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Association Disruption: What’s your Educational Moonshot?


Thinking small isn’t going to turn your association into a market leader and innovator, but an educational moonshot will. At Google X, a project qualifies as a moonshot if it tackles a huge problem, proposes a radical solution, and involves breakthrough science or technology.

A Big Course From a Small Association

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One executive at a state association has taken the lead on educating healthcare workers on a pressing national issue via a MOOC. And as with so many things involving inspired leadership, it starts with Abraham Lincoln. That’s what this MOOC is doing.”.

Course 113

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 7.21.17

Reid All About it

A near-death experience has enabled him “to envision an alternate ending to the AI story —one that makes the most of this amazing technology while empowering humans not just to survive, but to thrive.”

The Limits of Being Inside

Jamie Notter

And really the topic does apply to my work, because it is about disruption and innovation. Massively open online classes (MOOCs) are disrupting education (see Clay Shirky’s take on it for some background). Change Humanize Leadership

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Six Issues Associations Are Having Difficulty Responding To

Velvet Chainsaw

Often association leadership views change as something that disrupts the peace. Digital transformation is more than a buzzword says technology guru Scott Klososky. MOOCS, elearning, digital events, blended learning, curated feeds, are brazen to association offerings.

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Wake Up to Educating the Future Workforce

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Emerging technology is shifting our workforce toward intellectual capital and changing the ways we educate both students and adults. In the Thursday opening general session, an attendee asked futurist Dr. Michio Kaku about the threats of emerging technologies. Technology.