6 building blocks to an innovative culture

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For association professionals and organizational leaders, innovation should always be top of mind. But in order to accomplish meaningful change, your organization has to have the right foundation to support the experimentation and expectations true innovation brings.

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Always the Last to Know: Archive Team. Archive Team to the rescue. To quote from their website: Formed in 2009, the Archive Team (not to be confused with the archive.org Archive-It Team) is a rogue archivist collective dedicated to saving copies of rapidly dying or deleted websites for the sake of history and digital heritage. Always the Last to Know: Archive Team. Facebook investors are unconvinced by earnings report. The Grassroots Innovation Leader.

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How to Build an Innovation Team That Truly Innovates

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Teams that are convened to generate new ideas often wind up recycling old ones. But it’s not impossible to innovate your innovation process. A new year marks an opportunity for renewal, so a lot of executives at this very moment are doing more thinking than usual about how to spark innovation and bring in new ideas. A group convenes; a few old ideas get dusted off and kicked around; a report gets written; little changes.

Exploring Association Innovation: New Study


Innovative” is something all companies - both big and small, for-profit and non-profit - aspire to be. But all companies will tell you, innovation is NOT easy, particularly for small companies and non-profit organizations. In fact, Amanda Kaiser, qualitative member researcher and Chief Pathfinder at Kaiser Insights, and the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), recently teamed up to put together the 2016 Association Innovation Research Report.

Becoming a Champion of Technological Innovation

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Using a cheerleader or champion approach to encourage innovation and new solutions to old problems can be a great way to get buy-in. You might need metrics, reports, and other reassuring information that this thing you are proposing is going to work. Bringing new ideas, technological solutions, and initiatives to inspire a more innovative mindset sound great, but you’ll need to keep in mind the priorities of your association and what problems to address first.

The CEO’s Guide to Association Innovation

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When I say the word innovation to you, what feelings does this word evoke? In a recent research study association professionals reported that innovation is synonymous with risk, big expectations, large investments, long commitments and failure. To guide our members through the turbulence, we need to change, adapt and innovate more nimbly. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a guide to association innovation? How to get the team moving in the right direction?

Your Guide to Innovation at Your Association

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I wish for that too and after careful searching I have found that husbands, kids and staff teams sadly don’t come with guidebooks. I have had hour-long conversations with 15 association professionals from innovative associations and these conversations provide the foundation for you to start effective staff (and board) conversations about the innovation efforts at your association. In the qualitative study we learned that innovation at associations is quite variable.

3 Ways to Involve Members in Innovation

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A new study says associations are developing better practices for pursuing innovation, but it’s often a top-down effort. Would you call your association innovative? According to a recent study conducted by Marketing General Incorporated (MGI) in partnership with the National Business Aviation Association, more association professionals say their organization is moving ahead with innovative ideas that can be implemented and measured for success.

The Innovation Line That Divides Associations

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A new study on innovation from Marketing General suggests that there’s a distinct line separating associations that are innovative from those that aren’t. One paragraph in Marketing General’s new survey of innovation in the association space really stands out. In case you’re wondering where that dividing line lies: Of the 344 associations surveyed, 58 percent said they’ve put a focus on innovation, while 42 percent haven’t.

Daily Buzz: Is Your Culture Really “Innovative”?

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Building an innovative culture? Start by not calling it “innovative.” As associations strive to strengthen workplace culture, creating “collaborative,” “innovative,” and “results-driven” environments is at the top of many organizations’ to-do lists. But using these types of buzzy adjectives can actually have a negative effect, according to a report from Gartner, which surveyed leaders about effective ways to transform culture.

Talk Less About Innovation and More About the Future

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Resist the temptation to demand instant innovation, and instead motivate your team with conversation about the future. Regardless of a company’s location or size, attracting and retaining top talent ranks as the number-one internal stressor for CEOs and other C-suite executives globally in 2020,” according to the report. Everybody must innovate! It may be better, then, not to press staff to “innovate” so much as steer conversations with them toward the future.

More Innovative or More Secure? Ask Your Board

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A recent report from the National Association of Corporate Directors and the Internet Security Alliance makes the case that boards are taking a lead role on cybersecurity issues. Good thing, too, because cybersecurity and innovation are often at odds. Additionally, the report finds that 66 percent of directors feel that their board is confident enough to properly respond to a serious cyberbreach. The report, which was written with input from the U.S.

Why Your Team May Need MORE Cliques and Silos

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We might need strong communication, but we also need to nurture positive team relationships. Do you know why cliques and silos form in your team or organization? Many teams struggle with situations where different departments, or even people or groups within the same department, do not communicate successfully. This can manifest itself according to departmental divisions in a large business, or can just as easily be observed in smaller organizations or teams.

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To Start or Sustain an Association-Wide Focus on Innovation the Association’s CEO Must Be On Board

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Now that you know about my propensity to cheer for the underdog you may understand why I was blown away by one of the key findings that came out of the innovation study I recently conducted on behalf of the National Business Aviation Association ( NBAA ). Prior to conducting the research I, perhaps naively, thought that innovation was much more egalitarian. Anyone with the spark of an idea and the motivation to see the project through could innovate, I thought.

Eric Lanke: Recipes for Innovation

Eric Lanke

Innovation. Recipes for Innovation. He has designed some very innovative tools.and created innovative designs for traditional tools. On one wall -they shared his princples of good design.thought there might be some relevance to your interest in innovation. good design is innovative. And to their credit, when Gillette acquired Braun in 1963, they recognized the value of Brauns design team and gave it free reign.). Labels: Innovation.

Eric Lanke: Should Committees Report to the Board?

Eric Lanke

Innovation. Should Committees Report to the Board? Should committees report to the board?" Who else are the going to report to?". And if that is the case, shouldnt these committees "report" to the chief staff executive, the way other members of the staff do? These are the thoughts I think about whenever I sit in a board meeting and find myself trapped in a discussion about the details of some committee report. If they report to you, guess what.

Thursday Buzz: Conference Badge Innovation

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“This new experience at the industry’s largest annual gathering highlighted innovative capabilities that can be applied to today’s OOH campaigns,” Freitas said in a news release. Viewers want and favor certain formats,” the Wochit team explains. Think big data: Skift reports on recent data-driven trends in improving events. The post Thursday Buzz: Conference Badge Innovation appeared first on Associations Now

The Risks of Innovation Leaving Older Workers Behind

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As The Wall Street Journal recently reported , 61 percent of all IT workers are between the ages of 22 and 44, a far higher percentage than the 49 percent of the overall workforce that age group makes up, according to CompTIA data. Two root causes are cited by the report: a lack of ongoing education to keep skills up to date as technology evolves; and growing wages as executives age, leading organizations to hire younger employees with lower salary requirements.

The makeup of nonprofit digital teams [Research]


What does your nonprofit digital team look like? Check out this interesting report from Care2. Others struggle with how to balance the needs of multiple internal customers with driving new forms of technical and engagement innovation—all with teams that have not been able to keep pace with the demands placed on them. Digital Teams: Your Smartest Investment to Master a Multichannel World.

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Tuesday Buzz: The Roots of Innovative Ideas

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National Fluid Power Association CEO Eric Lanke was knee-deep in innovative ideas over the weekend, reviewing proposals for the ASAE Foundation’s Innovation Grants Program. In his blog post, Lanke explains that an idea isn’t innovative unless it brings something entirely different into the organization—in other words, it is “disruptive.” ” What’s your take on innovation? Read the full report over this way.

Report: Finance Departments Struggling to Embrace Modern Tech

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A recent study about tech’s role in finance, commissioned by the associations in tandem with the enterprise computing giant Oracle, reports that nearly 90 percent of organizations surveyed have yet to add any automation or artificial intelligence elements to their finance work, while just 10 percent of finance teams say they’re actually ready to take such work on. Some highlights from the report: Those who aren’t savvy know it. Legacy is a factor in slow tech innovation.

Celebrating two years

Aaron Wolowiec

A couple months ago, Sara Miller , director of meetings and development, joined the team. Event Garde has a great team, said Kathleen Mennillo, executive director of the International Hearing Society. Aaron’s event planning expertise, coupled with his experience in the professional development and association arena, instantly made him an integral part of the team,” she said. And in December 2012, Wolowiec co-authored “The Meetings Report,” published in tandem with MSAE.

Give Your Team Something to Shout About—Move Strategy to Execution


Women’s Soccer Team beat England, it occurred to me that the game was a perfect example of strategy in action. A great team was testing their skills and tactics on the pitch, fully prepared to meet unexpected challenges. According to Gartner, a global research and advisory company, 56 percent of corporate executives and their teams believe that strategic planning is a waste of time. July 30: Innovation Lab (VIP Members). Be where innovators gather.

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Co-Innovation: The Right Way to Make a Vendor Relationship Work

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Turns out that concept applies to innovation, too—especially if you find the right partner for co-innovation, a growing collaborative trend. Sometimes, the innovation is much more up close and personal. And if you’re teaming up with a vendor in that context, that might be where your opportunity lies to try something interesting. Big or small, new or old, if you can find a worthy partner to co-innovate with, it could make that big hill easier to climb.

Report: Digital Storytelling for Social Impact

Beth Kanter

We saw a larger number of reports and publications out there on the topic, but most felt stale and too isolated to the nonprofit sector. Could funders prioritize storytelling as a reporting and evaluation mechanism? Some of the findings in this report were expected, others surprising, but all can inform action for those working in the social impact space, including the team at the Rockefeller Foundation. The report is embedded below, or can be downloaded at this link.

Lean Startup Strategy: Take Your Innovation in Smaller Bites

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The problem of fermenting innovation in the association world is well-documented, but the solutions are a little harder to come by. As you might have noticed about a week ago, I was troubled by the challenges that associations face when it comes to doing really innovative things. But what if you winnowed down that huge innovation into the smallest thing you possibly could? “We spent five months, our entire development team, just working on this view,” he said.

Plexus Consulting Group?: Want to Think Like an Innovator?

Plexus Consulting

Want to Think Like an Innovator? Want to be an effective innovator? How do innovators think? Harvard Business Review reported on an interview on the subject by contributing Editor Bronwyn Fryer. Dyer asked the executives in their study to tell them about how they came up with a strategic or innovative idea. Interestingly, all the innovative entrepreneurs also talked about being triggered, or having what one might call "eureka" moments.

With Innovation Grant, TKE Initiative Aims to Raise Sexual Assault Awareness

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Although the credibility of a scathing Rolling Stone report on an alleged gang rape at a University of Virginia fraternity crumble d last week, the article brought into the spotlight an issue that has dogged college campuses for years. It’s an opportunity for us to be innovative, to be an industry leader, and to get ahead of and hopefully prevent some of these cases of sexual assault.

Plexus Consulting Group?: Is Your Innovation Working?

Plexus Consulting

Is Your Innovation Working? Does your organization have the ability to innovate? Recent research by Booz & Company, reported by Anna Pettersson and August Viak in Strategy+Business, reveals an “unexpected and unheralded source of potential productivity: midlevel managers!” For example, they define a compelling vision or destination for their team’s work products. Your organization’s innovation will be the beneficiary.

The Hourglass Blog: Recipes for Innovation

The Hourglass Blog

Recipes for Innovation. He has designed some very innovative tools.and created innovative designs for traditional tools. On one wall -they shared his princples of good design.thought there might be some relevance to your interest in innovation. good design is innovative. And to their credit, when Gillette acquired Braun in 1963, they recognized the value of Brauns design team and gave it free reign.). Labels: Design , Innovation. Innovation.

House Report: Poor Leadership Led to VA Conference Spending Spree

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After Ouster, Lessons Learned Martha Johnson, the former GSA administrator who resigned in April 2012 after revelations the agency spent $800,000 on a Las Vegas conference, is detailing some of the leadership lessons she learned as head of the agency in a new book, On My Watch: Leadership, Innovation, and Personal Resilience. The environment, taxpayer spending, innovation –we could impact all those things.

What I’m Reading

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MGI’s 2014 Membership Marketing Benchmark report is out. Advice from Aaron Wolowiec about getting your comms and events teams to work together to create a better event. blog roundup communication conferences curation innovation leadership management marketing membership social media Aaron Wolowiec ASAE Associations Now Innovation Excellence Joe Pulizzi Kathi Rabil Kim Howard Marketing General surveys Upworthy Do you know the content marketing 4-1-1 ?

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Plexus Consulting Group?: CEOs: Want to Think Like An Innovator?

Plexus Consulting

CEOs: Want to Think Like An Innovator? Do you think your organization would benefit from being more innovative? As the CEO, do you want to be an effective leader in innovation? So you understand how many innovators think? Harvard Business Review reported on an interview on the subject by contributing Editor Bronwyn Fryer. Dyer asked the executives in their study to tell them about how they came up with a strategic or innovative idea.

The Mobilisation Journal: A Way To Spread Learning About Social Change Movements Innovative Use of Technology

Beth Kanter

This is an example of a nonprofit organization that has invested in building an internal learning and innovation network that will lead to improved results for Greenpeace’s environmental mission. Storytelling and Knowledge Transfer :: sharing innovations, lessons learned, fail stories, and emerging best practices. Innovation Incubation :: piloting new ways of working, from practices to technologies.

Recruit the Whole Person

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She said that one of the things that had most struck her and has been on her mind since the reports came out last year was the concept, raised in the University of North Texas study, of “recruiting the whole person.” ” The UNT study was a bit different than the other research projects: rather than doing surveys or case studies, the UNT team did in-depth ethnographic-style dives into the lives of a handful of international graduate students.

Some Reflections about Social Data in the Cloud from the Social Innovation Summit 2012

Beth Kanter

For the past two days, I’ve been attending (and also a speaker ) at The Social Innovation Summit , a private, invitation-only forum that explores the frontiers of social innovation. The agenda includes discussion and presentation of the innovative projects and approaches and the challenges of scaling social change. Hon Weng Chong, a member of the team, described StethoCloud is a “cloud-powered, mobile-hybrid stethoscope for early detection of pneumonia.”

Back to basics: Education programs

Aaron Wolowiec

Additional insights were gleaned from The Meetings Report jointly published by Event Garde and MSAE. Stimulate innovation. Case studies/reports. Team-building. We must constantly survey the environment to evaluate our competition (specifically as it relates to providers of continuing education our members find relevant, innovative and cost effective). Nappi , revenue , speaker coaching , The Meetings Report , trade shows , training , value proposition.

Is Growth Necessarily Good?

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My team was assigned the mindfulness trend. After some discussion about information overload, the pressure of always being connected and what that does to face to face personal connection, and what is the appropriate role for an association in a member’s life (hint: you are not the most important thing in your members’ lives), the innovative idea we came to was that growth is not always necessarily a good thing.

Review 258

Include Is a Verb

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We know that increased diversity and real inclusion produce increased innovation, better decision-making, faster and more creative problem-solving, better outcomes, and an improved bottom line. The place we often struggle is with turning our beautifully crafted D+I statements into real change in our staff teams, our volunteer leadership, our memberships, and the professions and industries we serve.

Help Your Members Find the Signal in the Noise

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An interview with Carrie Hane and Dina Lewis, CAE, who co-authored the recent ASAE Foundation content strategy report, Association Content Strategies for a Changing World , with Hilary. A summary of the ASAE Foundation report, Association Content Strategies for a Changing World. A series of thought questions for you to use to spark discussion with your team. This is probably not news to you, but we’re at an information crisis point.