Don’t Nickel-and-Dime Members: Ideas to Increase Non-Dues Revenue


But, HFMA has cast that old non-dues revenue practice aside. HFMA’s approach sounds like a great way for an association to become indispensable to members, but there’s one challenge we must address: how to make up for lost non-dues revenue when free education is a membership benefit.

So You Think You Know Non-Dues Revenue

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More than half (54 percent) of the executives who took part in our annual association communication benchmarking study felt their organization’s inability to generate non-dues-revenue (NDR) was a serious or significant challenge — up substantially from 2015. Features Revenue non-dues revenue

5 reasons everyone at your association needs to go to #Xperience17.

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#leadership #inspiration #learning #innovation #technology – all in one place. It’s a chance to grow your skills in leadership. As an association leader, you have a great case for going to Xperience 2017.

How Content Opens the Door to New Streams of Non-Dues Revenue

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Non-dues revenue is an important source of funds for associations. Membership dues may still be the single largest revenue source for many associations, but dues revenue is dropping according to a recent report from the ASAE Foundation. Sarah Sain, Naylor Association Solutions.

A Meaningful, Sustainable Way to Rev Your Non-Dues Revenue. But be Patient.


They [not just executives] drive innovation and move the organization forward.Hay Group: [Engaged employees offer] discretionary effort – their willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty or go the extra mile for the organization.

Less is More: Non-Dues Revenue

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Quality > Quantity All associations want to maximize revenue in order to better serve their members. Non-dues revenue channels can be a great opportunity for associations to broaden the range of services they offer, and to build relationships with other bodies in their industry. When it comes to non-dues revenue, I’d rather pursue a share of mind than a share of wallet. Cast a critical eye over the projects meant to be bringing in revenue at your association.

Future-Proof Your Association By Innovating Small

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Earlier this week, ASAE leaders convened in Atlanta for a leadership retreat focused on anticipating and managing change. Steinberg, the author of Leading with Change: How to Future Proof Yourself, Fearlessly Innovate, and Succeed in the New Normal elaborated on what keeping up with innovation looks like in an age where change is constant. By going smaller, Target realized big changes in customer satisfaction, market reach and revenue.

A Crisis of Confidence in Nonprofit Leadership

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Last month, McKinsey & Company released a report on its 2013 survey of CEOs and other execs at social-sector nonprofits to gauge their confidence in the leadership structure they have and what they think they’d need to improve.

The Key to Taking Risk in 2014 is Non-Dues Revenue

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There is a lack of innovation, seeking out member''s business needs, and listening for those things that could be huge drivers to member engagement, expanded revenues, and rising net worth. So don''t rule out interest income as a revenue source.

Leadership Lessons From the End of Google Reader

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Rather than pressure employees to come up with ways to boost nondues revenue by 20 percent, encourage more modest improvements, and more of them, and make sure you can test them quickly. The post Leadership Lessons From the End of Google Reader appeared first on Associations Now

Survey: These Companies Set the Standard for Leadership

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A new study finds that the best companies to recruit from have one thing in common: really, really good leadership training programs. So says a new report from Chally Group Worldwide ranking the top companies for leadership. Both have executive leadership programs of their own.

Can associations keep pace in the tech race?

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That includes membership growth, non-dues revenue, social media and Big Data. According to Naylor’s chief innovation officer Marcus Underwood, as the typical screen size has grown rapidly, so has the way in which people use their devices. “In

Post Brexit Associations

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Thought Leadership Positions the Industry with Key Influencers. Thought Leadership Positions the Industry with Key Influencers. ABA launched the Grain Foods Foundation to provide research and thought leadership to key influencers in both the Scientific and Medical Communities.

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From the Corner Office: What I Learned About Leadership from Arnold Schwarzenegger

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During an economic downturn, that’s when people tend to forego their regular maintenance and inspections—an important source of revenue for our members. He was a tremendous influence on my own leadership style. ” AA: How about fostering innovation?

Back to basics: Education programs

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Following introductions and an outline of the day’s learning outcomes, I shared four big ideas that represent the importance of education to our organizations: Meetings represent a significant and increasing proportion of association revenue. Stimulate innovation. Leadership centers.

Big Challenges Yield Big Reward for Association Staff

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In the end we delivered 15 great new products on time; many of these products going on to earn quite a bit of revenue. Innovation carries some risk. Some of the things that we have the best memories of were extremely challenging at the time.

Make the Members’ Voice Heard and Never Stop Moving

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Sylvia Newell, executive director, Canadian Association of Railway Suppliers (CARS) and former vice president of the League of Railway Industry Women (LRIW), is an innovation engine who draws from a. From the Corner Office Leadership advocacy canadian association of railway suppliers CARS Inside Track leadership league of railway industry women LRIW member communications membership membership development NextGen members non-dues revenue sylvia newell volunteers

Down with Budgets!

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Example one: a recent discussion on the ASAE Collaborate executive list about trying to balance the annual budget cycle with making room from innovation. They treat estimates like certainties, and then allocate every penny of expected revenue. And I'm not the only one who thinks so.

Commonly Used Association Goals Doomed to Failure

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Growing revenues in a consolidating industry. Or improving member engagement with no strategy for innovation or change. The fundamental attribution error and association leadership. To start or sustain an association-wide focus on innovation the CEO must be on board.

Thinking and thriving

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Jeff De Cagna, founder of Principled Innovation LLC. To start us off, I spoke with Jeff De Cagna , founder of Principled Innovation LLC. As I wrote last week, this month I’ll be exploring some shifts in association management that some might say are extreme.

Price Your eLearning Right

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When we realize eLearning is not bound by the same constraints as in-person events, new opportunities multiply our revenue potential. Quantify your market share and set realistic goals for expected revenue. Rethinking Event-Based Pricing.

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Do Associations Really Have it Worse?

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While conducting association industry research on innovation , many respondents indicated this was true. Association professionals, the thinking goes, are less influenced by revenue and more influenced by serving the community.

Associations 101

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Other topics in 2014 will include using data, membership recruitment and retention, marketing, non-dues revenue, fundraising, diversity and inclusion, event sponsorships, and content creation and curation.). innovation leadership management presentations webinars Associations Now Dave Will Jamie Notter Maddie Grant Peach New Media Rob Barnes Scott Oser Same great format (10 tips in 20 minutes), but lots of new content and speakers!

Three Keys to Inspire New Ideas from Staff

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What does it take for associations to succeed at innovation? I’ve been doing some research on innovation initiatives in associations for a client and had written a bit about it for the Spark blog a few weeks ago. Elizabeth Weaver Engel, CAE, CEO and chief strategist for Spark Consulting, has recently been interviewing leaders at associations that have launched internal innovation and new business development programs. “We

Is Culture The Weak Link in Your Chain?

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Then you’ve got some kind of sales/revenue function (for nonprofits that might be around membership or fundraising). Culture LeadershipTake a minute and look at your organization from the 30,000-foot level.

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The Sponsorship Whisperer Builds Trust With Each Encounter

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Many conferences struggle with flat or declining revenue from exhibitors and sponsors. If your event attracts the right attendees, on the other hand, you have an opportunity to strategically grow sponsorship revenue.

2017 Association Trends Survey: Participate and Get a Free Copy of the Results

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If you are in an association leadership position in 2017, chances are you feel like you are playing an eternal game of whak-a-mole. Growing and diversifying revenue. Trends Strategy Research Leadership

Survey 165

What I’m Reading

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Want more event sponsorship revenue? (Of blog roundup changeblogging cool technology innovation leadership management marketing social media Associations Now Beth Kanter Big Data Colleen Dilenschneider David Gammel design thinking Eric Lanke Google Inc.

Time Capsules, Time Machines And Evolution Of Traditional Meeting Planners

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We are being asked to step up and lead conference reinvention, innovation, and quality improvement processes. Leadership and customers expect us to design, envision, implement and lead any conference changes. Why Large Conference Rarely Innovate.

Building Association Awareness for Your Volunteer Leaders

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Over the last several months, I’ve given presentations to various Boards of Directors about membership growth strategies, sponsorship opportunities, and revenue diversification – the business of associations. Association Business Strategy Leadership Membership Development

Do Whatever Rings the Cash Register: Associations & NonDues

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is the Chief Executive Officer of the 36,000 member American Optometric Association highlighted non-dues revenue in a meeting of the St. Louis Institute for Association Leadership (STIAL). Louis Institute for Association Leadership (STIAL) featured non-dues revenue at its April meeting.

Association Evolution: What Association Leaders are Thinking About for 2013 and Beyond

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An increasing number of trade associations are shifting toward a revenue-based membership model where members with greater revenues pay bigger dues. Associations that expect ongoing success need to be more agile, innovative and on top of change than ever before.what else would you add?

Overcoming the association value gap: part I

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This post originally appeared on the Associations Now Leadership Blog on March 7, 2013. According to the most recent edition of ASAE’s Operating Ratio Report ( ORR ), membership dues account for an average of 38 percent of total revenue for all associations. No other single revenue category comes close to reaching that number. Despite all the protestations to the contrary, then, membership dues remain the only sustaining revenue stream for many, if not most, associations.

Turning Ideas into Reality

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So we’ve been talking a lot about innovation. Now, this is not their first time at the rodeo on the subject of innovation. In fact, they’ve been working on innovation initiatives for almost two years. In fact, research demonstrates that this is where most innovation initiatives get hung up (seriously – I was going to link to an article, but I found WAY TOO MANY). And part of your process better be a formal review of expected revenues.

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From the Corner Office: Liz Richards, MHEDA

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When it comes to non-dues revenue, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. AA: MHEDA seems to have many different channels for generating non-dues revenue. LR: We try to keep our revenue stream evenly divided so we aren’t too reliant on one specific area. Liz Richards MHEDA.

Is Growth Necessarily Good?

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After some discussion about information overload, the pressure of always being connected and what that does to face to face personal connection, and what is the appropriate role for an association in a member’s life (hint: you are not the most important thing in your members’ lives), the innovative idea we came to was that growth is not always necessarily a good thing. They are especially interested in innovative uses for the product and in new variations on it.

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Replacing the Engine While Flying the Plane: The Association Executive’s Guide to 21st Century Change

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Decreasing revenues. Whether it is a new membership, governance, revenue or wholesale organizational model that is needed, the change at hand represents largely uncharted territory in the association space. Big Association Trends – From Identification to Innovation.

From the Corner Office: Tino Mantella, TAG

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Tino Mantella: We’re all about educating, promoting, influencing and uniting Georgia’s technology community to foster an innovative and connected marketplace. Georgia has 20,000 tech companies generating $13 billion in revenue and accounting for 17 percent of the state’s GDP.

Five reasons why membership is killing association business models: Part II

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Most association business models operate on a “two-sided market” pattern in which one side of the market (the membership) receives a subsidized value offer, with the subsidy coming from the more robust revenue streams provided by the second side of the market, typically advertisers, exhibitors and sponsors. Associations Unorthodox Business Model Innovation Strategies for Progress The Future of AssociatingMembership is perhaps the most sacred tenet in all of association orthodoxy.

Use Sponsored Grants to Strengthen Your Membership and Events

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I am thrilled to be a part of this truly inspiring group of creative and innovative individuals!”. Encouraging more young professional involvement early on in their careers helps ensure that FSAE’s future leadership will be strong and sustainable. “I Membership Revenue