How We Transitioned From Brick-and-Mortar to a Virtual Workspace

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However, as technology improves organizations are becoming less concerned about following more traditional models of employee work tracking. With the transition, we expanded geographically into hiring employees from other parts of the US , outside of Kansas City where our office was formerly based. The story of an organization transitioning into the future of work. I work with ARMA International, a completely virtual organization.

Library Group Aims to Reeducate Public on Its Profession

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In a recent story, The Kansas City Star reported that the Shawnee Mission School District hired a handful of innovation specialists to run grade-school libraries next year. Innovation specialists can both helm the school library and integrate “makerspaces” or innovation spaces, places where kids can use technology to create and invent. With a school librarian, you have a master teacher, a technology integrator, and an innovation specialist all rolled into one,” Church said.

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Electronic Security Association to World: Our Industry Has Jobs

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Its members are looking for employees—and unlike most career options involving technology, you don’t need a college degree to get a job in this space. And by pitching that way, notes Kansas City Star columnist Diane Stafford , ESA is effectively selling its industry as one that could appeal to blue-collar workers who most seriously felt the pain of the 2008 recession.

Change Created Chaos Impacts Associations

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A recent trip through the Kansas City airport highlights three changes that illustrate how – without modification – change creates chaos. Governing board processes developed 40 to 50 years ago don't work as well in today's technology-driven world. Change is all around. Some respond better than others. Association boards and association executives have the Duty of Foresight.

The Future of the Furnace: What’s Holding Up More Efficient Gas Heat?

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The technology to improve heating might be cheaper in the long term, but it comes with a high upfront costs, two key industry groups say. The Department of Energy attempted to raise the level to 80 percent in 2008, but the Natural Resources Defense Council and others sued , arguing that the increase in efficiency was too modest and that modern technology could reach a higher level.

3 New Year’s Rituals for Nonprofits That Can Boost Professional Success

Beth Kanter

This year I facilitated several labs, including several for the Knight Foundation Arts Program to learn about the local arts ecosystem in four cities, including Philadelphia, San Jose, Charlotte, and Macon. But an effective leadership strategy is also dependent on a robust digital strategy that not only uses social media effectively, but incorporate mobile and new emerging digital technologies. I would like to wish all my readers, colleagues, and friends a happy new year!

111 Intriguing Chats for 2011


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