How to Recruit New Members in the Fourth Quarter

Moery Company

Membership recruitment is going to be incredibly important as we approach 2021. Here are three tips that I hope you find helpful in your recruitment efforts during the last quarter of 2020: 1. Recruit your suppliers.

How to Recruit Volunteers from Start to Finish

Wild Apricot

Recruiting volunteers doesn't have to be difficult. Create your own recruitment process and engage your volunteers with tips from this amazing guide


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How to Leverage Live Events for Member Recruitment

Moery Company

What better place to recruit new members than during a live association event – right? We’ve had some great success over the last several months utilizing an intentional strategy to convert nonmembers to members during client conferences. Key to success is tactical preparation on several fronts. This is critical because once you’re at the show, everyone is running around, and it’s hard to secure a meeting with someone unless it is blocked off.

How to Leverage Virtual Events for Membership Growth

Moery Company

New member recruitment is just as important as member retention. Here’s how to leverage what you have available to you – in this current environment – to recruit new members. We have members and industry that rely on us to deliver on our value propositions.

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How to Re-Engage a Lapsed Member

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How do we re-engage our lapsed members?”. We have found that, through years of experience and helping our association clients attain their membership goals, a lapsed member is the best opportunity to recruit someone back to your organization. Familiarity with your organization is one of the biggest challenges of recruiting new members for any association. Offer a reset to lapsed members , a relaunch of sorts, to your association.

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Association Hustle – Episode 206: How to Leverage Live Events for Member Recruitment

Moery Company

What better way to recruit new members than at a live association event? This week, JP talks about how the key to success is tactical preparation on several fronts. The post Association Hustle – Episode 206: How to Leverage Live Events for Member Recruitment appeared first on The Moery Company. What better way to recruit new members than at a live association event?

How to Make Your New Members Feel Welcome  

YourMembership Blog

I’ve written quite a bit about the new member onboarding process and keeping new members engaged because addressing these topics is critical to any association’s long-term success. The first interactions with your organization make a long-lasting impression on a new member and provide the foundation for you to build a relationship that continues for years to come. The post How to Make Your New Members Feel Welcome appeared first on YourMembership.

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How to Prepare Your Association For The Upcoming Sales Crisis

Moery Company

” “You know, we really don’t need membership recruitment help. I guarantee you that they’re probably in the corner of the room in a fetal position because everything around them is falling apart or they’re sitting there wondering when things are going to “return to normal” and hoping that they do. We’re getting ready to see an association sales crisis like we’ve never seen before. Membership Recruitment.

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How to Set Realistic Member Acquisition Goals

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First of all, don’t leave member acquisition decisions to your board or the membership committee. And, the most they’d ever recruited was 500. So, declaring a goal of reaching 20,000 members was not based on data, industry standards, or the strength of the organization’s infrastructure to reach and accommodate that goal. To set realistic goals, look at your existing renewal rate across your membership categories or membership segments. IStock/Credit: SZepy.

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Three Must-Haves for Successful Membership Recruitment

Moery Company

What worked before to get members to enroll is changing. One major shift lies in the ways people decide to join – people want information and input from colleagues to solve problems; they don’t want to be sold. Your association is most likely evolving to become a dynamic source of solutions and valuable relationships. How do you get that across during membership development? 1) Get prospects to buy, don’t sell them. Everyone loves to buy.

How to Recruit New Members at Your Events


Leverage their attention to improve member recruitment efforts! Try out these ideas for marketing membership to attendees before, during, and after your event ???Event attendees are the “warmest” membership leads.

How to Recruit & Engage Volunteers in a Time of Virtual Fatigue

WBT Systems

How to Recruit & Engage Volunteers in a Time of Virtual Fatigue. Read more about How to Recruit & Engage Volunteers in a Time of Virtual Fatigue

How to attract top talent

Association Success

Poor cultural fits can lead to high turnover rates, low productivity and dissonance among your staff. Here are some strategies you can use to attract top talent: Think like a marketer. When you’re hiring, you are essentially selling jobs to people.

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How to Use Membership Management Software to Recruit Members

Wild Apricot

In this guest post, Leah Merrill suggests four ways you can use your membership management software to help you grow those members and perform outreach. membership website

How to Recruit and Retain Millennial Employees (Hint: Start by Building Community)

Higher Logic

But for the rest of the businesses out there, convincing Gen Y that your organization is a great place to work isn’t so easy. If you can’t afford (or don’t want) distracting foosball tables, how do you appeal to young professionals? One such study, done by the Intelligence Group and reported on by Forbes , sheds light on how members of Gen Y, otherwise known as millennials, prefer to work. How Online Communities Encourage Collaboration.

How to Use Association Website Analytics for Member Recruitment


How does your website tell you anything? You can learn a LOT about what kind of information your visitors (aka, potential members) are looking for through website analytics, and therefore be equipped to give them the information they need to join. Here's our thoughts on what data to pull on a regular basis, and how to use it: Small Staff ChatterBelieve it or not, your website acts as a sort of membership salesperson.

Building an Amazing Volunteer Recruitment Strategy: The Conversation Continues.

Wild Apricot

Barry Altland, author recently held an expert webinar with Wild Apricot titled, “How to Build an Amazing Volunteer Recruitment Strategy.” The webinar participants asked Barry many questions about recruitment and volunteering. Read on to see Barry's insights. webinar altland barry volunteer recruitment

How to Get Current Attendees to Recruit New Ones

Associations Now

It’s hard work to convince new people to register for your conferences, but your current attendees may be able and willing to help. You may have a sophisticated marketing campaign in place to get prospects to sign up for one of your upcoming conferences, but at times, it can feel like all that effort yields few people clicking that “register” button. Here are three ideas for how you can encourage your current attendees to recruit new ones: Get social.

5 resources for boosting recruitment and retention

Association Success

With the quarter coming to an end, it’s no wonder association professionals are looking for ways to boost their recruitment and retention rates before the end of the year. How do we come up with this list? Want to get personalized weekly updates straight to your inbox?

How to Land a Job in the Association Space

Moery Company

We receive many calls and questions from folks who are looking to break into the association marketplace for their career. I’ve got a few thoughts that might be helpful to you. It’s is not a huge community, it’s unique, close-knit, and very open, but you will need to do the work to build the network. Association leaders show up to be recognized, and these events are low cost. I would encourage you to check it out. Go to

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Tips for association member recruitment


For associations, it’s important to continually bring in new members to backfill those that leave each year due to job loss, job change, retirement, and other reasons. It’s also important to have an ongoing stream of new members to grow the organization. . It’s vitally important to the long-term success of your association. . Simplify the path to membership. . Can they quickly see the value you provide to members? .

Afraid of a “Ghost”? How to Keep Recruits From Disappearing

Associations Now

How can you prevent a crisis when a new employee doesn’t show up? Your HR department—which may have dealt with job candidates, or even new hires, doing the exact same thing to them. It’s one thing for a person to skip out on the interview process. It’s another for that new employee not to show up to work at all. But with a tight job market, both scenarios threaten to make your hiring situation a real mess. How did automation and communication factor in?

How to Develop a Membership Plan – Association Hustle Podcast Episode 219

Moery Company

Take a listen to this week’s episode for tips on how to get started, whether you’re starting from scratch or have been in the industry for a while, to reboot your membership plan for a successful 2020 and beyond. Transcript: Hello and welcome to JP Moery’s Association Hustle Podcast. The ideas that I’m going to set forth are four steps with several steps within those. I want you to be really candid about these points.

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Monday Buzz: How to Recruit Small Businesses

Associations Now

Recruiting small businesses to join your organization is difficult, but these tips could help. Many organizations already know the value of recruiting small businesses as members, but servicing emerging businesses can come with a unique set of challenges. JP Moery of the consulting firm The Moery Company presents a few dilemmas and solutions to small-business recruitment. “My advice is to introduce a low entry-level membership fee. …

How to Adapt, Change, and Pivot for Long Term Success – Association Hustle Podcast Episode 224

Moery Company

Listen to this episode to learn about the three strategies that your association can implement today to adapt, change, and pivot to overcome today’s challenges. Transcript: Hello and welcome to JP Moery’s Association Hustle Podcast. President of The Moery Company, JP’s mission is to arm today’s associations with insight and strategy to thrive and a progressively complex and competitive business landscape. This is going to continue.

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Association Growth Strategy: 6 Tech Tools to Drive Member Recruitment + Retention

Higher Logic

For associations focusing on strategically attracting new members (and keeping them engaged for the long haul), it’s important to package your tech stack for ample growth and retention. Association membership in the modern age is all about providing people with real value on their terms, and strategically leveraging technology is an effective way to attract and retain those members who you’ll transform into your trusty advocates. Give people indisputable reasons to renew.

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How to Start a Mentoring Program People Want to Participate In

Higher Logic

Think back to your first job out of college. You were probably excited and wanted to learn everything. Your association is the perfect place to connect members with the perfect mentor or mentee. Your association’s goals might be to advance your industry and/or empower professionals within your industry. Starting a mentoring program is one of the best ways to accomplish those goals! We've got five tips to help you be successful in starting a mentoring program.

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How to Recruit and Engage an Entirely New Generation of Members

Smooth The Path

Not all associations are struggling to retain their members, but some are. The others are failing to remain relevant. Each one of these behaviors can be deadly, but the last one, focusing more on younger members may have the power to solve all the others. MemberClicks blog author Callie Walker has been banging the drum about changing associations to serve younger members better. Related: How do associations attract younger members?

Do You Know How To Be A Member?

Wild Apricot

Do you have a strategy for welcoming new recruits and showing him/her how to be a member? member communication

Membership Hack: “Power of One” Recruitment Campaign

Associations Now

The National Fastpitch Coaches Association holds an annual member-driven recruitment campaign that’s brought in hundreds of prospects—one coach at a time. How to hack it? While many membership recruitment campaigns encourage members to bring as many of their peers as possible into the association, the National Fastpitch Coaches Association takes a different approach: Each fall, NFCA’s “Power of One” campaign asks members to recruit a single new member.

How to Apply Social to Marketing and Membership Recruitment


Used in the right way, social media marketing can help you acquire new customers, convince customers to buy more often, and increase the amount customers spend with you. Social media can make your job more rewarding when you prompt your members to act and spread the word through their network about becoming a member or registering for an event they love. Your members want to spread the word about you, especially if you make it easy for them. You need to own the campaigns.

How to attract new members in a budget-conscious world

Nimble AMS

What can you do to recruit new members when money is tight? Attracting new members to your association is always a top priority. Here are six effective ways to get past the price barrier and encourage more members to join your association: Offer budget-friendly payment options.

Recruiting Members Face-to-Face

Eric Lanke

As has become my habit, whenever I find myself going somewhere, I check our database to see if there are any members in the area and, if so, I try to reserve some time to go visit them. A non-member, a company similar to many that are already in the membership, was in the same general neighborhood and was willing to meet with me to discuss the possibility of becoming a member. Why, I wondered had he not yet decided to become a member?

Membership Hack: Recruiting Award

Associations Now

To encourage membership recruitment, the North American Association of Floor Covering Distributors gives an award to the member who is the biggest connector. How to hack it? Each year, the North American Association of Floor Covering Distributors bestows a tree-shaped plaque on the member who brings in the most recruits. This award has become an effective way to incentive our recruitment process.”.

3 Surprising Truths about Recruiting


On Association Success this past month, Jamie’s been writing all about recruiting. What We Can’t Admit About Recruiting. For the employer, the pressure is on to find the “best talent,” but it’s flat-out hard to tell who’s the best in a series of interviews, and even then, there’s the risk that those “best” people won’t like our culture and leave quite quickly, and that’s expensive for the organization. So I have some research to share with you.

How to Budget for Membership Recruitment and Renewals

Membership Marketing

An organization determines how much it can spend and then asks the membership staff to use it in the best way possible. But the correct question should not be how much you are allowed to spend, but how much you can generate in revenue for the organization. The incremental cost to service a member is approximately $24 per member. So by the last effort, they are spending over $37 to get a member to renew.

Daily Buzz: Keys to Better Member Recruitment

Associations Now

Find new ways to reach potential members. And while attracting new members is challenging, there are several ways you can up your recruitment game, writes Callie Walker of MemberClicks. It helps to optimize your presence on social media. Are you presenting your organization the way you’d like to? Can they access all the information they might need (particularly to join) right then and there?” Your existing members can also help in your recruitment efforts.

Membership Hack: Instagram Recruitment

Associations Now

The American Society of Interior Designers takes advantage of Instagram’s visual appeal to market to prospective members. How to hack it? It only makes sense that the American Society of Interior Designers would use Instagram, a social media platform that’s visually inclined, to recruit new members. This is a campaign geared toward recruiting our young, emerging professionals,” she says. “We We are doing a small buy to test messages.”.

How To Start a Micro-Advocacy Program in Your Association

Higher Logic

What happens when you combine a passionate segment of your membership with opportunities to make a difference beyond the walls of your association? With an advocacy program, your organization can offer added-value for your members while simultaneously positively impacting issues and constituencies important to your industry and members. Similar to a volunteer program , an advocacy program asks members to help with certain projects or initiatives.

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Leveraging Current Conditions for Membership and Sponsorship Growth – Association Hustle Podcast Episode 251

Moery Company

Virtual events have some downsides, however, they have a major upside: engaging a new or different audience you would not have otherwise reached due to barriers of in-person events (budgets, scheduling, etc.). Hello and welcome to JP Moery’s Association Hustle Podcast.