2020 Association Technology Trends And Predictions

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Want to know what’s on the horizon for association technology in 2020? But when it comes to association technology trends, you don’t necessarily have to look far into the future to see the road ahead. Emphasis on innovation. But that doesn’t mean you stop innovating.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Purchasing New Association Technology

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Purchasing new technology is a big undertaking. Ariel Brandt Lautman , Online Community Manager for the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials, has a list of questions to review before she purchases new technology. For instance, is having your newsletter tracking in your AMS a requirement? If so, you'll want an AMS that provides robust newsletter functionality or has a comprehensive integration with a robust newsletter tool.”.

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5 Ways Technology Can Push Your Fundraising Strategy Forward

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We all know it’s true: technology is becoming more vital with each passing day. As useful (and addictive ) as technology can be, many nonprofits still don’t know how to reap the full benefits of their various software platforms. Between donation tools, donor or member management software, online community platforms, and other technological tools, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the capabilities and forget to make the most of these amazing solutions.

What I’m Reading

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How can you tell if your CEO is ready for innovation? The future of technology , and the caveman law: tech v. E-newsletters still work, and work well. blog roundup cool technology innovation leadership management marketing Associations Now Christina Smith Innovation Excellence Jamie Notter McKinley Advisors SEO Shelly Alcorn Technology Review These questions could help. primitive desires? Bet on primitive desires every time.

Goodbye e-learning

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So when I came across “Association Learning + Technology 2014,” a recent report by Jeff Cobb and Celisa Steele , founders of consulting firm Tagoras , imagine my delight! Young or old, technology has redefined the way we learn and work. Association Learning + Technology 2014” is designed to help association leaders strategize for a new learning landscape, while meeting their members’ needs for convenient and quick access to information. As a former journalist, I love data.

Did You Know? Associations Plan to Innovate Membership (Again) in 2018

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Last month, we asked readers in what area they plan to make the most innovative changes in 2018. Fifty-seven percent of respondents named this their top area for planned innovations. Slightly less than one-third (29 percent) said they would focus on marketing and communication changes while 14 percent plan to focus most of their association’s changes on the technology it deploys. What does innovation in membership look like? Features Did You Know Innovation membershi

Fast Track Your Way to Innovation


Is your association innovative enough to survive in the roaring twenties? Xerox—never capitalized on the many breakthrough technologies developed at its Palo Alto Research Center. As you read, you might be asking: Why is innovation so important? Innovation requires a budget.

Thanks For Playing: Always the Last to Know: Readz

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Does your association have a magazine or newsletter? Labels: cool technology. The Grassroots Innovation Leader. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Thanks For Playing. Seeking community in associations since 2008. 25 June 2012. Always the Last to Know: Readz. Is it online? Is it just a boring plain HTML version of the printed stories? Readz wants to help you out, by making a multimedia rich version of your publications that looks gorgeous on tablets. Share on FriendFeed.

Extreme trends or the new normal?

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In a 24/7 plugged-in society, businesses need to embrace change and welcome technology. I’ll talk to two experts in innovation, Jeff de Cagna , founder of Principled Innovation LLC, and Sarah Sladek , founder of XYZ University. Gone are the days of 10-page newsletters and here to stay are the days of SMS alerts. An online engagement center at the 2012 ASAE Annual Meeting. Photo courtesy of ASAE on Flickr.

Lunchtime Links: Invest in New Technologies That Matter

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How to evaluate new technologies. New technologies are all around us, every day. Worthy tech: There’s no hiding from technology. And, at the pace at which innovation moves, the next big thing always seems to be just around the corner. But not every new technology is worth your time—or your money. ” These technologies “have the potential to dramatically change the status quo,” writes Hurt.

What Smart Associations Do Differently

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Also look at learning preferences, technology adoption and topic interests. Technology is not synonymous for innovation; some associations are having breakthroughs by going back to old tech. In response to this challenge, some associations have made impressive gains in their adoption of technology, particularly in the areas of mobile, social media, video, online learning, connectivity and more. Also keep in mind that you can innovate by using old technology, too.

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Not All Association Improvements Are Additive

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When we contemplate improvements we usually think about adding things: A new bit of technology. Paring down the newsletter so it can be read in 5 minutes, no make that 3 minutes. Association Innovation Association Strategy association innovation association strategy complex complexity discontinue marketing strategy simplicity simplify sunsetA new experience at the conference. More manpower, more money and more time.

Serious Questions: What will it take for your association’s stakeholders to thrive?

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Serious Questions newsletter. Each issue of the newsletter presents a serious question on which I offer my thoughts for newsletter subscribers. Blog once the current month’s issue of the newsletter is released. This question raises still more compelling questions about which capabilities, collaborations and technologies will make it possible for their associations to flourish by harnessing the powerful forces of relentless societal transformation.

Reaching Out To Global Markets Through Meetings & Events.


« Where in the World are the Innovators? The following post was written by Ajay Bhojwani, MCI director of association management, consulting and congresses for MCI Middle East in Dubai and published in ASAE’s Global Link newsletter, July 2010. In an era of uncertainties, we are forced to think of innovative ways to tackle new obstacles every day of the week. GrowGlobally.org.

Jeffrey Cufaude, Idea Architects: Seen Elsewhere: Crowdsourcing.

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custom-designing keynotes, workshops, and leadership conferences that promote innovation, learning, and community. In one of my volunteer roles, I contribute content for a feature in the ASAE Executive Management Section IdeaLink newsletter called Seen Elsewhere. Engaging Members to Crowdsource Solutions and Innovations. Companies increasingly look to customer-generated innovations, co-creating products and services with the input and effort of end users.

3 ideas Netflix embraces for success — and what associations can learn from them

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Instead, the company has gone through multiple phases of innovation that have radically changed its core offerings — all without straying from its original mission. Today, many associations are burdened by hyper-specific mission statements that stifle innovation and agility. .

What’s Old School Tech is New Again

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This go-around, I’ve become a bit more innovative in my training in an effort to have a better race: new workouts, diet and some really cool tech tools. Technology is great, and associations are using it in creative ways that drive member engagement to new levels and advocate for their industries. Oftentimes, the technologies that have been around the longest can still be among the most effective. Sarah Sain, Naylor Association Solutions.

Competing in the Digital Age

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Associations need to embrace these new technologies and use them to compete in today’s world and set themselves up for success for what’s to come tomorrow and beyond. Give yourself some bandwidth to innovate, to experiment, to try some new things, to do some live videos, to start a podcast.

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How to Create Sponsorship Value for Your Association’s Virtual Event


C heck out the first p ost about staff communications a nd the second about conference technology. . Some will focus on brand awareness with advertis ing during specific sessions , content on social media , or brand ing in email communications and newsletters.

Associations Unorthodox Shift #1: De-emphasize membership

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To have the chance to flourish going forward, associations must pursue the complex yet essential work of business model innovation. Not only is membership orthodoxy deeply inculcated into the mindsets that association leaders bring to their businesses today, but association workflows are supported and reinforced by products, services and advice delivered by consultants, technology companies and other providers operating on the same membership-centric belief system.

Welcome, Association Universe!

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Speaking of content curation, there's a new player in the association world: Association Universe , a new site/newsletter specifically designed for association executives. Association Universe is aggregating content from a bunch of source, including this blog, to focus on the issues important to association executives including management, marketing, membership, events, development, programs, technology, innovation and much, much more.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 12.14.18

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If you’ve ever tried to get people at work to adopt a new technology, you know what kind of uphill battle that can be. Fíonta explains the reasons behind resistance to change and provides change management advice for technology, in their case, Salesforce, implementations. 14 best content marketing newsletters for 2019. Host: Unleashed Technologies. Presenter: Michael Spinosa, CEO at Unleashed Technologies.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 4.12.19

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Mike Guerrieri at DelCor Technology Solutions shares his observations and advice from two years of association technology assessments. To make many of the changes Mike suggests, you need more than technology, you need staff with an innovation mindset. WBT Systems identifies ten traits of an innovation mindset to cultivate at your association if you want to turn innovative ideas and strategies into reality.

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How Associations Help Under 30s with Career Growth


Today’s organizations are innovative, technologically savvy, and offer an incomparable list of member benefits. It’s a one-page pdf that associations can share on social media, post websites, include with emails, or feature in member newsletters.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 7.24.20

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Learn the best way to use technology for virtual and hybrid events with tracks for event owners and planners. Find out how you can keep your subscribers engaged in between buying cycles with a relevant, personalized newsletter. Learn how to curate outside news sources in order to develop a personalized, automated newsletter for your audience. The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community… Associations and the future of colleges.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 6.5.20

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Then I lose myself reading articles on Twitter or in newsletters, and, one of my favorite activities, compiling a list of more things to read. Kit” (innovation in a box) and then crowd-sourcing the most impactful tools that people use throughout the Disruptor League. Learn how senior levels professionals from a hotelier, audio visual technology company, and a design agency are working with planners given the new social distancing and CDC advisements.

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Daily Buzz: Don’t Ask Members What They Want. Ask This Instead.

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For real innovation, associations need to foresee members’ biggest goals and problems. You could ask them, sure—but real innovation comes from solving problems members don’t realize exist yet. “We Also: how “low-impact” meeting menus contribute to a greener world.

Building Buy-In for an Online Community at Your Association

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This is how you can prove your new member community will be a valuable technology investment. Many associations are looking to technology to help them achieve various goals like millennial recruitment and maximizing staff resources.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 7.10.20

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David Lerman, Senior Writer for Budget Newsletter, CQ Roll Call. Drawing on a mix of academic theory and real-world examples, Gary Gonzalez will explain how emerging technology and dramatic shifts in audience consumption habits have created a billion-dollar online industry.

Managing the Communications Plan for Your Association’s Virtual Event


I n a moment of crisis, innovation accelerates. B ut b efore we dig into the technology, staff preparation and other elements of our conference , we wanted to cover one of the first steps in transitioning to a virtual event: communication. .

Doing Personalization Right

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And, how can technology improve our interactions with members today? Personalization has become a key characteristic of our organizations’ technological capacity and stretching our minds to the not-too-distant past can point us toward future possibilities. How, then, should technologically-supported personalization play out through member engagement? Thanks to technological innovations we can take personalization to a new level via measuring the sentiment of our constituents.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 11.3.17

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And I especially love it when others do it for me—those are the newsletters I value most. Hmm, a personalized curated newsletter might be one thing to turn passively loyal members and customers into actively loyal ones. Customization” has become a dirty word in association technology and for good reason. Ann McDermott at DelCor Technology Solutions discusses the many perils of customizing association software. Fostering a Culture of Innovation at Your Association.

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Associations Unorthodox e-book available on August 8

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Jeff De Cagna said, “Over the last ten years, I have collaborated with a wide variety of associations in the areas of strategy, innovation, governing and the impact of new technologies on the future of associating. ” Please visit the Associations Unorthodox page on the Principled Innovation site at www.associationsunorthodox.com to download the e-book, and learn more about how to join the Associations Unorthodox conversation.

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ASAE Reveals 2020 Gold Circle Awards Winners


WASHINGTON — ASAE announces the winners of the 2020 Gold Circle Awards competition, which denotes excellence, innovation, and achievement in association/nonprofit marketing, membership, and communications programs. Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed); Saving Jobs and Lives – End Device Tax. E-Newsletter. Association of Equipment Manufacturers; AEM Industry Advisor e-Newsletter. E-Newsletter.

Changes in Membership Management Software that Could Impact How You Run Your Association


Whether we’re talking about the internet revolution or the technology revolution in general, billionaire Scott Cook makes a good point. We’re still just getting used to having the internet, technology, and information at our fingertips.

Book of the Month - April 2019

Association Success

In a world of lightning-fast technological advancements, ever-changing economic, social and political situations, and generational transition challenges, the association space is deeply affected. Associations have long been on survival-mode, tackling issues and problems as they arise, but while they are dealing with what is most recent and seemingly urgent, they miss out on the chance to experiment, modernize, and truly innovate. Is your association ready for the Digital Age?

Is Your Association Providing a Quality Digital Experience?


Yet, some organizations can lag in developing the technologies they need to provide a satisfying digital experience for their customers. . Typically, those interactions include your public relations and marketing activities, social media posts, email newsletters, webinars, blogs, SMS and podcasts. . By Brian Smith – Communications Specialist. M any of our daily interactions and communications are through screens , and i t’s not just television.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 9.15.17

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Dave Coriale at DelCor Technology Solutions isn’t one to use that kind of language in public but he did share 12 steps association CEOs can take to avoid becoming the next Equifax —and avoid getting the axe. If you have a hard time keeping up with emerging technology , check out the creative ways these eleven CIOs stay current. Jimmy Daly says it’s the perfect time to launch a newsletter , and I agree. – Driving an Innovation Strategy.

6 Tips to Improve Your Association’s Management with Data


Identify opportunities for technological innovation. However, as the demographics of your membership change and technological innovations continue to evolve, recruiting is now more challenging than ever. Identify opportunities for technological innovation. Your association’s data is a powerful tool to discover opportunities to improve your association’s operations with technology. .

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 2.17.17

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I used to go online to quickly check my emails for anything important and I’d end up reading newsletters and community digests, moving onto Hootsuite, falling down the black hole of clicking on tweeted links, reading more articles, and oh why not just a glance at LinkedIn too, then more newsletters and suddenly hours have flown by. Familiarize yourself with the innovative ways you can learn and network with your colleagues in the industry, both inside and outside of the classroom.