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Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.12.17

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And if you live in North Carolina, free the Mimosa (and the Bloody Mary too). Presenter: Whitney Johnson, expert on disruptive innovation and personal disruption. – Buying an LMS Today to Meet the Learning Needs of Tomorrow. Host: Community IT Innovators.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 3.9.18

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Derek Ham, a North Carolina State University professor, asked: “What was it like to be there? TopClass LMS provider WBT Systems suggests several ways to create these new sponsorship opportunities.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 8.9.19

Reid All About it

Shopping for an LMS? You definitely want to check out the 2019 edition of the Association LMS Buyers Companion from the good folks at Talented Learning. WBT Systems (of TopClass LMS fame) explains how learning subscriptions help good intentions come to life.