A night away? We sure did pay.

Aaron Wolowiec

The last time I booked a weeklong family vacation, I was shocked at the prices of hotel rooms. We weren’t looking for anything fancy, but those prices sure did crimp our style. And we’re not the only family of five suffering from hotel sticker shock.

A convention odyssey

Association Advocacy Chick

Hawaii is a fantastic place to hold a meeting. I’m not sure when APA will return to Hawaii, but I’m so glad I had the opportunity to attend. He said sure and quote a price way higher than the regular cost of a shuttle going in that direction.

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TSA’s Fee Changes Are Causing Headaches

Associations Now

such as Hawaii and Alaska, along with those entering from foreign countries. With the airline industry filing a lawsuit and computer glitches leading to travelers being overcharged, the Transportation Security Administration’s recent security fee increase has been anything but smooth.

Study: Why Business Travel Costs Vary Significantly by City

Associations Now

What’s more, Runzheimer expects each of these costs to grow in 2020: airfare by up to 1 percent, ground transportation by 2 percent, and hotel prices by 2 to 3 percent. While Hawaii is the most expensive state on the firm’s ?2019