10 Unconventional Ways to Get More Value from Your Association’s LMS

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If your association’s learning management system (LMS) is only used by staff in the education department, you’re not taking full advantage of its potential. An LMS can do so much more than help you manage online courses, certification and accreditation programs, digital badges, and webinars. We’ve come up with ten additional ways you can use an LMS to deliver more value to members and staff. Many associations already use an LMS, like TopClass, to manage their conferences.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 11.10.17

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Rather than robots thwarting personal interactions, AI technologies could prove integral to keeping our interactions with members valuable and relevant.”. Learn from each other and exchange stories of project successes across all departments – marketing, membership, education and technology. Presenters: Tobin Conley, CAE, Strategic Consultant, and David DeLorenzo, CAE, CIO, DelCor Technology Solutions. Mitra Sorrells, technology editor and Orlando bureau chief, BizBash.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 11.4.16

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– 4 Hot Technology Trends Driving Change in Events Today. Keep up with the exciting tech disrupters that planners are adopting to bring engagement and productivity to their meetings and conferences: beacon technology, drones, Snapchat, and augmented/virtual reality. Brandt Krueger, educator, speaker and consultant specializing in the field of event technology. – Playing by the Rules: Creating an Effective Volunteer Handbook.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 7.5.19

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Later on Sunday, I made my first banh mi ever thanks to The Banh Mi Handbook by Andrea Nguyen. from CMS to CRM or AMS to LMS) is often where user experiences go south and what to do about it. Presenters: Sharon Conley, Web-based Technology Director, National Association of School Nurses.

How to Get Your Association to Support Staff’s Professional Development

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Now more than ever, new technologies and industry shake-ups are putting more pressure on professionals to learn new skills,” said Raegan Johnson at Associations Now. Review your employee handbook for policies on employee training. Show your boss how seriously you take an investment in your professional development by preparing a compelling, professional business case—just like you would if you were lobbying for a new LMS.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 1.13.17

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Learn how to evaluate association management software based on important, often overlooked criteria; avoid hidden costs; and attract next generation thinkers and staff with a strong technology platform. Discuss program components such as interviews, orientations, volunteer handbooks, and more, as well as the importance of managing risk for your program and your organization. – LMS Selection: Mastering the Process, Avoiding the Pitfalls.