driven. . An often-used cliché in the association world, being ‘member-driven’ can be a competitive advantage if executed appropriately.

What Makes a Successful Community Manager?

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Understanding what your members want and need. No matter how hard you work, if you don’t understand what your members want and need, you’re going to have trouble cultivating a successful online community. The guidelines serve several purposes.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.16.16

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How do know when it’s smart to partner up on programs for your members? What are some guidelines for navigating affinity programs and partnerships? How can you uncover and make use of buried data to better serve your members? What’s on your mind this week?

Helping Chapters be COVID-Proof

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Members will return that loyalty in the long run.”. Hold virtual meetings with leaders and/or chapter executives to share what your association is doing to support members and chapters. Make staff members from various departments accessible to offer advice and help on items such as ….

Case Study: Texas Society of Association Executives

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Like many associations, the Texas Society of Association Executives relies heavily on its print publication as a tool to engage members and earn non-dues revenue. Having an editorial calendar also enables TSAE to engage members in calls for articles.

Texas 118

5 Tips to Help Your Association Take Face-to-Face Training Online


Associations are looking to virtual options to help them adapt, but with time being of the essence, you may find yourself needing to ramp up quickly to keep members engaged and ensure business continuity. Make Experiences Engaging. Why it’s relevant for your members.

8 Award-Winning Success Stories from Super Forum 2018

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Led by Community Manager, Simona Ciampi, the American Association for Clinical Chemistry’s community, AACC Artery, encourages interactions among members with diverse scientific backgrounds, which fosters consistent new collaborations and fruitful discussions.

My Top 5 Blog Posts of 2013

Eric Lanke

In laying out the guidelines that govern our activities, I realize that only one term makes any sense--association management. Member Engagement Solution #1: Don''t Forget the Fun Another newcomer to the list, originally posted in July 2012.

Make Ethics Support a Member Benefit

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If a member faces an ethical dilemma, does your association offer a helping hand? At the Institute of Management Accountants, ethical guidance is a critical member benefit and engagement opportunity. Do you provide a helping hand to members when they’re faced with ethical issues?

Should Staff Be in Your Online Community?

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Although it’s tempting to leave staff out for simplicity's sake, or to have one token staff member and no one else, it’s better to include everyone in the community. Each staff member must understand how the community fits into the organization’s overall goals.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 2.10.17

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In her work with associations, Amanda Kaiser has talked with hundreds of members about their conference experience. Great landing pages increase the likelihood that visitors will join, donate, register or engage with your nonprofit. – Creating a Culture of Volunteer Engagement.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 2.10.17

Reid All About it

In her work with associations, Amanda Kaiser has talked with hundreds of members about their conference experience. Great landing pages increase the likelihood that visitors will join, donate, register or engage with your nonprofit. – Creating a Culture of Volunteer Engagement.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 3.9.18

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By changing their mindset and conversations with chapters , RAPS built stronger relationships with their chapters and helped them increase member engagement. Learn the seven steps to event marketing survival and top tactics to attract and engage attendees.

Eric Lanke: Stop Calling It Strategic Planning

Eric Lanke

Member Engagement. Its messy, and constantly evolving, with only a handful of guidelines to afford enough structure to keep people grounded and more or less understanding what were trying to do. Ive never written these guidelines down before, and maybe I should.

Case Study: How Human Rights Watch Leverages Employee Personal Brands on Twitter

Beth Kanter

To support the champions strategy, Human Rights Watch incorporated broad guidelines in its s ocial media policy for staff to participate as their personal brands – tweeting as themselves versus an organizational or department brand.

Let’s Talk Programmatic

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Does this pixel and cookie placement put members’ personal information at risk? A: That’s a great question and a big concern for organizations who are working to keep their members’ information private. Second, it’s going to help you increase member engagement.

So You Think You Know Non-Dues Revenue

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This disconnect may be related to a lack of measurement or the inability to record reader engagement, according to my colleague Jill Andreu, VP Content Strategy and Development for Naylor Association Solutions ,who will be hosting a webinar about our findings later this month.

Plan to Succeed in the Magazine Production Process

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These best practices can organize your editorial leadership and help you develop best-in-class communication pieces that your members can trust as the voice of your industry. Tracy Tompkins.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 4.3.20

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Sure, maybe some won’t work but members will be forgiving in these trying times. They share guidelines on the best communication style, options for different types of virtual meetings with chapter leaders, and ways to provide chapter leaders with news, resources and advice.

Intangibles Sell, Too

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These “intangibles” are often overlooked when creating membership marketing or member engagement or member retention messages, but I think we’re missing some golden opportunities. We have a tendency to feel that we need to downplay those programs, products, or services that members can’t touch or feel. In most not-for-profit organizations, the concept of a “greater good” is one of the things that attracts members in the first place.

This Week’s Association Membership & Marketing Jobs


The Enrollment Marketing Manager will develop and optimize digital recruitment communications utilizing CRM technology, update web and social media channels, and oversee the development of print collateral, adhering to brand and style guidelines.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 3.20.20

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Emerging member needs. WBT Systems points out a whole new set of emerging member needs , like the craving for connection and community—I think we can all agree with that. Once we can be socially close again, members will be more than ready to hang out with others in their association.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 10.18.19

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I can see how members and customers might be more apt to reply to a request for advice than a request for membership or program feedback. Find out what your company needs to know about engagement (paid or otherwise) with these sites. Leading Member Engagement from the Outside-In.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 4.10.20

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Virtual conference engagement. Everyone is wondering, should we send out member renewals right now ? How to Go Virtual (While Still Creating an Engaging Experience). Hear about some major considerations for online engagement. Engagement That Scales.

Extend the Life of Your Event with Content That Lasts All Year

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1 communications channel for associations, with 90 percent of respondents saying they consider them extremely valuable for their members. But what is your association doing to extend the life of your meeting beyond those few days when your members are on-site and fully engaged?