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Tom Morrison

They want an exciting experience that engages them in a profound way that will have a positive impact on them and their business, while providing a rewarding experience that fulfills their souls. Hats off to ASAE and St. Louis for providing one of the most exciting learning environments in recent memory. ” Implement technology that allows your members to connect with people, content, and their membership purpose.24/7.year MAXIMIZING MEMBERSHIP ENGAGEMENT.

Do Whatever Rings the Cash Register: Associations & NonDues

SCD Group

is the Chief Executive Officer of the 36,000 member American Optometric Association highlighted non-dues revenue in a meeting of the St. Louis Institute for Association Leadership (STIAL). Associations continue to “debate and discuss” non-dues revenue and the role associations should take in providing “for profit” oriented products and services to members and non-members. The St. nay-sayers: (focus on needs of member.

So You Think You Know Non-Dues Revenue

Association Adviser

This disconnect may be related to a lack of measurement or the inability to record reader engagement, according to my colleague Jill Andreu, VP Content Strategy and Development for Naylor Association Solutions ,who will be hosting a webinar about our findings later this month. Less than one-third of respondents to our study reported having a process in place for measuring member engagement with their communications. Louis. Hank Berkowitz, Association Adviser.