Nonmember Fees: A Not-So-Simple Decision

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The right nonmember price for association products boosts revenue, makes membership more appealing, and steers clear of antitrust concerns. Associations have to consider it every time they set prices for new products or set new prices for old ones. Pricing strategy in general is hard enough, and something in which associations aren’t known for their savvy. That much is clear, but the question of a reasonable nonmember price remains.

MCI Sessions @ ASAE in SLC in August


While the UAE region seems to have slowed down due to falling oil prices and some regional turmoil, it also is ripe with new opportunities for countries to diversify their economic growth by moving away from the dependency on the oil and gas industry. Attendees will receive cultural handbooks from the Sheikh Mohamed Center for Cultural Understanding, the reference touristic institution in Dubai to learn about the culture of the UAE and the wider Middle East region.

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The Member-Termination Dilemma

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Two weeks ago, the Biotechnology Industry Organization rescinded the membership of Turing Pharmaceuticals after its CEO drew a wave of negative PR for hiking the price of a drug used in certain cancer and HIV treatments. Authors of ASAE’s Association Law Handbook and its earlier incarnation, Associations and the Law , identify antitrust and due-process risks for an association that terminates an existing member for reasons beyond failure to pay dues.

When Members Vote on Dues

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Since 2007, GCSAA has raised dues every two years and tied those increases to the Consumer Price Index. Jerry Jacobs, partner at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP and author of the Association Law Handbook , says a member vote required for a dues increase is rare among associations, in his experience, and that “there has been a strong trend toward more of a ‘business corporation’ model where members may vote on bylaws, board members, and major transactions—mergers, etc.—but

The psychology of brand loyalty and online communities.

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Brand loyalty, by contrast, has very little to do with things like prices or discounts. It’s very tempting for brands to follow the handbook approach of setting up profiles on as many social networks as possible and then trying to build up their follower counts as quickly as they can. 77% of brands could disappear without a trace, and no one would even care. So, how do successful brands build loyalty in today’s increasingly competitive market?

How To Get Started Thinking About Online Peer Learning Communities for Nonprofit Professionals

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” I’ve been interested in this sort of “self-ignited” peer learning or what has been called “ Peeragogy ” and that I experienced briefly last year as part of creating a handbook on the topic facilitated by Howard Rheingold and in many private and public Facebook or LinkedIn Groups where nonprofit professionals share best practices. Ning – Popular with nonprofits, reasonably priced, may require some customization.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 1.13.17

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Discuss program components such as interviews, orientations, volunteer handbooks, and more, as well as the importance of managing risk for your program and your organization. Find out when it makes sense to use an event app, how to compare app providers, and why pricing all over the map. It’s that time of year – your chance to participate in the industry’s most comprehensive study on membership marketing.