Content Curation: Your Association’s Secret Weapon Against Information Overload

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Did you miss the webinar Hilary Marsh (Content Company) and I gave last week on content curation and why your association needs to get on board with it to help your members and other audiences deal with information overload? In the webinar, Hilary and I: Outline the problem of information overload. The post Content Curation: Your Association’s Secret Weapon Against Information Overload appeared first on Spark Consulting.

How associations can combat false information online

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Then began the fact-checking explosion: everywhere you look, there is an alert or tag stating that the information contained within a post is false or exaggerated. No longer can associations just publish information in a whitepaper or news article and expect it to be received by many.


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How content curation combats information overload

Association Success

Spark Consulting published its first whitepaper, “Attention Doesn’t Scale,” which discussed the emerging issue of information overload and provided content curation as a potential solution, in 2012. Eight years later, “Cut Through the Clutter: Content Curation, Associations’ Secret Weapon Against Information Overload,” addresses the worsening issue of information overload. The post How content curation combats information overload appeared first on

The Problem: Information Overload

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From my new whitepaper, Attention Doesn't Scale: The Role of Content Curation in Membership Associations : The concept of information overload was originated by futurist Alvin Toffler in his 1970 book Future Shock as part of his depiction of a world in which the rate of change would accelerate to the point that governments, society, and individuals would be unable to keep up – would, in fact, be “future shocked.”

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Building Community: Real Towns Inform Online Spaces

Higher Logic

Inform your community. Starting an online community can seem like a daunting task at first. It’s easy to think that you need experience with other online communities to build a successful one for your own organization. However, while communities on a screen seem like a new phenomenon, their goal is to mimic a real-life community.

Streamlining Accounting and Member Information


AGC MA Operations Manager Barbara Canoni led the efforts for the association to evaluate various software options where all member information could be accessed in one place. We needed a system that would help us provide our members with timely and accurate information,” said Barbara. “It It used to be that financial information was only accessible through our bookkeeper, so if a member needed to check an invoice, we would have to wait until the bookkeeper could get to it.”.

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Conference Circuit: Information Overload

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The Association for Information Systems’ International Conference on Information Systems 2018 begins next week in San Francisco. About 1,500 academics and information systems professionals will make their way to San Francisco next week to discuss cutting-edge research, get to know their peers, and hear from industry leaders. Organization: Association for Information Systems. Conference: International Conference on Information Systems 2018.

September 2015 Update: Your Feedback Informs Everything We Do

Wild Apricot

We’re always collecting your feedback from a variety of sources to inform the direction Wild Apricot takes. This month sees us taking our commitment to collecting feedback to new heights. We've implemented software usability testing that allows select users to test out upcoming features before they are released! Wild Apricot

Sharing Information Helps You Think

Eric Lanke

I last wrote about this two weeks ago, in The Case for Sharing Information. Having asked everyone else in the organization to do the same, I decided I would lead by example and chose the following behavior: We share information openly and proactively, demonstrating an understanding that our actions impact others. And it may embarrass me to say it, but this may the only place this kind of information is actually written down.

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The Case for Sharing Information

Eric Lanke

The behavior I chose is: We share information openly and proactively, demonstrating an understanding that our actions impact others. And sharing information openly and proactively is definitely something I could improve upon. Fact is, I don''t share enough information with the team--especially about the evolving strategy of the organization. But upon reflection, I realized that the information I was keeping locked up in the corner office had more value out in the trenches.

Member Communications & Information Overload - Finding Balance

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One of our readers asked some great questions in a comment to a recent post about getting started with social media: What will people find interesting and useful? Will they find excessive messaging annoying? How does an organization find a balance? Since many membership and non-profit organizations may be asking themselves these very questions in terms of their member communications, we offered some ideas on how you can begin to answer these questions.( read more ).

[Guest Post] Content Curation: Your Secret Weapon in the Fight Against Information Overload


We are all overwhelmed by information these days. Context is especially important for professional information. Your members, too, are drowning in a sea of information, with no way to ensure that it comes from trustworthy sources. You are a trustworthy source of information. But rather than simply aggregating and sharing information about industry news and trends, you have a unique opportunity to become a trustworthy source of context.

Your Conference Needs To Offer Transformational Learning Not Informational Learning

Velvet Chainsaw

Informed or transformed? The Best Learning At Conferences For me, I want to be more than just informed. I can be informed by reading information online. I don’t need to travel to a conference to become informed. Not something that just gives us more data, facts, figures and information about a topic. Informational Learning Too often conferences herald informational learning through their educational sessions.

Data Informs Decisions: ASAE and Association Analytics Aim to Predict Engagement [Case Study]

Higher Logic

This will enable future plans to automatically categorize discussions and derive other valuable information. “We Since starting this partnership with Association Analytics, we’ve aimed to make data analytics top of mind for associations,” said Reggie Henry, Chief Information Officer of ASAE. “We Staff liaisons have accessible information at their fingertips. These staff groups take that information back to ASAE to compare notes and plan engagement outreach accordingly.

FieldRise: Farmers Grow Information Sharing

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The resulting FieldRise program gives us closer relationships with growers, and yields information ranging from simple measures to advanced statistical analyses that help document our supply chain sustainability,” Del Monte Research Fellow Brian Flood said in a news release. The program is supported by the industry—and, as a result, individual farmers pay nothing for access to the information gathered.

Persistent versus Transient Information


Association Managers that are wondering why their members are not engaging on Facebook or any other online community that is primarily designed to be a social meeting place, may want to consider that online social communities are designed primarily for transient information and communication. Most do not deal well with persistent information because they were not designed for that. Persistent information does not go away.

Your Members Need Help With Information Overload

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Are you helping your members with managing all the information that’s thrown at them or just piling on? By walls, I mean the filter you use to keep out all the useless information in the world, particularly online. Managing information overload topped the list of member concerns identified by association executives in Association Laboratory’s “ Looking Forward 2014 ” report, released last week.

How to Keep Attendees Informed and Engaged from Start to Finish


Whether you’ll be face-to-face, all online, or some combination of the two, keeping attendees informed and engaged is imperative to event success. The main goal for any event is getting people there in the first place — so you probably have a pretty solid plan for promoting it to your audience and generating registrations.but, that said, do you have a plan for communicating with your attendees? The people who’ve already signed up? You ABSOLUTELY should.

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ICANN Delays Sale of.Org Registry, Asks for More Information

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The nonprofit in charge of the internet’s management has called on the Internet Society and the Public Interest Registry to make public more information on PIR’s sale to a private equity firm. The request by ICANN delays the sale for at least another month while the organization evaluates the information. ICANN says it is asking for the information “to ensure that we have a full understanding of this proposed acquisition.”.

Too Much Information


Information overload. This is the newest and greatest challenge of our information age: With all of the content published everyday, how can we make sense of it, organize it and reference it after the fact? Clearly we need some way to separate the wheat from the chaff. Recommender systems, such as Amazon uses, are one potential answer, but they’re a little hit or miss. The best judges of value are still people. Even better, are people like us.

Persistent versus Transient Information


Association Managers that are wondering why their members are not engaging on Facebook or any other online community that is primarily designed to be a social meeting place, may want to consider that online social communities are designed primarily for transient information and communication. Most do not deal well with persistent information because they were not designed for that. Persistent information does not go away.

Mizz Information: Want Traffic? You Need Images

Mizz Information

Mizz Information. While checking out Google Voice I landed on their blog and was intrigued by the Dynamic View theme, so Im trying it here on Mizz Information. Wednesday, February 1, 2012. Want Traffic? You Need Images. Source: Uploaded by user via Maggie on Pinterest. See those tabs across the top of the blog now--"Classic" "Flipcard" "Magazine" etc? You can click on those to view this blog in those formats.

Mizz Information: New Look for Mizz Information

Mizz Information

Mizz Information. New Look for Mizz Information. So there you have it.because I know it was killing you not knowing why Id suddenly changed the look of Mizz Information! Wednesday, July 13, 2011. You may have noticed that suddenly, this blog looks totally different. I started tinkering with it when I switched from the old commenting platform I was using (Echo comments) to Disqus. Why did I switch?

Washington in the Information Age

Beekeeper Group

The National Journal held a briefing yesterday on communications use and the state of the information landscape in Washington, DC. The presentation, entitled “Washington in the Information Age,” gave a comprehensive overview of media consumption in the District using data … Continue reading → Digital Tactics Congress Information National Journal Online News Social Media

Mizz Information: Book Giveaway: Humanize!

Mizz Information

Mizz Information. Friday, December 2, 2011. Book Giveaway: Humanize! What better way to kick off the holiday season than with a giveaway? And not just any giveaway--an awesome one. My friends Maddie Grant and Jamie Notter recently published Humanize: How People-Centric Organizations Succeed in a Social World. I was fortunate enough to review a few chapters while it was still being written and was totally bowled over by how smart and awesome it is.

Conference Circuit: Get the Information Out

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The National Information Officers Association’s 2017 Training Conference takes place in Clearwater Beach, Florida, next week. Public information officers (PIOs) from around the country are headed to the Sunshine State in the coming days to learn from colleagues and subject matter experts, who will discuss incidents and review case studies involving some of the most high-profile events in the profession. Organization: National Information Officers Association.

Guest Posts on Mizz Information?

Mizz Information

Maybe I could help someone who is new to blogging and wants exposure (not that there''s a ton of exposure over here at Mizz Information, I''ll grant you, but hey, I guess some is more than none). Do you read this blog for information and think it would be better if it wasn''t just me chatting about movies and cocktails (I do admit that I think my "cocktails" Pinterest board is getting to be pretty awesome) and ranting about Facebook?

Is Your Conference Churning Out Junk Information?

Velvet Chainsaw

We over consume information from a variety of sources. We have content farms that churn out junk information. Unhealthy Information Consumption Diets. Information overconsumption is a serious challenge for many in the United States. In a democratic society where freedom of speech is touted, we can never regulate information like we regulate air, food and water. Yet information is just as critical to our survival as the other three things we consume.

Mizz Information: Spring Break

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Mizz Information. Saturday, March 31, 2012. Spring Break. Source: via Holly on Pinterest. Guess what time it is? Blogcation! For the first time ever were actually going away for spring break. So no blog posts for a week or so. In the meantime, heres the post I recently wrote for SocialFish: The Perils of Pinterest (yes, Im slightly obsessed with Pinterest lately.). On spring break yourself and looking for non-work book suggestions?

Information Overload

Moving through the Association World

The past two days I spent locked away in a workshop going over the ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024 standard for personnel certification. As an organization we decided this was a top priority for us to accomplish and this was a first step as we prepare to file for pre-approval. We see this as a top priority because of the increasing interest and support of the government in ANSI Accredited programs, which will greatly benefit our certification base.

Mizz Information: Offlining it

Mizz Information

Mizz Information. Monday, May 9, 2011. Offlining it. Apparently Im not the only one with social media manager fatigue-- the post I wrote a few weeks ago ran on Social Media Today also and got WAY more comments than any posts on this blog ever get. It makes me wonder what the future of social media staffing will look like--will people who transitioned from something else to social media whatever look to transition back to whatever it was they moved away from in the first place?

Tips for Combating Information Obesity

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Earlier last week, I had the pleasure of attending a NetSquared DC meet-up featuring a discussion with Clay Johnson on his new book The Information Diet. Clay develops a clever metaphor throughout his book by comparing America’s overconsumption of junk … Continue reading → Digital Tactics Social Media Clay Johnson NetSquared DC The Information Diet

Google Knowledge Graph Adds Nonprofit Information

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A new feature in the search giant’s repertoire prominently displays organized, quick-hit information about nonprofit organizations. Google is upgrading its Knowledge Graph tool—a feature that brought large panels of information on the right side of a search results page —to include information about nonprofit organizations, just short of the tool’s one-year anniversary. Over time, we’ll continue to work on bringing more nonprofit information into your search experience.”.

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Mizz Information: Thankful

Mizz Information

Mizz Information. Wednesday, November 23, 2011. Thankful. Lest I let the opportunity for the cliched "What am I thankful for" blog post roll by, I am muddling through my post-ASHA convention and now sick stupor to try to write a coherent post about what Im thankful for. Since lists are easier than prose, Ill make it easier on all of us and go with a list of five things Im thankful for this year: My health.

Mizz Information: Digital East

Mizz Information

Mizz Information. Wednesday, September 28, 2011. Digital East. This afternoon and tomorrow Ill be attending Digital East in Tysons Corner, VA. Tomorrow morning Ill be speaking on a panel about association social media with Danielle Brigida, the digital marketing manager from the National Wildlife Federation and Stacie Saunders, social media strategist from AICPA. My topic? Social Media Opportunities and Challenges for Associations.

Mizz Information: Association Swing and a Miss--CEA Tech.

Mizz Information

Mizz Information. Last March, I got an email from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) informing me of a new member category they had just created: Tech Enthusiast. These include free and discounted products, advance product launch information, access to industry events, and beta testing opportunities. information. Wednesday, December 14, 2011. Association Swing and a Miss--CEA Tech Enthusiast Membership.

Mizz Information: 5 Cool Pinterest Tools

Mizz Information

Mizz Information. Wednesday, March 21, 2012. 5 Cool Pinterest Tools. Source: via Maggie on Pinterest. After an initial honeymoon period with Pinterest where I used it strictly for fun, pinning pictures of English cottages, bee stuff , and all manner of cute things like Blythe dolls, tiny things, distracted there looking up those boards to link.

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Mizz Information: Employers are Liking and Hiring Social Media.

Mizz Information

Mizz Information. A lot of the information I presented came from ASAEs new report, Benchmarking in Association Management: Social Media. Friday, September 30, 2011. Employers are Liking and Hiring Social Media Workers--Except Associations. Yesterday I spoke at Digital East about the challenges and opportunities of association social media.

Why Data Informed VS Data Driven?

Beth Kanter

One of the questions I was asked, ”Why Data Informed? ” Being data-informed is something very different from a data-driven culture. But, because it doesn’t acknowledge the importance of basing decisions on multiple information sources, it can doom an organization to epic failures. Eric Petersen was one of the first of the data geeks that I’ve read to suggest that the phrase “data-informed” is a far more useful label. Flickr Photo by neoporcupine.

Changes In The Information Cycle Are Driving Conference Education Reform

Velvet Chainsaw

Conferences (and associations) used to be the go-to source for information and content about a profession or industry. While not everyone wants to be a content creator, everyone has an interest in organizing and packing information in their own, unique way. We Relate Differently To Information Today. Today, we relate to information differently. Associations and conferences should find ways to become the interpreter of information not the source of content.