Hospital Associations Leverage Data For More Transparency In Healthcare

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The Missouri Hospital Association is making hospital pricing and quality data publicly available to Missourians. The new Focus on Hospitals website provides price and quality data together on a single website,” Herb B. Roughly 80 percent of the state’s hospitals are contributing pricing and quality-based data to the site, MHA spokesman Dave Dillon told the Kansas City Business Journal.

Library Group Aims to Reeducate Public on Its Profession

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In a recent story, The Kansas City Star reported that the Shawnee Mission School District hired a handful of innovation specialists to run grade-school libraries next year. One of the reasons behind hiring an innovation specialist in a school library is that a district can fill two jobs for the price of one.

A New Type of Conference Education

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As a trade association, the Learning Centers supported our mission to facilitate trade and support the industry in a way that far surpassed the traditional dynamic of exhibitors handing out brochures and price lists. Emily Bibens is Vice President of Woody Bibens and Associates ( ), an association management company with offices in Kansas City and St. What Can Your Association Learn from Chicken Learning?