Strategies for Innovation Stop Groundhog Day Thinking


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Strategy Innovation

Jamie Notter

For a project I’m working on, I dug out my old copy of Blue Ocean Strategy. It’s a classic (and excellent) business book from way back in 2005, and the premise is simple: if you take the time to analyze your market, you have the opportunity to choose a different strategy than the competition, which puts you in a “blue ocean” (as opposed to the “bloody-red ocean of competition”; I know, gross…) where you really don’t have competitors. Strategy


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Innovate Your Survey Strategy

Association Adviser

The post Innovate Your Survey Strategy appeared first on Association Adviser. Members are not numbers, and statistics won't solve your member recruitment and retention issues, says Scott Douglas with the National Strength and Conditioning Association. ASAE 2019 Annual Meeting Recaps Features Marketing & Communications

Complimentary Copy of Association Hustle: Top Strategies for Association Growth

Moery Company

Claim your free copy of JP Moery’s book, Association Hustle: Top Strategies for Association Growth! These include: • Forward-thinking growth strategies for membership.

3 eLearning Examples to Spark Innovation

Blue Sky eLearn

There has been much advancement and innovation in the eLearning industry over the last several years, and today I’ll be reviewing three of my favorite examples of organizations thinking outside the box to deliver their content to their audience. Advancements in sales and technology have opened the door for innovation in course and content delivery. The post 3 eLearning Examples to Spark Innovation appeared first on Blue Sky eLearn.

The Cost of Innovation: Champagne Tastes But a Beer Pocketbook?

Association Adviser

Innovation's necessary to advance your association, but it can be expensive. The post The Cost of Innovation: Champagne Tastes But a Beer Pocketbook? Features Membership Take AIM association strategy Innovation

Cost 118

Data Fuels Active Innovation

Potomac Core

In essence, economic data fuels active innovation at Associations. As global and domestic economies endure uneven performance, highly engaged boards who are strategic in focus are leveraging their industry associations to devise growth and operational excellence strategies. What is clear is that ongoing listening and economic data fuels active innovation at Associations. Data Driven Active Innovation. Innovative Advocacy Positions Industries.

Association Innovation Delivers Growth

Potomac Core

Association Innovation Delivers Growth. For IARW , the International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses (Global Cold Chain Alliance Partner), these new and innovative capabilities are serving as an accelerant to revenue growth and retention. Collaboratively they determined their industry’s strategic business outcomes and developed an innovation focused strategic plan to drive worldwide top line growth. Association Innovation Delivers Growth.

Funding Industry Innovation

Potomac Core

Associations who are Funding Industry Innovation can position themselves as essential partners in helping members achieve business outcomes. Once an organization reaches this point they move to what’s becoming a new trend where Associations are funding Industry Innovation. Marching To Innovation . In several cases nontraditional associations have already partnered with their boards to begin their march toward innovation. Funding Industry Innovation.

Association Outside In Innovation

Potomac Core

With so much new technology available, should associations develop an innovation strategy? If technology is a delivery mechanism to deliver impact on member business outcomes, then it’s an example of Association Outside In Innovation. Association Outside In Innovation? Technology in and of itself is not a solution, rather its part of a broader strategy to increase your association’s impact on member business outcomes. Association Outside In Innovation.

Growth Strategies from Top Fundraisers

Spark Consulting

My Steal Like a Fundraiser: Innovations in Cause-Oriented Fundraising for Associations co-author Sohini Baliga and I recently had the opportunity to talk with some smart people about the information in the whitepaper. fundraising innovation marketing membership whitepaper young professionals fusionSPAN KiKi L'Italien Sohini Baliga Wild Apricot

Your Conference Needs An Innovative Strategy

Velvet Chainsaw

Innovative organizations look out the window, away from the organization as well as look inside the organization for opportunities. They embrace change as an opportunity to innovate. Best Rule For Innovation. One of the best rules for an innovation strategy is to put your efforts into your successes. Let’s see our success as a call to action to continue to innovate!”. Second Rule For Innovation. Four Common Innovation Mistakes.

Data Driven Innovation

Potomac Core

If member companies introduce more innovation to drive more profitability, is your association positioned to respond with equal or greater amounts of innovative solutions? In a business environment that can change as often as the weather, having actionable data can increase your organizational agility, help identify potential patterns, and create new innovation opportunities. Data Driven Innovation. Are economic tides shifting again?

Innovation & Association Relevance

Potomac Core

When is the timing right to embrace innovation and change at your Association? How well are you positioned to help your member’s achieve their business outcomes in a time of dramatic innovation and change? ( [link] ). How innovative your Association is today will dictate whether or not your organization will survive or thrive. Innovation & Association Relevance. The post Innovation & Association Relevance appeared first on Potomac Core Consulting.

The Importance of an Innovation Strategy in your Culture

Jamie Notter

We had gathered some data prior to the meeting about the cultures inside their organizations, and then we got together to brainstorm some ideas about what they could do to encourage more innovation internally. The pattern in their data was similar to what I see in a lot of organizations when it comes to innovation. They supported the CONCEPTS of innovation inside the cultures (creativity, future focus, etc.), Innovation is critical. Innovation

Innovative Workforce Solutions

Potomac Core

Associations are increasingly well positioned to help members and industries build innovative workforce solutions through their professional development and certification products. As waves of innovation, millennials, and baby boomer retirements alter future workforce design, forward thinking organizations can transform themselves and become professional development partners for their members. Innovative Workforce Solutions: Call to Action. Innovative Workforce Solutions.

3 Association Growth Strategies

Potomac Core

growth , the race for talent, and disruptive innovation create opportunities for Associations and Professional Societies to become more essential. Those organizations who utilize these 3 Association Growth Strategies can help impact member outcomes and as a result better position their members and their organizations for long term success. 3 Association Growth Strategies. 3 Association Growth Strategies. Sluggish global growth and U.S.

How taking small risks can drive innovation within your association

Association Success

But left unchecked, these strengths can stifle innovation. When an association grows accustomed to doing things a certain way, it gets harder and harder to try new strategies. MORE: 5 signs your association’s strategy needs a refresh.

You May be Doing Innovation: Introducing the Association Innovation Continuum

Smooth The Path

The magnitude of an innovation project doesn’t determine whether the project is innovative or not. Innovation is synonymous with big. So innovation also might be just as well be synonymous with risky, scary and the domain of only a privileged few. The myth around the very word innovation can keep us from moving forward. The study participants, who are from highly innovative associations, told me that innovation is on a continuum from small to big.

Disruptive Innovation Creates Association Opportunities

Potomac Core

Disruptive Innovation “describes a process whereby a smaller company with fewer resources is able to successfully challenge established incumbent businesses.” In a slowing and uneven global economy, are your members looking somewhere else for lower cost and innovative solutions? Having actionable data that answers these questions is more important than ever for associations in a world of disruptive innovation. Big Data Strategies.

Members Hire Bold Strategies

Potomac Core

Members Hire Bold Strategies. As busy executives are under constant pressure to meet and exceed profit targets, they expect the organizations they are part of to deliver bold strategies and results. New Mantra: Members Hire Bold Strategies. For your organization to remain relevant, strategies and planning must be based on what bold actions your Association can take to influence the external environment where members conduct business. Members Hire Bold Strategies.

Strategy + Innovation: Watchwords for 2018


For 2018, we think there are two words that should define the focus of associations: strategy and innovation. Strategy. Innovation. This leads to our second watchword for 2018: innovation. As a result, there needs to be a greater focus on innovations—and an associated willingness to take risks. In the face of an exploding number of options and delivery modalities, how long can we expect to succeed without embracing radical innovation?

Innovation Summit Highlights Strategies for Success in a Digital Future


If you’ve been wondering whether your organization is ready for the digital future,orgCommunity’s Innovation Summit was the right place to find answers. For my colleagues who weren’t able to attend in-person or virtually, below are predictions, strategies and advice that caught my attention.

Disruptive Advocacy Strategies

Potomac Core

Can Disruptive Advocacy Strategies unlock industry growth and cost saving opportunities for your members in a slow growth economy? As increasing regulatory oversight dominates the federal and global landscape, building an agency focused strategy on behalf of your members can pay dividends for the industry and for your association. Foundation for Disruptive Advocacy Strategies. Achieve recognition as an expert and innovator in the cold chain.

How to Improve Your Innovation Skillset

Membership Marketing

In short, we have had to innovate. The need to innovate has led me to study some of the best practices in building an innovative mindset and culture. First is How Innovation Works by Matt Ridley, which I wrote about here. Networking as an innovator is different.

Innovation for Association Executives

Association Navigator

I’m thinking about innovation in the context of managing associations and non-profit enterprises. Innovation is a corporate buzz word, but it’s also a fundamental element in any successful and growing organization. This summer I discovered a book about innovation strategy for corporate product launches and I can’t stop thinking about applying these concepts to associations. The concept involved is using a “wide lens” when preparing a product or service innovation.

Growth Strategies from Top Fundraisers Q&A

Spark Consulting

fundraising innovation marketing membership webinars whitepaper young professionals Sohini Baliga Wild ApricotIn my last post , I shared the link to the webinar my Steal Like a Fundraiser co-author Sohini Baliga and I presented for Wild Apricot on March 21.

Innovators Network Differently

Velvet Chainsaw

These can support your strategy, but won’t on their own, help you build the tribe experience needed for growth. There are two main types of networkers – 1) delivery-driven and 2) innovator-driven. Innovation-driven attendees network different(ly). There are two main strategies to move this needle. What strategies are you adopting to bring more hallway conversations into session rooms? The post Innovators Network Differently appeared first on Velvet Chainsaw.

What Highly Innovative Associations Know That Others Do Not

Smooth The Path

Innovation is relatively new in the association industry. A recent association industry benchmarking report notes that 73% of associations have started their focus on innovation within the last 5 years (27% within the last year). Evolutionary-type innovation has probably been happening in pockets within the association for quite some time. It’s the whole association-wide focus on innovation and revolutionary-type of innovation that is very new to us.

How Technology is Transforming Strategy

Principled Innovation

For decades, the practice of strategy has been about the application of static planning frameworks to the task of solving mostly understandable business problems. Consider just three ways that technology is irrevocably shifting the nature of strategy, and thus how association leaders need to think about the work of strategy-making in the years ahead. Technology is a game-changing force that has forever redefined the work of strategy for associations.

3 Association Radical Transformation Strategies

Potomac Core

In several instances, several Association CEO’s are utilizing radical transformation strategies to increase their relevance to the members and the industries they serve. Do Association’s need Radical Transformation Strategies to remain relevant enough to keep their members engaged over the longer term? Association Radical Transformation Strategies. GCCA developed disruptive advocacy strategies to lower the costs of regulatory compliance for their members.

How Can You Plan for Innovation?

Association Adviser

The iPhone spent seven years in production by some of the world’s best innovators before it became a product that has changed how we go about our daily routines. It’s the one of the biggest – if not the biggest – innovations of our generation. It’s sometimes hard to remember that this is an innovation that didn’t exist before the early 2000s. Which all goes to show that innovation doesn’t just happen. Innovation is the product of focus, creativity and hard work.

3 Engagement Strategies Drive Growth

Potomac Core

What is clear is that 3 Engagement Strategies Drive Growth. These conversations lead to strategies developed by The Aluminum Association to address and drive industry challenges and outcomes thorough their organization. The strategies have Key Performance Indicators and they are reported through a Scorecard in the Aluminum Association’s Annual Report. This is another example of how 3 Engagement Strategies Drive Growth. 3 Engagement Strategies Drive Growth.

4 Association Disruption Strategies

Potomac Core

Organizations can help their members convert these challenges into growth opportunities by utilizing 4 Association Disruption Strategies. By adding these 4 Association Disruption Strategies in your planning process, your organization becomes an important part of everyday conversations. 4 Association Disruption Strategies. 4 Association Disruption Strategies. The post 4 Association Disruption Strategies appeared first on Potomac Core Consulting.

6 steps to more meaningful strategy meetings

Association Success

Nothing excites me more than strategy meetings. . I could see that we were great at maintaining initiatives, but we had a lack of innovation and creativity throughout the year. we held our first strategy meeting.

Overcoming the Barriers to Association Innovation

Smooth The Path

Innovation is a difficult strategy for any organization past the startup phase to adopt, and associations are no exception. When association executives talk about innovation, we talk about the possibility and how much more we can help members. But, we also talk about how risky change can be, how difficult it is, and how much time and money innovation efforts can use. We want to innovate, but we may be afraid to get started.

Micro-Innovation: A Must-Try Strategy at Your Small-Staff Association


Raise your hand if you want to be an innovative association. Now raise your hand if you ARE an innovative association. Often, it’s because we’re scared of innovation. But what if we could reframe our perception of innovation? Or maybe not even that, but scale down our ideas for innovation (and by extension, the risks associated with innovation)? Do those two realities line up? If not, why do you think that is?

Identifying Innovating Members

Smooth The Path

I call these the innovators. The third worldview is a mix of the two, and is most prevalent, I feel I am able to be innovative and creative in certain circumstances while in other situations I am less able to pursue a seemingly risky path. For those associations leading the profession or industry perhaps one new strategy is to identify the innovators and amplify what is working. The post Identifying Innovating Members appeared first on Smooth The Path.

Your Guide to Innovation at Your Association

Smooth The Path

I have had hour-long conversations with 15 association professionals from innovative associations and these conversations provide the foundation for you to start effective staff (and board) conversations about the innovation efforts at your association. The things that hinder association’s innovation efforts are usually the not-talked-about, unplanned surprises that pop up along the way. Association innovation leaders.

Innovation and Optimism Drive Membership Growth

Associations Now

And many associations currently seeing membership growth are tapping into the power of innovation and optimism about the future. For associations experiencing declining membership or stagnant growth , Rossell says now is the time to inject new ideas into membership strategy. This year’s survey found a correlation between associations with an innovation program and consistent year-over-year membership growth. Have you introduced innovations to transform the member experience?