How to Leverage Mobility Strategies for Member Engagement

Association Adviser

The future of technology is definitely mobile-driven. A mobility strategy thus becomes crucial for harnessing member engagement for your association. Engaged members directly translate into increased member retention as well as an increase in new members. So how can you go about leveraging mobility strategies to gain traction in member engagement? Define the Engagement Goals for your Organization.

8 Award-Winning Success Stories from Super Forum 2018

Higher Logic

Led by Community Manager, Simona Ciampi, the American Association for Clinical Chemistry’s community, AACC Artery, encourages interactions among members with diverse scientific backgrounds, which fosters consistent new collaborations and fruitful discussions. Clinical laboratorians from across the globe engage with each other on topics such as clinical guidelines and best practices for patient care, allowing them to both further their professional education and network with their peers.


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Association Brain Food Weekly: 11.10.17

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Reggie Henry, Chief Information and Engagement Officer at ASAE, said in a recent Association Success post : “…as our communities grow, the possibility of really knowing our members and responding to their needs effectively becomes more elusive. Rather than robots thwarting personal interactions, AI technologies could prove integral to keeping our interactions with members valuable and relevant.”. Members can find information anywhere.

How to Create a Data-Sharing Partnership with Chapters: Part 1

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National associations want to know what their chapters are doing so together they can avoid any overlap in benefits and, therefore, provide a better value proposition for members. Mitchell, CAE, senior director of membership and strategy at American Mensa, in the Component Relations Handbook. By sharing success stories, chapters can help each other improve operations and member programs, such as: Educational and social events. Engagement and communication tactics.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 11.4.16

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Insights from the Global Engagement Index 2016: Strengthening Member & Customer Relations Globally. The Global Engagement Index (GEI) measures the performance, relationship strength and outcome of engagement tactics as seen through the eyes of associations’ customers and members. Join a discussion on the results of the GEI and insights gained by two associations from analysis of their own member and customer data against the global benchmark.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 7.5.19

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The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community… WBT Systems explains why you should measure the lifetime value of your members and customers —both their monetary and non-monetary contributions—and suggests two angles for approaching this metric. Billhighway describes eight reasons that members don’t volunteer and provides solutions for all of them.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 1.13.17

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Take away tips to enhance your member engagement. Presenter: Arianna Rehak, community engagement coordinator, Grit Marketing. Hear how to simplify the selection process and eliminate guesswork; activate performance, productivity, and profit; and empower happy, highly engaged employees and reduce turnover. Technology that was once bleeding edge has now come of age — seasoned, mature, and ready for you to implement.