Location, Support Network Prompt Holistic Nurses’ Big Move

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A desire to be centrally located and to improve the association management resources available to them made moving 1,000 miles from Arizona to Kansas an easy decision for the American Holistic Nurses Association. Their destination: Topeka, Kansas—1,000 miles away. “We

A One-on-One Growth Strategy

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To that end, NAFCU revamped its daily advocacy newsletter to highlight just-the-facts content. But a CEO doesn’t care about a contribution in Topeka, Kansas.”. The National Association of Federally-Insured Credit Unions has enjoyed a membership and revenue spike in recent years.

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Lobstermen’s Association Helps Members Navigate Healthcare Law

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Among the awardees were several associations, including the Arizona Association of Community Health Centers, the Kansas Association for the Medically Underserved, and the Pennsylvania Mental Health Consumers’ Association.

Change Created Chaos Impacts Associations

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A recent trip through the Kansas City airport highlights three changes that illustrate how – without modification – change creates chaos. Some associations cling to printed quarterly newsletters or magazines even though many members have switched to social media and the Internet.