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2018 eLearning Predictions: Updated Hype Curve

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Innovation Trigger. The concept of distributed ledgers has usefulness outside of its thriving use in financial transactions and currency speculation, and it is actively triggering innovation in healthcare IT. As Mark Iafrate of Accredible , an evangelist for badges, has suggested, these standards could continue to exist in a layered system that rests atop distributed ledgers. We like that idea, and we agree that you need to provide many different pricing models.

Finding Radical Value in Core Competencies

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If you read the news and study trends, you may already be aware that there is a great deal of change underway in the K-12 and post-secondary system in the United States. Rising college tuition costs, shrinking numbers of seats, and new technology based delivery systems are combining to create a perfect storm in the adult education world. However, the coming disruptions in the educational system couldn’t come at a better time for associations.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 7.21.17

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LMS provider WBT Systems writes about instructional design innovations that associations could borrow from “ModPo” and a few other award-winning MOOCs. Find out how to identify whether your board favors planning or preparation (and which is necessary for strategy), define integrated reasoning and how your board needs to apply it regularly for organizational success, and identify three critical steps to enhance strategic thinking, innovation, and insight.

Remember the 3 E’s When Marketing Educational Programs

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Besides other associations, you now have online professional platforms like LinkedIn (now owned by Microsoft) and Udacity to worry about, plus all the MOOCs like Coursera and EdX. Search for innovative product concepts. Overturn traditional assumptions about price/performance relationships. The post Remember the 3 E’s When Marketing Educational Programs appeared first on WBT Systems. An effective online learning marketing plan has three phases.

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