Innovative Workforce Solutions

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Associations are increasingly well positioned to help members and industries build innovative workforce solutions through their professional development and certification products. Innovative Workforce Solutions: Call to Action. Innovative Workforce Solutions.

Disruptive Innovation Creates Association Opportunities

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Disruptive Innovation “describes a process whereby a smaller company with fewer resources is able to successfully challenge established incumbent businesses.” In a slowing and uneven global economy, are your members looking somewhere else for lower cost and innovative solutions?

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The Trick to Innovating with Gen Y

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Ideas to help you engage, empower and retain members. How Do You Innovate With Millennials? May 31st, 2012 | Posted in Member Engagement + Retention , Social Media and Business Trends. Innovating with millennials sounds like a no-brainer.

Building Buy-In for an Online Community at Your Association

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This is how you can prove your new member community will be a valuable technology investment. New Member Acquisition. The goal: Every year, bringing in new members is likely to be on your association’s list. Use community to reach future members.

Members Hire Strategic Solutions

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Facing increasing pressure to produce results, they only engage in activities that help them overcome business challenges and achieve results. Associations are meeting their new mandate, by energizing their Boards to do big things, and help their members thrive in an era of uncertainty.

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From the Corner Office: Scott Wiley, CAE

Association Adviser

Scott Wiley, CAE, head of the Ohio Society of CPAs , and newly elected Chair of the ASAE board, shares his thoughts about advocacy, millennials, member engagement and the importance of financial literacy in an exclusive Association Adviser interview. . SW : Engage with us.

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Eric Lanke: Millennials Are the New Slackers

Eric Lanke

Innovation. Member Engagement. Millennials Are the New Slackers. In this case, the blogger is Andrew McAfee and his target is the "entitlement mentality" of many Millennials. Millennials are the new kids on the block when it comes to the workplace.

How to Get Young Professionals to Volunteer


Half of Americans are under age 30 and millennials have become the largest share of the U.S. millennial noun [mil-len-ee-uh l] A person born in the 1980s or 1990s, especially in the U.S.; a member of Generation Y. Which begs the question: Can you afford not to engage them?

Mission possible: Finding and keeping volunteers

Aaron Wolowiec

It’s the first board meeting of the year and the room is packed with enthusiastic volunteer board members. And later that month, committee members flock to your building to discuss the assignments for the year. Are you seeing a surge in GenX and millennial volunteers?

Young Association Members: Myths vs. Facts


This generation is sure to determine the future of associations, making the participation of young professionals critical to the vitality and longevity of member-based organizations. Myths & Facts: Myth: Millennials are “Generation Me,” the self-centered generation. Tweet.

Eric Lanke: There Is No Recipe for Innovation

Eric Lanke

Innovation. Member Engagement. There Is No Recipe for Innovation. But thats just a launching pad for Leberecht, who gives his reader a stream-of-consciousness tour of different approaches to innovation floating around the business landscape. Labels: Innovation.

Positive Association Disruption

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How can an Association overtake an economic cycle and put its members and itself in the driver’s seat? What Keeps Members Up At Night? Updating the Association’s Strategic plan provided the perfect opportunity to engage members and the board of directors.

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12 Top Association Articles from 2016


Article #6) Does Your Association Have a Millennial Mindset? If you want to guarantee being seen by your audience, you need to get people engaged with your page content, sometimes by paying a little for exposure. Member Engagement and Innovation.

Moving from Talk to Action on Diversity and Inclusion


Association executives know that the Millennial generation, which will soon be the majority of our workforce and membership base, is the most diverse generation we’ve ever had in the US. SEE ALSO: How to Survey Association Members. Member Engagement Growth

Run Your Next Dues Renewal Effort Like a Fundraising Campaign

Eric Lanke

Spark Consulting is out with another white paper -- this one on what associations can learn about relationship building, campaign management, and attracting Millennials from charitable fundraising organizations. If you're interested, you can download "Steal Like a Fundraiser: Innovations in Cause-Oriented Fundraising for Associations" here. If I were to bring just three innovations to my association's next dues renewal effort, I would focus on: 1.

Game Plan 2014: Seeing Around the Corners

Association Adviser

But, our experts tell us if you want to stay relevant with members (and potential members), you need to be a little paranoid and never stop looking out for what’s coming around the corner. Think 365-day-a-year engagement for your events—whether they’re live, virtual or hybrid.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 04.26.19

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The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community… Millennials and Gen Z are joiners but only if they believe the ROI your association offers is worth the short-term sacrifice to their budget.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 12.13.19

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Millennials are spending more time at home than previous generations , per research uncovered by Sarah Todd at Quartz. Member Engagement Party. An engaging membership experience needs constant attention and interaction, just like any good party.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 8.7.20

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But, this week, WBT Systems reveals the high career costs of working from home for Gen Z and millennials. Virtual event and community platforms give you the chance to eavesdrop on what your members and others in your market are talking about. High Engagement Networking.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.15.20

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How to Go Virtual (While Still Creating an Engaging Experience). Learn how to take events online in a way that is going to deliver high value, create an engaging experience, and preserve the outcomes you were seeking to achieve with your in-person conference.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 10.27.17

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The Halfway Rule ,” as explained by Amanda Kaiser at Smooth the Path, is one that no association should forget, especially when it comes to dealing with newer and younger members. Presenter: Becky Willis, VP of Enterprise Engagement, EdCast. Recruit and Retain Millennial Members.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 3.9.18

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By changing their mindset and conversations with chapters , RAPS built stronger relationships with their chapters and helped them increase member engagement. Learn the seven steps to event marketing survival and top tactics to attract and engage attendees.

Three Engagement Myths, Busted.


ICMYI – in case you missed them, here’s a selection of Jamie’s posts on Association Success from August, each “busting a myth” about engagement. The Employee Engagement Trap. Engagement is fundamentally driven by a culture that truly works.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 4.5.19

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Now that everyone has their face locked into screens throughout the day, people who can afford it are paying for “human engagement.” Membership for most is an online experience, but your local chapters and affiliates offer the luxury of “human engagement.”

Association Brain Food Weekly: 11.10.17

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Reggie Henry, Chief Information and Engagement Officer at ASAE, said in a recent Association Success post : “…as our communities grow, the possibility of really knowing our members and responding to their needs effectively becomes more elusive. Members can find information anywhere.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 3.22.19

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Your new member onboarding shouldn’t just be show and tell , says Billhighway. They suggest working with your chapters on an onboarding plan that helps you learn about new members’ needs, introduce them to the chapter and association, and guide them onto the most relevant membership path.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 10.21.16

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Learn how to create a conference culture of radical hospitality that will increase participant engagement; how to discover your participants’ expectations of your event; and how to make an on-site first impression that extends radical hospitality before and after your event.

The Future of Associations is Now

Association Adviser

Associations in this day and age need to engage members by informing them, educating them and proving their value through exclusive access and benefits — and this will only keep growing in importance. AA: What do you mean by “tools of engagement”?

Why Do I Keep Blogging?

Eric Lanke

That combination of angst and chutzpah manifested itself in something called The Hourglass Blog , with the hourglass symbolizing the way GenX was pinched between the Boomers and the Millennials. But that engagement doesn’t happen on the blog. I had a great experience this past week.

Eric Lanke: Who Revolves Around Who?

Eric Lanke

Innovation. Member Engagement. I also read this fantastic post on SocialFish by Ryan Crowe about an outsider Millennials perspective on associations and association membership. I am a member of several associations. But isnt that what a member ultimately wants?

Association Brain Food Weekly: 7.18.16

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Innovation today is moving at light speed and to deliver a world class member experience your association needs to be able to leverage a strong platform to take you there. Presenter: Lowell Aplebaum, CAE, member of ASAE’s CAE Commission. Host: Community IT Innovators.

The Human Face of Digital Transformation


These digital solutions enable inherently new types of innovation and creativity, rather than simply enhance and support traditional methods. It means applying the power of electronics to optimize governance, operations, administration and member services in entirely new ways.

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Cultivating engagement: what do you want to create?

Idea Architects

This is the 9 th and final post in my short series of moving from the idea of cultivating engagement to getting in action on doing so. We’ve previously explored the following questions and issues associated with cultivating engagement. cultivation community volunteering engagement

Xperience 2018: What to expect.


All top-of-mind trends and topics organizations are having to answer for as our members, donors, volunteers—everyone—keep up and even drive transformative tech changing our world to make it a better place to live. We’ve been diligently working to create an unforgettable experience that will have you feeling inspired and empowered to reach your full potential as a leader and team member of your organization. Innovating for Year-Round Member Engagement.

Arrested Development? A Strategic Approach to Technology Reboots Association Growth


Every week, I receive calls from association executives who are concerned about: Engaging a new generation – at first, these conversations focused on millennials, now the questions are about how to engage Gen Z, the fastest growing group of employees, customers, and voters.

Eric Lanke: Should Committees Report to the Board?

Eric Lanke

Innovation. Member Engagement. These are all bodies designed to infuse the management practices of the association with the expertise and wisdom of association members themselves. Innovation. (15). Member Engagement. (9). Principled Innovation.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 8.9.19

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Their post describes the benefits of learning subscriptions for members, employers and associations, and shares ideas for tiers, pricing, and retention tactics. I’m wondering if the growing personalization trend will lead to members expecting their association to personalize content too.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 11.4.16

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Insights from the Global Engagement Index 2016: Strengthening Member & Customer Relations Globally. The Global Engagement Index (GEI) measures the performance, relationship strength and outcome of engagement tactics as seen through the eyes of associations’ customers and members.

The Hourglass Blog: Those Fish Aren't Dead, They're Just Tired

The Hourglass Blog

Heres one of his key observations: What some board members tell me, when pushed, is that they tolerate things on a nonprofit board that they wouldnt stand for in their day jobs. But board member engagement? Developing Millennial Leaders. Innovation. Millennials.

The Future of Online Communities is Curated Content - and that’s Great for Community Managers!


Some have experienced success, and others haven’t quite figured out yet what it will take to engage their members online If you’re still trying to figure out this puzzle for your organization, don’t give up! This is a recipe for failure in terms of engagement.