Record-breaking donations on Give to the Max Day in Minnesota

Beth Kanter

GiveMN launched its “Give to the Max Day” over 6 years ago. It was one of the first 24-hour day of giving that rallies and inspires to donate to charities. On November 13, Minnesotans broke a record Thursday, donating more than $18 million to schools and non-profits. Here’s what Dana Nelson had to say about their dramatic giving day results, their secret to success, and what is next.

6 Articles for Associations and Millennials

SCD Group

Via FastCompany Next year, people born between 1981 and 1996 are poised to become the new workforce majority and will eventually remake the workplace in their own image. More than half of the hiring managers agreed that it was difficult to find and retain millennial labor. As it turns out, how millennials work and what they want from their work environment is not drastically different than what Generation Xers and baby boomers want.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 7.14.17

Reid All About it

Check out this Futurism article to find out how augmented reality (AR) is going to transform your life. It’s going to be a while before we experience AR in our everyday life but I love reading about AR experiments and possible scenarios. Digital entrepreneurs are discovering how to make lots of money in what was once association territory: online courses and membership communities. I’ll be happy to feature it as long as it’s not too product-centric.

Engage volunteers, take a page from the magazine

Aaron Wolowiec

I suspect this is the four-letter word you last used in response to the question, “How are you?” With impending deadlines at work, the various extracurricular activities of our children and our own attempts to maintain healthy lifestyles, there are countless commitments that draw down on our time. And yet it’s incumbent upon each of us to acknowledge those who have helped us build extraordinary careers and give back to our respective professions in meaningful ways.

Monday Buzz: Prince, NABJ, and the Expectation Gap

Associations Now

The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ), like any other association would be, was undoubtedly excited to offer a star-studded event to its members. Last week, the organization announced that members at its national convention in Minneapolis would be able to attend an exclusive event with musical legend Prince. But what followed was an “unusual night,” in the words of Minnesota Star Tribune music critic Jon Bream.

Could Your Association Thrive in a Remote-First Culture?

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The issue is this: These industries have focused on certain regions of the country—tech in Silicon Valley and Seattle, media in New York and DC—a model that made more sense when physical limitations made it harder to spread out. The syndicates were in New York City, and both the relationships and logistics involved were important to the comic artists. (A Nowadays, technology has effectively removed the need for work like this to be done up close.

Off-The-Cuff: Tips For Improving Impromptu Speaking Skills

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Should you ever find yourself in a situation that calls for unscripted speaking, take some tips from executive speaking coach Anett Grant, who shared some secrets of the trade to help master the art of impromptu speech. But, given high-pressure situations and the immediacy of today’s digital world, ad hoc speaking can also lead to serious gaffes, especially from organizational leaders. The issue isn’t relegated to high-profile CEOs, either.

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GiveMN 2012 Giving Day by the Numbers

Beth Kanter

Note From Beth: I’m a huge fan of Giving Days because they raise the awareness, engagement, and donations to nonprofits and being generous. Last week, we watched as a national day of giving and awareness campaign for “Giving Tuesday” unfold and spur spikes in donations. I’ve been cheering GiveMN for four years now and every year they graciously agree to do a reflection post on how it all went and what they learned.

#13NTC Session: Mindful or Mindfull Social Media?

Beth Kanter

I’m in Minnesota for the 2013 Nonprofit Technology Conference where I am doing a plenary session on Saturday morning and two breakout sessions. Description: How nonprofits can stay focused given all the distractions inherent in today’s attention economy? Social media and working online doesn’t have to be overwhelming; you can take back control. To provide best practices for taming the digital jungle that assaults our brains everyday at work.

DCM Services, LLC (You’re dead? That Won’t Stop the Debt Collector)


Although creditors may seem to be lenient when it comes to repayment and are always willing to give you time to figure things out, debt collectors are aggressive in their collection and may not be ready to accommodate your challenges, even when you are dead. They are headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the company was established in 2006. How does this work? If the deceased however did not have a formal estate, they have nothing to file.

A Tool for Better Member Volunteer Matching

Associations Now

Associations depend heavily on the work of volunteers, people willing and eager to contribute to the good of their industry or profession. But in most other association volunteer roles—ranging from committees all the way down to ad hoc odd jobs—the reality is often that any warm body will do. Poor volunteer fit is a matter of inefficiency, and nonprofits have long sought better ways to find volunteers most suited to their organizations’ needs.

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Luggage Tags and Breath Mints: How MSAE Refreshed Itself As Associations North

Association Adviser

Most associations wouldn’t risk offending or confusing their members by giving them air freshener and breath mints, but earlier this year the Midwest Society of Association Executives handed out plenty of both to members in celebration of their “fresh,” new name, Associations North. Her insight into their rebranding research process left us with the strong impression that their new tagline of “moving professionals forward” is much more than a platitude; but a promise to members.

Group Aims to Help School Counselors Face Growing Caseloads

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1,061 The average number of students assigned to each school counselor in California for the 2010-11 school year, according to the American School Counselor Association [PDF]. The next closest were Arizona (861 to1), Minnesota (782 to 1), and Utah (726 to 1). Virgin Islands have a ratio better than ASCA’s recommended 250 to 1. It’s a problem that one association is working to address.

Medical Groups Look to Change Rhetoric on Gun Control

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Like Congress, medical groups struggle to agree on how to tackle the issue of gun violence. The American Academy of Pediatrics wants to frame the debate around public health rather than politics, while a group of doctors supporting gun rights has a different message. Our challenge is to translate these findings into actionable public health strategies. Our challenge is to translate these findings into actionable public health strategies.”.

Content, Millenials, Videos 7 best of the week for associations

SCD Group

How to Overcome the ''No Time to Create Content'' Challenge By Joe Chernov via How can we maximize our content output in the minimum amount of time? HubSpot recently surveyed nearly 3,600 marketing and sales professionals for our annual State of Inbound report (available at link; email required), and asked several questions related to content creation and impact. And, here’s how we know we’ve done it.

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Building a Facebook Presence


It’s time to figure out how to use the tool to create brand loyalists. The thing is, it doesn’t matter how your company makes its money, your customers are on Facebook. It’s time to get on the proverbial bandwagon. Is it because you feel like you have to in order to do business on the web? Or is it to understand the value in connecting with your customers and prospective customers online? First offers to your Facebook community.

Women Who Tech Around the World

Beth Kanter

Yesterday, I had the honor of participating in the 4th annual Women Who Tech TeleSummit that brings together women breaking new ground in technology who use their tech savvy skills to transform the world and inspire change. Created by Alyson Kapin four years ago, WomenWhoTech is a network for thriving community of women in technology professions by giving women an open platform to share their talents, experiences, and insights. Women Who Tech Around the World.

Part 3 of Life after MLS: Technology Strategic Plans : Off Stage

Off Stage

For those associations with MLS operations, the mission-critical imperative to develop a solid and consistent base of technology strategy is often obscured—our members are up close and outspoken about where our resources belong. And once you get that problem solved, please figure out what to do with $%^& program that doesnt find all the listings for the searches I enter.” Plan to replace or upgrade in segments. is to have them and keep them updated.

Jefferson Capital Systems – Can you trust them?


Cloud, Minnesota. Usually, they appear as Jefferson Capital International , which means that they purchase the rights to your debt. They then embark on an aggressive process of trying to collect the debt to get back their money and make a profit in the process. Of course, when you receive the first call, you will want to find out if this is a legitimate company and whether you are about to get conned by sending money to a fraudster.

Give Local America Disaster Offers Lessons for Next Time

Beth Kanter

Note from Beth: Peter Panepento wrote a thoughtful piece earlier this week about #givedaylessons and gave me permission to republish it here. Community foundations across the country have been promoting local giving days to motivate people to support nearby charities, encourage nonprofits to embrace technology, and bolster their reputations. For its part, Kimbia’s technology team tried to fix the problem. Still, some damage was done, according to Ms.