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3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Purchasing New Association Technology

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Purchasing new technology is a big undertaking. Ariel Brandt Lautman , Online Community Manager for the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials, has a list of questions to review before she purchases new technology. At the most basic level, the number of people using software can affect pricing. Some SaaS platforms base their fees on number of seats, so more employees using the platform means a higher price.

How Associations Can Improve The Member Experience Through Technology

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Three technology innovations associations should embrace for a better member experience. Turn to technology innovation. One of the key findings from Salesforce’s second edition of the State of the Connected Customer report , points to the importance of innovation. As a member-based organization, how can your association go about embracing innovation? And how does innovation translate into delivering a better customer (member) experience?

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Is New Technology Worth The Investment?

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We asked Marcus Underwood, vice president for online media at Naylor, to weigh in about technology becoming more personal and, at times, more expensive. Tech innovations such as blogging and social media platforms allow associations to host low-cost, two-way communication forums. The reward from using new technology—and the risk of not implementing it—usually outweighs the upfront costs. Once you have that, find the right technology partner and move quickly.

Top Findings from the Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report

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Yet despite these threats, findings from the 2019 MembershipMarketing Benchmarking Report shows more associations continue to experience membership growth year over year than those that are seeing a decline in membership. In addition to looking at the tactics and strategies that typically correlated to success, we also asked respondents to rate how innovative their association is and what level of value that they are delivering to members.

Arrested Development? A Strategic Approach to Technology Reboots Association Growth


Somewhere back in the Dark Ages of IT- say two years ago, because that’s how fast the electronic world moves now ¬- we thought about technology as a tool to do business. Technology has made the leap out of the toolbox. And, they are already the most influential group of technology trendsetters. First and most important, when it comes to technology – pay attention. A Strategic Approach to Technology Reboots Association Growth appeared first on orgCommunity.

Goodbye e-learning

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So when I came across “Association Learning + Technology 2014,” a recent report by Jeff Cobb and Celisa Steele , founders of consulting firm Tagoras , imagine my delight! Young or old, technology has redefined the way we learn and work. ” The 52-page Tagoras report provides such data, which were collected based upon a survey of 200 trade and professional associations. I’m sure the trends and data provided in the report will provide future blog fodder.

Membership Marketing Blog: Innovation through Collaboration

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Innovation through Collaboration. We are always looking for new innovative ways to do things better. So I wanted to share two items that I came across this week that attribute successful innovation to collaboration. First in an article in the Technology section of the Washington Post , the case is made that much of the economic dynamism of technology companies comes from sharing talent and ideas. First, innovation is collaborative. Price. (9).

New Pew Research Report: The Future of Digital Life and Well-Being

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The Pew Research Center has released a research report called “ The Future of Digital Life and Well-Being.” ” Pew interviewed technology experts and scholars (including me) about the benefits and drawbacks of our digital lives. Invent, reinvent, innovate.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing an LMS

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Being able to easily access data and reports once things get going will also be an important piece to the LMS puzzle. . Can you have different pricing for different groups of people? Flexible Reporting. All LMSs have some sort of reporting and analytics, but you have to make sure what they have can work for you. Are you able to export the report and manipulate the data? An Innovative Company.

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How Associations Can Transform Higher Education

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Kevin Kelly, from his book, The Inevitable: Understanding the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future ). Unlike many association management reports, the paper puts associations into their place in our larger world. Not many, not at the prices charged by universities today. Tagged: Association , Education , Future , Innovation , Professional Development. Associations & Nonprofits Association Education Future Innovation Professional Development

Lunchtime Links: Invest in New Technologies That Matter

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How to evaluate new technologies. New technologies are all around us, every day. Worthy tech: There’s no hiding from technology. And, at the pace at which innovation moves, the next big thing always seems to be just around the corner. But not every new technology is worth your time—or your money. ” These technologies “have the potential to dramatically change the status quo,” writes Hurt.

Don?t let legacy association management software be your legacy

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How will the technology decisions you make today affect your association’s future? Make sure your association doesn’t pay the price for outdated software. Have you considered how the technology decisions you make today will affect your association’s future? Paying the price for a legacy AMS system. Consider an AMS that includes: A continuous stream of product upgrades , so you’re always using the latest technology without downtime and extra expenses. Technolog

What Smart Associations Do Differently

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So if rising tides lift all boats, why are most associations reporting flat or low single-digit growth? Also look at learning preferences, technology adoption and topic interests. Technology is not synonymous for innovation; some associations are having breakthroughs by going back to old tech. Sources: *Oscars (MPA); **Billboard Top 100; # Year end closing price for Dow Jones Industrial Average ## U.S. Hank Berkowitz, Association Adviser.

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Finding Motivation in "You're Doing It Wrong"

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Pricing. Technology. Will enough people report spam coming from machines with links for tracking bugs to public reputation systems and filter providers to cause real trouble? Have people reported spam to their own mail providers adequately to make those aspects fodder for spam filters? Pricing. Tags: Friday Fix , innovation. Membership Software Association Management Software. Solutions. Associations. Nonprofits + Foundations.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 9.25.20

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Hear tips to understanding which AMS capabilities are right for your organization, advice on the vendor selection process—key themes and questions to ask, an overview of pricing in the AMS marketplace in 2020, and pros and cons of off-the-shelf solutions vs. flexible, configurable platforms. How to Scope and Implement Virtual Event Technology. Virtual event technology is key for pulling off a virtual event, but implementing new tech is never easy.

Attention Nonprofit #DataNerds: A Few Recent Research Studies on Data, Technology, Funding, and Trends

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In the last few weeks, there have been a few good research studies and web sites relaunched that cover technology, data, funding, and trends. Here’s a roundup. Collaborative Technologies: Helping Funders Work Together Better. Monitor Institute and the Foundation Center released a new report called Harnessing Collaborative Technologies: Helping Funders Work Together Better. Media Impact Funders New Site, Data Tool, and Reports.

Best Practices for Monetizing Your eLearning Content

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Over the last few decades, the biggest driver of non-dues revenue has been technological advancements. Technology has paved the way for innovative methods of generating non-dues revenue while providing significant value to your members. In this article, we will discuss three of the most effective ways for leveraging educational content and technology. eCommerce reporting – will you be able to prove and improve ROI.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 7.31.20

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Survey participants will receive the study’s final report. Whether you are an association executive, business professional, or the parent of a student, there are valuable insights to gain from these leaders about the future of education and work, innovation, crisis management, and community-building. Lori Pugh Marcum, CMP, CMM, HMCC, CED, Head of Meeting Innovation, Meeting Professionals International. Sponsorship and Pricing Methods for Virtual Events.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 9.11.20

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The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community… Virtual conference pricing. Lewis Flax of Flax Associates says, “Innovative sponsorship options exist way beyond pasting logos anywhere and everywhere.”

Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.29.20

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It covers virtual event strategy and technology, including a list of platforms for different purposes. The Online News Association is turning their conference into a virtual “ global journalism innovation festival.”

Association Brain Food Weekly: 7.10.20

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They warn, “We are already paying the price in greater risk aversion among writers, artists, and journalists who fear for their livelihoods if they depart from the consensus, or even lack sufficient zeal in agreement.” Jennifer Shutt, Budget and Appropriations Reporter, CQ Roll Call.

Best Practices for Monetizing Your eLearning Content

Blue Sky eLearn

Over the last few decades, the biggest driver of non-dues revenue has been technological advancements. Technology has paved the way for innovative methods of generating non-dues revenue while providing significant value to your members. In this article, we will discuss three of the most effective ways for leveraging educational content and technology. eCommerce reporting – will you be able to prove and improve ROI.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 4.12.19

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Mike Guerrieri at DelCor Technology Solutions shares his observations and advice from two years of association technology assessments. To make many of the changes Mike suggests, you need more than technology, you need staff with an innovation mindset. WBT Systems identifies ten traits of an innovation mindset to cultivate at your association if you want to turn innovative ideas and strategies into reality.

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What’s the Big Idea?

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If you want to get better at innovating, don’t spend all your time with people just like you. To ensure better innovation during the day, make sure you and your team unplug and recharge at night—that’s a healthy form of R&D (rest and dream). ” Last summer, I sat in on a panel discussion about innovation for association professionals. Luke Williams , executive director, Berkley Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at New York University , agreed.

Words Make Worlds - Part 2 - Membership vs Citizenship

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Godwin at Case Western - Positive Organization Development: Innovation-inspired Change in an Economy and Ecology of Strengths. This paper is a MUST READ for anyone interested in innovation in our association community. We often attempt to think innovatively while not recognizing the common terminology we use can work to block us in. “Member pricing” is a sales technique not a philosophy. innovation. (6). Principled Innovation LLC.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 1.19.18

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Of all the benchmark reports released in the association community each year, this is one of my favorites. One thing we can predict about the future: implementing new technology will never stop. A key ingredient for successful technology projects is collaboration. Mike Guerrieri at DelCor Technology Solutions explains how technology and collaboration can be a virtuous cycle. Discover innovative methods to advance professionally, despite these new challenges.

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Building Buy-In for an Online Community at Your Association

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This is how you can prove your new member community will be a valuable technology investment. Many associations are looking to technology to help them achieve various goals like millennial recruitment and maximizing staff resources. Objection 1: Price.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 1.26.18

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Their paper, Steal Like a Fundraiser: Innovations in Cause-Oriented Fundraising for Associations , shares the secrets to charity fundraising success: Building relationships with donors at all levels and how that relates to membership relationship building and management. Of all the benchmark reports released in the association community each year, this is one of my favorites. 4 million US jobs are expected to be disrupted by technology and other factors between now and 2026.

How Transformational Is Your Association CIO (or IT Leader)?


The role of the association CIO (or technology leader) is evolving before our eyes as associations adapt to a world full of disruption and change. But, associations aren’t the only organizations adjusting their approach to technology. It’s clear from reading the Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO Survey 2018 that CIOs all over the world are facing the same technology challenges as association CIOs. And 9% report no strategy. Is your association CIO focused on what matters most?

Association Brain Food Weekly: 6.5.20

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Kit” (innovation in a box) and then crowd-sourcing the most impactful tools that people use throughout the Disruptor League. Hear from an expert and your peers in the association world as they share their expertise on platforms, best attendee experiences, verification of virtual programs, pricing options, and methods of virtual offerings (on-demand, pre-recorded, live). Ian Seidenberg, CSEP, Director of Event Technologies, Encore Event Technologies.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 7.3.20

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This opportunity is for association professionals who are responsible for reporting analytics to leadership, Boards of Directors, and other stakeholders, to come together in a free-flowing environment to share their lunchtime and discuss data analytics topics. Anthony Gad, National Director of Research, State Innovation Exchange. Host: Open Access Technologies, Inc. Presenter: Karen McCall, Senior Advisor, Open Access Technologies, Inc. 2020 Engagement Trends Report.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.12.17

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Your weekly list of free webinars and events for the association community… How are associations using learning technologies? If you work for a membership organization, please participate in the Association Learning + Technology survey. Even if your organization doesn’t currently use or plan to use technology to deliver learning products, and regardless of your size or budget, please take 10 minutes to contribute. The new CIO is more than a technology manager.

Best Practices for Monetizing eLearning Content


As the importance of non-dues revenue continues to grow, technological advancements have become one of the biggest drivers. These advancements allow associations to be more innovative while increasing the value they can provide to their members. If you’re offering anything for continuing education credit, certificates or certifications are the first things we would recommend putting a price tag on.

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Customers for Life: Meet the Zenoss TechZen User Community [Case Study]

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The new community platform introduced innovative collaboration capabilities, enhanced overall user experience, and provided scalability to support the rapid membership growth. John Boyle, Technology Alliances & Community, Zenoss.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.8.20

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Learn about the proper setup of Google Analytics, the most useful reports in your Analytics, which reports answer which questions and support which decisions, and how to make sure you get the right information out of your Analytics quickly and efficiently. Host: Association Women Technology Champions (AWTC). Discuss and evaluate emerging pricing models to consider for your Fall 2020 event. What new technologies can they employ? Host: DelCor Technology Solutions.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 2.15.19

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Learn about different opportunities to make connections between national and state chapters, and the benefits of leveraging your chapters through existing technology channels. Learn how to evaluate your association’s current analytics maturity using a scorecard for the key areas of Culture, Data, Technology and Process. Garth will tell us how’s he has been preparing HFMA to launch a “one price, all access” Netflix model of membership.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.22.20

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The report that came out of their first survey two years ago was full of good information and great ideas so I look forward to this edition. Jake Toohey, Senior Digital Consultant, Adage Technologies. Joe Post, Vice President Strategy, Adage Technologies. Learn how to proactively communicate during the event process with leaders and key stakeholders, and leverage technology to centralize information for the entire organization.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 12.6.19

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Karim Guirguis, chief strategy and innovation officer at the American Bankruptcy Institute. Learn how event technology can simplify each phase of the event planning lifecycle; from venue sourcing to website building, employee wrangling, reporting, and everything in between.

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Library Group Aims to Reeducate Public on Its Profession

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As innovative maker spaces seem to be pushing out book stacks in school libraries, the American Association of School Librarians posits that there’s room for both—and that certified school librarians are the most qualified professionals to give students the best of both worlds. Some schools are opting to hire “innovation specialists” in lieu of school librarians, who have earned master’s degrees and librarian certifications.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 10.21.16

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Tagoras , a consulting and education firm specializing in the market for lifelong learning, invites you to participate in a survey that will help our community better understand how membership organizations use or don’t use social technologies to deliver learning. Data from the survey will form the basis of a report Tagoras will release in the coming months. Mon 10/24 – Design Thinking for Innovation (Coursera).