Private-Public Collaborative Group Advocates for Library Funding

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Through the Corporate Committee for Library Investment, organizations and businesses are banding together to help protect and secure federal funding for America’s libraries. CCLI contends that libraries play an essential role in the U.S.

Internet Archive Launches Program for Local Libraries

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With financial support from a federal agency, the Internet Archive is launching a program for libraries around the country to archive community websites in much the same way the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine does.

Library Group Aims to Reeducate Public on Its Profession

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As innovative maker spaces seem to be pushing out book stacks in school libraries, the American Association of School Librarians posits that there’s room for both—and that certified school librarians are the most qualified professionals to give students the best of both worlds.

Tech, Trade, and Library Groups Form Copyright Mega-Coalition

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The Re:Create Coalition brings together various groups from the technology, trade, and library industries. The alliance will advocate for less-stifling copyright laws that foster innovation.

Tennessee Education Groups Create Digital Library for High Schoolers

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With the development of a new digital library, Tennessee high school students will be switching from print textbooks to online learning materials this school year. The post Tennessee Education Groups Create Digital Library for High Schoolers appeared first on Associations Now

Innovation Requires Diversity

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It's one of the many core elements of innovation, one Franz Johansson nicely described in his book The Medici Effect. diversity innovation leadershipThere are no coffee refills in France. or at least not like what we are accustomed to in the States.

Association Subculture: Innovation in Association Management

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Innovation in Association Management. Libraries? Innovate. Deirdre Reid wrote about ASAEs Innovation Talks. WSAE is hosting their Innovation Summit right now. Host your own innovation conversations. innovation. (6). Principled Innovation LLC.

Creating Conference Meeting Space For Innovation And Collaboration

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Library cubicles tell us that it’s for independent work. If we value innovation and collaboration as conference team sports, we have to change the traditional space. Collaboration and innovation needs we spaces, not I spaces. Innovation thrives on equality. Tweet.

Some Reflections about Social Data in the Cloud from the Social Innovation Summit 2012

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For the past two days, I’ve been attending (and also a speaker ) at The Social Innovation Summit , a private, invitation-only forum that explores the frontiers of social innovation.

Our screwed up thinking about creating conference experiences

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The Library Of Yesteryear. Filed under: Associations , Innovation , Meetings Tagged: attendees , beliefs , conference , experiences , Jeff Hurt , Velvet Chainsaw Consulting. Associations Innovation Meetings attendees beliefs conference experiences Jeff Hurt Velvet Chainsaw Consulting

Hack Your Association

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David Metcalf and two of his students brought it to digitalNow for The “Maker Society,” their session with Jenny Levine , Strategy Guide at the American Library Association. . Tagged: Association , digitalNow , Innovation , Leadership , Volunteers.

What I’m Reading

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US copyright law is having a chilling effect on the Digital Public Library project. “Corporate antibodies” subverting your innovation process? blog roundup changeblogging diversity innovation management ASAE Associations Now Creative Commons Google Technology Review Another reason why Creative Commons licensing is so important? Face to face meetings favor the powerful , according to new research shared by Associations Now.

Executive Connections: Why SLA Must Consider a Name Change

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  Our founder, John Cotton Dana, wrote that the name Special Libraries Association, “was chosen with some hesitation, and rather in default of a better.”    The terms “special library” and “special librarian” were the lowest-ranking concepts we tested.  Executive Connections. « Guest Blogger SLA President Gloria Zamora: Join the Tribe | Main. | SLA Europe Celebrates the Centennial » 29 June 2009. Why SLA Must Consider a Name Change.

Friday Top 5

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Jenny Levine from the American Library Association talked about their MakerSpace initiatives as part of ALA’s ongoing work to allow members to hack the associations (which resulted, among other things, in a self-organized conference ). It’s my Top 5 from digitalNOW.

Does the Future of Membership Live at 501 Mission Place?

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For $27 a month, members have access to online forums, seminars, articles, blogs, leadership interviews and resource libraries. Tagged: Association , Community , Innovation , Membership , Networking , Nonprofits , Professional Development , Web and Social Media.

What I’m Reading

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Feds OK Google digitization of the world’s library. blog roundup cool technology innovation leadership management membership Associations Now Big Data Eric Lanke Google Jamie Notter mobile Technology Review Associations Now picked up on my “Why Is Membership the Only Relationship” post and wrote a great response/extension of the thinking. Important decision to make? Rely on the data, but don’t JUST rely on the data.

Eight Is Enough

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I called it " Recipes for Innovation ," and in it, I talked about several things that were heavy on my mind at the time, including my then soon-to-be-ending first foray into blogging, The Hourglass Blog. Eight years ago, on September 5, 2011, I made my first post on this blog.

Association Evolution: What Association Leaders are Thinking About for 2013 and Beyond

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Increasingly, associations are shifting towrad becoming ''librarians'' of content within their areas of expertise and providing access to this library as a member benefit. Association Trends, Issues & Challenges Innovation Leadership Well, it''s 2013 and we''re still here.

Higher Logic Acquires Kavi: Powerful Collaboration for Thriving Communities

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Last month we announced our acquisition of Socious, bringing the best minds in member engagement together to lead in product innovation and the community industry. 2017 is shaping up to be our best year yet!

Best PrimeWire Alternatives & Similar Website


PrimeWire offers an extensive library of popular movies, TV shows, music, and other services online. Large library of movies and TV series. The movie library is well-organized. The website has been up for some time already, extending its library and uploading new content daily.

Sockshare Alternatives & Similar Websites


Extensive movie and TV show library. Extensive movie and TV show library. Extensive movie and TV show library. The extensive movie library is continuously updated, featuring upcoming titles. The movie library is constantly being updated. Innovative design.

digitalNow 2013 in Less Than 180 Seconds- #diginow13


Stephanie Young, “Innovation by Disney: Transforming the Customer Experience” After 21 years with Disney, she is constantly surprised & delighted by guest experience. Innovation cannot take away from current work that we’re doing. It’s like a library.

15 Books to Jumpstart Your Creative Mojo

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While a bit stilted in tone, the book belongs in your library. by Ed Catmull with Amy Wallace It''s one thing for individuals to develop creative routines, but how do organizations institutionalize creative habits so that they support a culture of innovation?

Austin 108

How Your Community Humanizes Your Organization (And Why That's a Good Thing)

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This collective Voice of the Customer (VoC) may hold the key to revamping and innovating business decisions. Communities serve as a guide for crowd-sourced innovation. How do you know what your customers or members are really thinking?

2018 eLearning Predictions: Updated Hype Curve

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Innovation Trigger. The concept of distributed ledgers has usefulness outside of its thriving use in financial transactions and currency speculation, and it is actively triggering innovation in healthcare IT.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 1.4.19

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David Burkus is a best-selling author, sought after speaker, and associate professor of leadership and innovation at Oral Roberts University. Jim Lynch, Senior Writer, Nonprofit and Library Technology at TechSoup.

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This Week’s Awesome Association PR and Communications Jobs – March 16


and deploying payments innovations to merchants and consumers. Communications and PR Specialist , Emergency Nurses Association – Innovate, Collaborate and Contribute: Join the Emergency Nurses Association, a growing national association dedicated to advancing emergency nursing.

Bonus Content – Event Garde e-news – February edition

Aaron Wolowiec

Full of energy, a spark for innovation and the courage to be bold and take risks are a few of my stand out characteristics that make me a firecracker! In a coffee shop with lots of noise or in a quiet, library-like setting?

Conference Circuit: A Victory For Independent Bookstores

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Indie booksellers take center stage at the Library of Congress National Book Festival. Consider the Silicon Valley-Shenzhen Innovation and Investment Conference. Plus: Environmental journalists head to a city that’s had more than its share of environmental setbacks.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 12.21.18

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Association Adviser shares the story of Guillermo Ortiz de Zarate , Chief Innovation and Information Officer for NCARB, who created Lineup, a software platform that helps organizations efficiently manage talent and form teams (and committees) with diverse strengths.

7 Tips for Facilitating Fresh Thinking: Facilitation Friday #37

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As more organizations focus on innovation, this is a question that every facilitator must be prepared to answer. Here are seven I find fundamental to my innovation facilitation: Let's remember Kurt Lewin's adage that behavior is a function of people interacting with the environment. Research shows a correlation between a group 's diversity of perspectives and innovative results. As Gary Hamel has noted, "innovation often results from insight into the unarticulated need."

Tips 75

Conference Circuit: American Psychiatric Association

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The Mental Health Innovation Zone is APA’s showcase for the advancement of mental health technologies that are dedicated to answering the question, “What’s next?” Rundown Attendees: 15,000 plus. Scientific sessions: 400 plus. Exhibit booths: 300.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 12.7.18

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Payroll for Nonprofits & Libraries: 2018 Law Changes that Affect You. Learn about these recent payroll changes and how they affect your nonprofit or library. How Association Boards Can Encourage Entrepreneurial Thinking and Innovation: ACE Conversation.

Associations: Solving the Skills Gap with Digital Credentials

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Young Adult Library Services Association. The Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) supports library staff in alleviating the challenges teens face and putting all teens ‒ especially those with greatest need ‒ on the path to successful and fulfilling lives.

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Changes in Membership Management Software that Could Impact How You Run Your Association


They include integrated websites, responsive design, file and video libraries, wikis, and blogs. To further help with referrals, integrated online communities have become a part of the most innovative membership systems.

The 6 Biggest Business Benefits of Starting a Branded Online Community

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Discussion forums, networking with peers, asking questions, submitting feedback or perusing file libraries all contribute to increased connections between your brand and your customers. Drive Product Innovation. What drove your last business initiative?

Ace 2019 with 6 Expert Marketing Strategy Tips

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If people haven’t gotten good quality from you in the past, or if what you’re offering isn’t innovative or new, they may go somewhere else, where the information is free. How can we better engage our customers? How can marketing and sales teams work more efficiently ?

Building community with a click

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It’s time to make use of innovative technology to enhance face-to-face connections, redefine engagement, keep the conversation alive, inform better content, build more robust social media communities and ultimately demonstrate the ROI of event marketing,” DoubleDutch says. “An

8 Reasons Your Customer Support Improves with an Online Community

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Tip: Build a resource library. A customer service portal geared toward innovation gives customers a way to quickly get their ideas to decision makers, who can respond to and act on the best ideas, making those customers feel valued.

What is a Social Business Model? 8 Companies Doing it Right

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For one, it makes customer support a lot easier for the customer by creating a network of customers and providing a resource library for support self-service.