I Heart Southwest: When Airlines Take a Community Approach

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Scheduled service to 97 destinations in 40 states, Puerto Rico and abroad for 2016. They’ve been innovating in the customer experience space since the start.

Strategic Communications Power Membership Value at the American Public Power Association

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We also reach out when we have member stories that demonstrate innovation and the spirit of community. Highlighting these case studies is also a good way to tell the world about the innovative, community-focused work our members do. Utility Authority help restore power in Caguas, Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

Help Support the Next Generation of Women in Tech


The 35 young women chosen as national winners of the 2011 NCWIT award for aspirations in computing were selected from among more than 2,800 students, representing all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and overseas military bases. …it enhances innovation.

Conference Circuit: The Science of Cooking

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The Research Chefs Association’s 2017 Annual Conference and Culinology Expo begins next week in Puerto Rico. Venue: Puerto Rico Convention Center. Rundown Attendees: 1,200. Exhibitors: 75 plus. Breakout Sessions: 20. Keynote Speakers: 4. General Sessions: 3.

Eric Lanke: Race for Relevance is a Negotiating Position

Eric Lanke

Innovation. and Puerto Rico) all in-fighting with each other and trying to represent fifty-two individual constituencies? Innovation. (15). Principled Innovation. Why Innovation is Hard. Eric Lanke. Association executive and author. Pages. Leadership.