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In one of my volunteer roles, I write a feature in the ASAE Executive Management Section IdeaLink newsletter called Seen Elsewhere. The best are delivered in a free newsletter every Sunday and make for an inspired start to the week ahead. Jeffrey Cufaude, Idea Architects.

How Much Do Your Employees Know About Their Benefits?

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A new survey found many employees don’t read their employee handbooks. If it’s via a handbook, chances are a lot of your employees may not be getting all the information. online or paper newsletters (39 percent). Don’t simply rely on a handbook, for example.

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When the Staff Leader Is the Only Staffer

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And in a new handbook, “ What the Executive Director of a Very Small Organization Needs to Know ,” [PDF] he offers some practical advice for how to successfully handle the gig. Prepare and disseminate the newsletter and other communications on time.

Top Tips From 2018 Membership Hacks

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Take, for instance, NAIOP, the commercial real estate development association, which collects and celebrates good news from members using an online form , or the American Chemical Society, which sends new members a digital membership handbook to get them up to speed.

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How To Get Started Thinking About Online Peer Learning Communities for Nonprofit Professionals

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e-newsletter, Facebook group, most active Twitter persona, podcast weekly discussion channel, YouTube show (has to be one that engages and interviews people, not showcases the host)?

Authors and Social Media: a recap of 12.15 #SMfastfwd


If they resonate, I’ll lead w/ them in e-newsletter subject lines. Change Handbook, Gamestorming, Seating Matters, resonate are on the big pile in the office. Scotia Systems ( @scotiasystems ) has put together an excellent recap of the 12.15 #SMfastfwd tweetchat on “Authors and Social Media” It is also well done visually. They have graciously allowed us to use their write-up here on the ChatterBachs blog. The original post can be found on the Scotia Systems site.