Insights from the Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report

Membership Marketing

Each year the goal of the Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report is to help associations better understand what is working in membership recruitment, engagement, and retention. Innovation – How can associations enhance the value that they provide to members?

12th Edition of the Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report Now Available

Membership Marketing

It is my pleasure to announce the release of the 12 th edition of the Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report. A free download of the report is available using this link. What are the most effective marketing channels for recruitment and renewal?


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2018 Association Innovation Benchmarking Report

Membership Marketing

When you search the Harvard Business Review on the key word “Innovation”, you get 18,356 results. That’s because for businesses innovation is a core competency for survival. But how focused on innovation are associations? How do associations define innovation? And how do they go about innovating? The findings reveal how associations have developed a clearer concept and practice of innovation. Innovation

Statement In Response To The 2020 Notorious Markets Report


This year’s Notorious Markets report includes language highlighting that e-commerce platforms have invested significant time and resources to combat this problem and have developed innovative tools and processes along the way.”.

2014 Internet Report

Spark Consulting

This is a DENSE and long slide deck, but it’s worth checking out the whole thing: Mary Meeker’s 2014 Internet report from dmccarthy104. The education market is ripe for disruption. innovation presentations Mary Meeker Shelly Alcorn It’s the annual awesomeness from Mary Meeker. My top takeaways include: Although growth is slowing in other areas, mobile and tablets continue to grow at an exponential pace. What is your association doing to respond? (Oh

Report 224

Just Released: The Association Innovation Benchmarking Report

Membership Marketing

Innovation is one of the keys to maintaining a resilient and growing association. One definition of innovation is, “the act or process of introducing new ideas, devices, or methods.” The research focused on how associations set innovation goals, how they support innovation, what rewards and recognition they offer, and how they set metrics for innovation. The research resulted in the publication of the Association Innovation Benchmarking Report.

Top Findings from the Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report

Membership Marketing

Yet despite these threats, findings from the 2019 MembershipMarketing Benchmarking Report shows more associations continue to experience membership growth year over year than those that are seeing a decline in membership. In addition to looking at the tactics and strategies that typically correlated to success, we also asked respondents to rate how innovative their association is and what level of value that they are delivering to members.

Innovation and Optimism Drive Membership Growth

Associations Now

Two new reports indicate that membership growth and retention are holding steady despite global economic uncertainty. And many associations currently seeing membership growth are tapping into the power of innovation and optimism about the future. In Marketing General Incorporated’s 2019 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report , 45 percent of associations surveyed said their membership increased.

Ace 2019 with 6 Expert Marketing Strategy Tips

Higher Logic

How can marketing and sales teams work more efficiently ? If these types of marketing strategy questions are floating around in your mind as we enter the new year, keep reading. Nobody wants to be the company left behind because they missed the trend, and everybody wants to get ahead with new groundbreaking marketing techniques. As always, marketing is evolving. Marketing should be embedded into the sales process by helping move leads through the pipeline.

4 Steps to Inspire Innovation in Your Association


“Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Many people believe innovation is all about inventing and releasing new products. Innovation is so much more than just revamping products or services. As a society, we thrive off of innovation. Innovation is especially prominent in for-profit companies. However, innovation is less prevalent in associations. Download Your Free Report on the Top Habits of Membership Managers.

Your Guide to Innovation at Your Association

Smooth The Path

I have had hour-long conversations with 15 association professionals from innovative associations and these conversations provide the foundation for you to start effective staff (and board) conversations about the innovation efforts at your association. The things that hinder association’s innovation efforts are usually the not-talked-about, unplanned surprises that pop up along the way. Who should read this research report? Association innovation leaders.

Your Guide to Effective [Not Annoying] Marketing Personalization

Higher Logic

Adobe’s recent study about email marketing revealed more about these reactions to personalization. After all, Accenture Innovative found that almost all consumers (91 percent) are more likely to shop with brands who personalize their experience. In Adobe’s survey, e mployees said that the most annoying thing when receiving an email offer from a marketer was: “An offer that makes it clear that the marketer’s data about me is wrong” (22%).

New Report Highlights Impact of Pandemic on Associations

Membership Marketing

In the just-released Association Economic Outlook Report , over 500 association executives shared how the pandemic and the recession have impacted their organizations. They reported substantial disruptions. · You can download the full EconomicOutlook Report here.

3 Ways to Involve Members in Innovation

Associations Now

A new study says associations are developing better practices for pursuing innovation, but it’s often a top-down effort. Would you call your association innovative? According to a recent study conducted by Marketing General Incorporated (MGI) in partnership with the National Business Aviation Association, more association professionals say their organization is moving ahead with innovative ideas that can be implemented and measured for success.

The Innovation Line That Divides Associations

Associations Now

A new study on innovation from Marketing General suggests that there’s a distinct line separating associations that are innovative from those that aren’t. One paragraph in Marketing General’s new survey of innovation in the association space really stands out. In case you’re wondering where that dividing line lies: Of the 344 associations surveyed, 58 percent said they’ve put a focus on innovation, while 42 percent haven’t.

Daily Buzz: Is Your Culture Really “Innovative”?

Associations Now

Building an innovative culture? Start by not calling it “innovative.” As associations strive to strengthen workplace culture, creating “collaborative,” “innovative,” and “results-driven” environments is at the top of many organizations’ to-do lists. But using these types of buzzy adjectives can actually have a negative effect, according to a report from Gartner, which surveyed leaders about effective ways to transform culture.

Talk Less About Innovation and More About the Future

Associations Now

Resist the temptation to demand instant innovation, and instead motivate your team with conversation about the future. Regardless of a company’s location or size, attracting and retaining top talent ranks as the number-one internal stressor for CEOs and other C-suite executives globally in 2020,” according to the report. The concern comes largely from a tight labor market, which gives good employees more opportunities to move on if you can’t give them a good reason to stay.

More Innovative or More Secure? Ask Your Board

Associations Now

A recent report from the National Association of Corporate Directors and the Internet Security Alliance makes the case that boards are taking a lead role on cybersecurity issues. Good thing, too, because cybersecurity and innovation are often at odds. Additionally, the report finds that 66 percent of directors feel that their board is confident enough to properly respond to a serious cyberbreach. The report, which was written with input from the U.S.

Association Relevance Despite Market Turbulence

Potomac Core

KPMG’s 2016 report “Setting the Course for Growth: CEO Perspectives” underscores how today’s CEO is laser focused on staying relevant in a turbulent global market. Achieving Association Relevance Despite Market Turbulence is how CEO’s can position their organizations for long term growth and durability. Its focused advocacy strategies are key components of achieving Association relevance despite market turbulence. economy, and emerging market weakness.

DC 119

Change is good…right?

Aaron Wolowiec

Most of us realize innovation is key to driving a business forward. Associations aren’t often regarded as agents of change, but recently, Marketing General Inc. , in conjunction with the National Business Aviation Association , polled association professionals to learn how they set innovation goals, how they support innovation, what rewards and recognition they offer and how they set metrics for innovation. Leaves change. People change.

Survey 162

Change is good…right?

Aaron Wolowiec

Most of us realize innovation is key to driving a business forward. Associations aren’t often regarded as agents of change, but recently, Marketing General Inc. , in conjunction with the National Business Aviation Association , polled association professionals to learn how they set innovation goals, how they support innovation, what rewards and recognition they offer and how they set metrics for innovation. Leaves change. People change.

Survey 154

IBM Report on Social Business

Jamie Notter

IBM is a leader in social business, and I like how their latest report frames the opportunities for companies who want to go in this direction. Accelerate innovation. That’s using social media in your marketing. Personally, I’m more focused on the productivity and effectiveness part, and the report has interesting stories about companies getting better at transparency and collaboration.

Report 114

Thursday Buzz: Conference Badge Innovation

Associations Now

The strategy, notes OAAA Chief Marketing Officer Stephen Freitas, highlighted the kind of technology that out-of-home (OOH) advertising is now capable of. “This new experience at the industry’s largest annual gathering highlighted innovative capabilities that can be applied to today’s OOH campaigns,” Freitas said in a news release. 5 Social Video Formats Every Marketer Should Post via @wochit [link] #assnchat #contentmarketing

Eric Lanke: Should Committees Report to the Board?

Eric Lanke

Innovation. Should Committees Report to the Board? Should committees report to the board?" Who else are the going to report to?". The Marketing Committee. If your association is an association of widget manufacturers, then you might want widget manufacturers on your Marketing Committee to help you decide how best to market your association to other widget manufacturers. Committee X wants funds to produce a new marketing brochure. Eric Lanke.

Four Untrue Myths of Association Innovation that Stop Us in Our Tracks


Association professionals say their association is not innovating because they are under-resourced, they don’t have the right ideas or don’t know how to prioritize between a bunch of great ideas, or the association’s stakeholders (leadership, staff, board, members) fear risk. These are challenges for sure, these are even the challenges the most innovative associations have had, but these challenges are not insurmountable. Innovation Myth #1: Size Matters.

Membership Marketing Blog: Innovation through Collaboration

Membership Marketing

Membership Marketing Blog. Membership marketing – acquiring, engaging, upgrading, and renewing members – is the cornerstone for associations and relationship driven organizations. Whether you are an association professional or a relationship marketer, join the discussion on the Membership Marketing Blog and share your ideas and counsel. Innovation through Collaboration. We are always looking for new innovative ways to do things better.

Let Your Internal Innovation Efforts Breathe

Associations Now

Last month, that point finely revealed itself in the form of an Inspector General report analyzing 18F’s activity [PDF]. As Federal News Radio reporter Jason Miller notes , the report was not as bad as it could have been. In fact, the report chided the agency for once stating that “non-billable work is the cultural lifeblood of 18F.”. The report recommended that “internal 18F projects have appropriate supervisory review.”.

Aiming to Innovate? Look Beyond the Usual Suspects

Associations Now

A 2014 study titled “Integrating Problem Solvers from Analogous Markets in New Product Ideation” lays out the basic concept: Often, good ideas in one field may make sense for another, even if the industries otherwise have nothing in common. Our findings demonstrate that there is indeed an ‘analogous market effect’: Solutions provided by problem solvers from analogous markets show substantially higher levels of novelty,” the report states. The post Aiming to Innovate?

CompTIA Report: Convergence Is 2019’s Defining Tech Trend

Associations Now

The report goes so far as to call the next big thing “dead,” instead pointing to how each of these pieces work together to create a wholly innovative whole. The implications are both exciting—the ingredients of innovation have never been more accessible—and trying, as users and technology providers work to understand an ever-growing set of building blocks and how the pieces fit to drive digital transformation,” the report says.

Marketing: Getting Personalization Right

Associations Now

How three companies created personalized marketing campaigns without being creepy. Marketers like personalization a lot because they want to promote their brands, connect with consumers, and increase their conversions—and personalization is supposed to mimic those one-on-one individual, B2C conversations—but do consumers like it? Here are some innovative ways that other companies are doing it. Are you—like me—looking for a festive blanket scarf online?

Association Subculture: Innovation in Association Management

Association Subculture

Innovation in Association Management. I dont watch stock prices and I dont read SEC reports so I am sure that I was blindsided only because I wasnt paying attention. Innovate. Deirdre Reid wrote about ASAEs Innovation Talks. WSAE is hosting their Innovation Summit right now. Host your own innovation conversations. innovation. (6). marketing. (2). Principled Innovation LLC. Disruptive Innovation Coming to Nonprofits.

Is Your Retention Marketing Plan Inbound-y Enough?


That’s because the majority of marketing and sales efforts (and executive focus) go toward attracting and winning new customers. Every day, marketers are becoming more and more efficient at winning new business through digital relationship-building approaches like inbound. Inbound marketing and sales strategies focus on using helpful, relevant, and empathetic content to educate prospects and draw them in to your business. Inbound Marketing Meets Retention Marketing.

INBOUND Conference: A Sample Agenda for Customer Marketers


Customer marketers may have an even tougher time answering that question than most. While vital to your business’s success, customer marketing often takes a backseat to other topics at sales and marketing conferences. To save you time, we’ve gone through INBOUND’s sessions with a fine-toothed comb to build an agenda that specializes in customer marketing. Here are our session recommendations for customer marketing professionals at Inbound 2016: Tuesday, Nov.

Sample 100

The Hidden Problems in Membership Marketing That Are Stopping You

Smooth The Path

If your member marketing is not woking there is a problem with one or more of these things: The channel – the method used to get the message to members and potential members. The product – is the thing you are trying to market. It can be membership, the conference, a guide, a research report, a chapter meeting or a call for volunteers. Most times the problem with our marketing is in the story and/or the product.

Why Every Association Exec Needs to Read The State of Community Management Report

Mizz Information

Because I’m me–the person who has spent literally the past decade obsessing about the intersection of online communities and associations–I couldn’t help but read the Community Roundtable’s 10th Annual State of Community Management report through an association lens. If you don’t read the whole report–which you definitely should–at least read co-founders Rachel Happe and Jim Storer’s introduction and the executive summary. Hellloooo there!

Tuesday Buzz: The Roots of Innovative Ideas

Associations Now

National Fluid Power Association CEO Eric Lanke was knee-deep in innovative ideas over the weekend, reviewing proposals for the ASAE Foundation’s Innovation Grants Program. In his blog post, Lanke explains that an idea isn’t innovative unless it brings something entirely different into the organization—in other words, it is “disruptive.” ” What’s your take on innovation? Read the full report over this way.

Report: Meetings Bring More Than Money to Host Cities

Associations Now

A new report from Meetings Mean Business and Skift shows that along with money, meetings bring fresh ideas and inspiration to their host cities, which have long-term impacts on shaping their economies and industries. Not only do they provide networking and learning opportunities for attendees, but they also bring in major revenue for the organization, as well as the destination, and drive innovation in host cities.

What I’m Reading

Spark Consulting

Do you know the content marketing 4-1-1 ? MGI’s 2014 Membership Marketing Benchmark report is out. blog roundup communication conferences curation innovation leadership management marketing membership social media Aaron Wolowiec ASAE Associations Now Innovation Excellence Joe Pulizzi Kathi Rabil Kim Howard Marketing General surveys Upworthy One, you should download it ASAP.

Survey 177

Daily Buzz: Doing Inclusive Marketing Right

Associations Now

What it takes to connect with diverse audiences through inclusive marketing. A 2019 Adobe research report showed that 61 percent of Americans find diversity in advertising important, and 38 percent of consumers are more likely to trust brands that do well with showing diversity in their ads. And yet organizations are running into a problem: Their inclusive marketing campaigns aren’t connecting with audiences.

LMS 50

Celebrating two years

Aaron Wolowiec

As it quickly grew, Hill led – and continues to lead – many of the firm’s strategic marketing initiatives, including outreach to association leaders nationwide. And in December 2012, Wolowiec co-authored “The Meetings Report,” published in tandem with MSAE. Two years ago, Aaron Wolowiec had a vision. Strategic planning. Instructional design. Meeting management. They were all in his wheelhouse. But it was time for something new. And so, on Dec.