Price Your eLearning Right

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Rethinking Event-Based Pricing. One of the most common mistakes I see in pricing eLearning is exclusively applying the old one-time registration model. Before setting pricing, it’s critical to understand your market. Conduct a market analysis to understand your competitor’s products and pricing, target market, market needs, and price range that market will bear for the value you’re offering. Consider these models to price your eLearning right.

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How do you price a virtual event?

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How should I price my event? What you ultimately want is to be able to monetize the event,” said Michael Tatonetti , director of certification and education for the Professional Pricing Society. With that being said, pricing should follow the same concept. . “A Taking in all the parts and pieces required to produce your event, and determining the cost, can give you a basis for your pricing. The post How do you price a virtual event?

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How do you price a virtual event?

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How should I price my event? What you ultimately want is to be able to monetize the event,” said Michael Tatonetti , director of certification and education for the Professional Pricing Society. With that being said, pricing should follow the same concept. . “A Taking in all the parts and pieces required to produce your event, and determining the cost, can give you a basis for your pricing. The post How do you price a virtual event?

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3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Purchasing New Association Technology

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Purchasing new technology is a big undertaking. Ariel Brandt Lautman , Online Community Manager for the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials, has a list of questions to review before she purchases new technology. At the most basic level, the number of people using software can affect pricing. Some SaaS platforms base their fees on number of seats, so more employees using the platform means a higher price.

Are You an Innovator or a Producer?

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Pricing. Technology. Are Innovation and Production at Odds? HBR posted a good article recently about Why Managers Don’t Really Want to Innovate. The article pointed out that most companies are not willing to devote time to innovation because innovative time steals from production time. Since innovation has been a topic of interest to associations and other member-based organizations, we’re wondering if you’ve had the same experience?

The Trick to Innovating with Gen Y

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Pricing. Technology. How Do You Innovate With Millennials? Innovating with millennials sounds like a no-brainer. While they have the enthusiasm, they may need the goals of your innovation to be laid out for them. Another way to capitalize on their exuberance and get them innovating is by placing them in charge of the “little things.” This will help you make the most of their ideas and innovative spirit. Pricing.

Is New Technology Worth The Investment?

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We asked Marcus Underwood, vice president for online media at Naylor, to weigh in about technology becoming more personal and, at times, more expensive. Tech innovations such as blogging and social media platforms allow associations to host low-cost, two-way communication forums. The reward from using new technology—and the risk of not implementing it—usually outweighs the upfront costs. Once you have that, find the right technology partner and move quickly.

Arrested Development? A Strategic Approach to Technology Reboots Association Growth


Somewhere back in the Dark Ages of IT- say two years ago, because that’s how fast the electronic world moves now ¬- we thought about technology as a tool to do business. Technology has made the leap out of the toolbox. And, they are already the most influential group of technology trendsetters. First and most important, when it comes to technology – pay attention. A Strategic Approach to Technology Reboots Association Growth appeared first on orgCommunity.

Innovative Planning at The Global Pet Expo Creates Greater Productivity for Attendees

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To create innovative and interactive meetings, planners around the nation are raising the bar on productivity and capitalizing on attendee experience. Visit Orlando: How do you define innovation and what are you doing to infuse this into the meetings you plan? . Andrew Darmohraj: Innovation is any way you can provide anything new and helpful to your customer base, whether that’s on the exhibitor side or the attendee side.

Why Does Innovation Challenge Associations So Much?

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During this week’s ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition in Salt Lake City, a trend of discussion during different sessions was that innovation quite often requires quick work, something many associations are not known for. Sensing an early theme of #asae16 —the idea that associations don't move quickly enough to truly innovate. Why Innovation Challenges Associations. Innovation is, almost by definition, a willingness to challenge the status quo.

What Nintendo Teaches About Creative Innovation

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Hey, gamers, this one is for you: Your technology strategy doesn’t necessarily need the latest bells and whistles to succeed. It’s an industry that’s constantly getting disrupted, too, with new graphics technologies, styles of play, and types of interactivity keeping developers on their toes. The post What Nintendo Teaches About Creative Innovation appeared first on Associations Now

E-commerce innovation: Engaging your customers


In an age of social media, that means taking the technologies that are at hand today and pushing the limits of what it means to connect with our communities every day. There are great examples of brands that have turned modern technologies and business practices into successful audience engagement innovation tools. Pepsi is taking two of its biggest drinks (Pepsi Cola and Mountain Dew) and doing some pretty innovative things on the social web.

To Invite Innovation, Make Friends With Risk and Change


When we were new entrepreneurs, you could fit the scope of technology into the same neat boxes that contained the hardware and software that made it run. Medicine is a complex environment where exponential advancements in research and technology are occurring simultaneously with a transformation in the way that physicians’ practice. The accelerated timeline of these activities reflects the organization’s belief in the value of synchronizing technology and operations.

Goodbye e-learning

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So when I came across “Association Learning + Technology 2014,” a recent report by Jeff Cobb and Celisa Steele , founders of consulting firm Tagoras , imagine my delight! Young or old, technology has redefined the way we learn and work. Association Learning + Technology 2014” is designed to help association leaders strategize for a new learning landscape, while meeting their members’ needs for convenient and quick access to information. As a former journalist, I love data.

Don’t Fool Yourself: Your Technology Has an Expiration Date

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While the costs of upgrading basic technology building blocks like hard drives certainly add up, delaying those upgrades comes with another price tag—one that could really hurt. The way you invest in technology needs to keep up with this burn cycle, or you could find yourself in a bind. But it does make a pretty good argument for exactly how associations should spend on technology.

Membership Marketing Blog: Innovation through Collaboration

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Innovation through Collaboration. We are always looking for new innovative ways to do things better. So I wanted to share two items that I came across this week that attribute successful innovation to collaboration. First in an article in the Technology section of the Washington Post , the case is made that much of the economic dynamism of technology companies comes from sharing talent and ideas. First, innovation is collaborative. Price. (9).

Don't Let Ego Kill Innovation in your Organization

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Pricing. Technology. Don’t Let Your Ego Get in the Way of Innovation. The biggest enemy of innovation is not fear (that can be overcome). If you are satisfied with your organization’s success there’s no reason to innovate. But the problem isn’t yet a problem and without a problem it becomes very difficult to sell a solution (or innovation). Innovation makes new things and new ideas.I Pricing.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing an LMS

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Can you have different pricing for different groups of people? An Innovative Company. You’ll want to make sure that the LMS you’re selecting today will continue to grow and innovate as technology does, as well as your organization’s needs do! Learning Technologies Online Learning Uncategorized choosing an LMS how to select an LMS learning management system LMS LMS selectionSelecting a new (or your first) learning management system is a big undertaking.

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The Lifelong Learner’s Guide to Success: Future Proofing Your Career, Part One

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The authors attributed technological advancements as the paramount influencer for the rise and decline of the demand for cognitive task occupations. As we entered into the technology age in the early 1980s, industry leaders needed to design and build an infrastructure that would support this new industry. I believe we are experiencing another ebb and flow in what our workforce is demanding due to innovative technological changes.

Lunchtime Links: Invest in New Technologies That Matter

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How to evaluate new technologies. New technologies are all around us, every day. Worthy tech: There’s no hiding from technology. And, at the pace at which innovation moves, the next big thing always seems to be just around the corner. But not every new technology is worth your time—or your money. ” These technologies “have the potential to dramatically change the status quo,” writes Hurt.

How Associations Can Transform Higher Education

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Kevin Kelly, from his book, The Inevitable: Understanding the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future ). Not many, not at the prices charged by universities today. Tagged: Association , Education , Future , Innovation , Professional Development. Associations & Nonprofits Association Education Future Innovation Professional DevelopmentRight now, today, in 2016 is the best time to start up.

The Lifelong Learner’s Guide to Success: Future-Proofing Your Career, Part Three

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We also dove into technological advancements and their effect on the workforce and the economy. If you are running a cost-benefit analysis and comparing the price of sending employees to workshops or offering to pay for classes and determine the new skill or concept isn’t worth the investment, then you may want to take a second look. We know that a college degree does not get you as far as it used to, and that technology is rapidly changing entire industries.

What Smart Associations Do Differently

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Also look at learning preferences, technology adoption and topic interests. Technology is not synonymous for innovation; some associations are having breakthroughs by going back to old tech. In response to this challenge, some associations have made impressive gains in their adoption of technology, particularly in the areas of mobile, social media, video, online learning, connectivity and more. Also keep in mind that you can innovate by using old technology, too.

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Don?t let legacy association management software be your legacy

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How will the technology decisions you make today affect your association’s future? Make sure your association doesn’t pay the price for outdated software. Have you considered how the technology decisions you make today will affect your association’s future? Paying the price for a legacy AMS system. Consider an AMS that includes: A continuous stream of product upgrades , so you’re always using the latest technology without downtime and extra expenses. Technolog

If You Really Understood Digital Disruption You Would Be Shaking In Your Boots

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This allows innovative disruptors to rapidly build products and services to meet specific needs. This is a huge challenge for them and an opportunity for innovative digital disruptors. And the free lunch buffet is getting bigger while the entry price to eat is not rising. Associations disruptive forces disruptive innovation disruptive technologies disruptors technology

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Best Way to Improve Creativity

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Pricing. Technology. Pricing. Tags: blogging , creativty , innovation. Membership Software Association Management Software. Solutions. Associations. Nonprofits + Foundations. Chambers + EDCs. Corporate + Social. Education + Alumni. Advantages. Branding. Control. Add-On Products. Support. Company. News + Press. Customers. Management Team. Partner Programs. Corporate Responsibility. Inside YM. Careers. Contact. Blog.

Do Associations Really Have it Worse?

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Are associations more stuck in their ways, more constrained, and less technologically adept than other non-association organizations of similar demographics? While conducting association industry research on innovation , many respondents indicated this was true. Members think “they won’t price gouge me,” “they won’t try to sell to me.” Would you say you are luckier or unluckier than most people?

Finding Motivation in "You're Doing It Wrong"

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Pricing. Technology. Pricing. Tags: Friday Fix , innovation. Membership Software Association Management Software. Solutions. Associations. Nonprofits + Foundations. Chambers + EDCs. Corporate + Social. Education + Alumni. Advantages. Branding. Control. Add-On Products. Support. Company. News + Press. Customers. Management Team. Partner Programs. Corporate Responsibility. Inside YM. Careers. Contact. Blog.

7 tips for getting the most out of an RFP for your next AMS

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The primary purpose of an RFP: to gather proposals and discover how well potential products meet your requirements at an acceptable price. When your RFP makes it clear that your association is seeking to move to the next level and innovate, the vendor is more likely to be excited and inspired to work with your organization. And, if you’re a forward-thinking association looking for an innovative, platform-based AMS, be sure to send it our way!).

Attention Nonprofit #DataNerds: A Few Recent Research Studies on Data, Technology, Funding, and Trends

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In the last few weeks, there have been a few good research studies and web sites relaunched that cover technology, data, funding, and trends. Here’s a roundup. Collaborative Technologies: Helping Funders Work Together Better. Monitor Institute and the Foundation Center released a new report called Harnessing Collaborative Technologies: Helping Funders Work Together Better. Technology for Good Report.

Need new ideas for attracting members? Follow this 7-step framework for success

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Pricing with multiple tiers. When it comes to pricing, there’s no reason to limit your organization to a single tier. Organization-Wide Technology Literacy. Today, technology touches every aspect of our lives.

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Five Forces Reshaping Associations

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This past week I heard an amazing presentation by technology guru and business futurist Scott Klososky. His presentation, “Leveraging Disruptive Innovations For Business Success,” was one of the best I’ve seen in a while. Technology Mastery A Must To Succeed Today. Scott says that all organization leaders need to have technology mastery to succeed today. Technology mastery is one of the most important weapons in the marketplace.

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Is Your Association a Skunk Works for Your Industry?

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A consultant, trying to shake an association executive out of his complacency, asks how he would feel if his association spent gobs of time and money developing an unique product for its membership, only to have a for-profit company sweep in, develop, and launch a competing product, at a significantly lower price, for the same audience two months after the association''s launch. Associations Innovation

Association Brain Food Weekly: 7.31.20

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Whether you are an association executive, business professional, or the parent of a student, there are valuable insights to gain from these leaders about the future of education and work, innovation, crisis management, and community-building. Sponsorship and Pricing Methods for Virtual Events.

Top Findings from the Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report

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In addition to looking at the tactics and strategies that typically correlated to success, we also asked respondents to rate how innovative their association is and what level of value that they are delivering to members. In each case, associations that reported higher innovation and value scores showed a correlation with increased likelihood to be achieving a number of important positive outcomes in membership.

Best Practices for Monetizing Your eLearning Content

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Over the last few decades, the biggest driver of non-dues revenue has been technological advancements. Technology has paved the way for innovative methods of generating non-dues revenue while providing significant value to your members. In this article, we will discuss three of the most effective ways for leveraging educational content and technology. Product Bundles: Selling multiple courses or events at one fixed price can be extremely effective for organizations.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 10.16.20

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Frugal innovation. Due to the pandemic and uncertain economy, associations are constantly creating new resources for members and making changes to business as usual—yes, they’re innovating! Virtual conference pricing. – Technology and the Global Nomad (AWTC virtual meetup).

Association Brain Food Weekly: 11.6.20

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Innovation and membership growth. MGI’s 2020 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report found a correlation between innovative associations and membership growth. MemberSuite digs into that finding and explains how to create a culture of innovation that delivers real membership value. AMS selection has always been a difficult decision, and it can feel like you need to put on your investigator’s cap in order to get real answers from vendors regarding pricing and integrations.

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What’s the Big Idea?

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If you want to get better at innovating, don’t spend all your time with people just like you. To ensure better innovation during the day, make sure you and your team unplug and recharge at night—that’s a healthy form of R&D (rest and dream). ” Last summer, I sat in on a panel discussion about innovation for association professionals. Luke Williams , executive director, Berkley Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at New York University , agreed.

Words Make Worlds - Part 2 - Membership vs Citizenship

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Godwin at Case Western - Positive Organization Development: Innovation-inspired Change in an Economy and Ecology of Strengths. This paper is a MUST READ for anyone interested in innovation in our association community. We often attempt to think innovatively while not recognizing the common terminology we use can work to block us in. “Member pricing” is a sales technique not a philosophy. innovation. (6). Principled Innovation LLC.