Challenges with Member Experience Facing Associations

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Today I had the pleasure of talking with Todd Greer of Synervision - The Leadership Foundation for their weekly interview series. One of the big questions Todd asked me was about the challenges facing organizations today; especially as it pertains to experience for their customers or members. What Challenges Are Facing Associations As It Pertains to Customer Experience? What does that experience feel like to the customer?

Association Leadership and Ski Patroller Voice

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Or with a problematic member. The post Association Leadership and Ski Patroller Voice appeared first on Smooth The Path. Association Leadership association leaders association leadership creating member experience first impressions leadership member experiences

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How to Start a Mentoring Program People Want to Participate In

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Your association is the perfect place to connect members with the perfect mentor or mentee. In fact, Marketing General revealed that 48 percent of associations say participation in their mentoring program has increased—a clear indicator that members are seeking this benefit.

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10 Ways to Learn with Higher Logic

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From marketing automation to customer experience to all things community, happy learning with Higher Logic! This delivery method eliminates the need for travel and the additional expense and time out of the office associated with it, while still providing a high quality, live, instructor-led interactive learning experience. For example, in under two minutes each, you can get a great visual lesson on the following topics: Watch | Member Retention Strategy.

5 Unexpectedly Thoughtful Ways to Thank Your Association’s Volunteers

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Change your member’s profile photos to show a special banner, such as MVP, so it’s clear that your volunteers are some of the most valuable members of your association. Add a permanent, rotating leadership role or board member position for your volunteers.

The Decision to Join Produces Anxiety

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Have you ever had the same experience? No one wants a member to feel this way, but sometimes they do. Sometimes organizations try to upsell new members right as they join. The too-soon upsell prompts members to assume their base membership has minimal value.

Getting Volunteer, Staff or Sponsor Engagement May Be Hard Because…

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Volunteers won’t want to recruit their friends if they don’t trust the experience will be good. How big or small do association conferences make members feel? Staff won’t want to share their ideas if they don’t trust their best ideas will be respected.

Daily Buzz: Struggling Chapter Leadership? Help Them Out

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They take on important responsibilities and set the tone for a chapter’s culture, programs, and member experience. So when chapter leaders are having trouble handling the job, association leadership must step in and find a solution.

What Association CEO’s Need to Do About Membership

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CEOs have a tremendous impact on each member’s perceptions of the association, member culture, and membership metrics. Membership departments tend to focus on members or they focus on the mechanics of membership.

The World of Work Can Be Inhumane, But Associations Can Be the Opposite

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When we let that happen, leadership roles become a popularity contest, criticizing or bullying may be considered mentoring. Young professionals see the organization as cliquish, and members may get harassed by other members. Related: Going beyond member’s expectations.

10 Ways to Quickly Demotivate Volunteers

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Restrain volunteer team members from forming relationships. If your association relies on board members, chapter leaders, committee members, writers, speakers, mentors, and other volunteers make sure the association is not accidentally demotivating volunteers.

Make More Time by Adopting Minimalism at Your Association

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More time to spend with family and friends, more time for experiences, more time to do things that feel meaningful. Sometimes what members need is a deeper relationship with the association, with us the staff, and with each other. Improve the member experience with curated networking.

Associations are the Cure for Workplace Loneliness

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Members tell me how proud they are of completing a special project. Like we see in other career research, members say to me they like feelings of autonomy and mastery. Often members use other adjectives about their everyday work lives too.

Chapters Could Be Replaced by Special Interest Groups

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Special interest groups (SIGs) deliver unique value to members. SIGs: Allow members to shortcut the process of networking and get connected with the group who cares about the same issues.

How Do Members (Especially New Members) Want to Be Engaged?

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” Many new members check out after just three weeks as a member, and we find they are among the legions of members who lapse at the end of the first year. Some members engage early, and they become life-long members.

Three More Problems Attendees Experience at Association Conferences

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Many of you were super interested in learning about the six problems attendees experience at conferences : If you don’t have me at registration, you’ve lost me. I’m a long-time member, and I’m bored with the sessions. ” What she wanted were more conversations around leadership.

The New Soft Skill for Association Professionals

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We learn to engage members more and the dividends slowly pay off. We find that the most engaged members are engaged personally and this takes time. Or when most new members lapse after just one year. Or when a large percentage of members minimally engage.

When Association Professionals Assume Positive Intent

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Often members, co-workers, competitors, and staff are actually on the same side. Association culture projects outward upon potential members. Our members have no idea what is going on behind the scenes at our association.

The Environment We Create Within the Association Helps Members Thrive or Not

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Related: Setting the tone to help members solve their problems. Member culture: setting the tone for better learning, engagement and connection. The post The Environment We Create Within the Association Helps Members Thrive or Not appeared first on Smooth The Path.

Developing My Dream Association

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One of the core staff values would be to be intensely member-focused. We would talk with members often, conduct listening tours, and interview them. We would use all the member insights we gain to develop our member communications, set our strategy, and create an innovation plan.

How to Set a New Tone at Your Association

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The staff, board and members are notice how much we smile, how responsive we are, how genuine, how interested, how friendly, how long-term-focused, how strategic, how warm, how we assume responsibility, and how transparent we are. Setting the tone to help members solve their problems.

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Commonly Used Association Goals Doomed to Failure

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Or improving member engagement with no strategy for innovation or change. Why not try to maintain the percentage of members from the pool of desirable members? Why not work on strategies to involve existing members more?

Association Culture Projects Outward Upon Potential Members

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Board members can see staff culture. Members can see the staff and board culture. Prospective members can see the member culture. Great member cultures, board cultures, and staff cultures attract great members, board members, and staff members!

Do You Need a Member Engagement Strategy?

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Arlene is a very engaged association member. Because of her efforts a handful, or more, new members join each year. Many of the members Arlene refers, rise to volunteer leadership roles. Like the members she refers, Arlene is no stranger to volunteering.

Association Programs Need More Staff Time

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We want to give credit to members. We want share the leadership responsibilities with our member colleagues. Related: The stories members make up. Do our association members feel taken care of?

Common Trap for Association Professionals

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He should be excited to take this leadership position. ” This happens all the time in association leadership because we are coming at everything with a different perspective than our members. I’m used to eggs in the morning,” says a member.

Association Blunders Make Us Want to Stick Our Heads in The Sand

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Because we think the way we think not the way our members think. We are worried about hitting deadlines, not lagging behind, alerting members to trends and hot topics. One way is to put ourselves in our member’s shoes more often than not.

Are Associations Prepared for Member Career Churn?

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Helping attendees personalize the conference, extending the life of the conference, and creating inquiry and curiosity are inherently engaging and will engage members. It means we have to get a lot better at attracting new members and engaging new members.

What Members Will and Won’t Do

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Members won’t do that. Members won’t take the time. Members won’t pay that much. Members just want stuff for free. Members don’t know what is good for them. Members leave associations without a sound. How much do our words affect our thoughts?

From the Corner Office: John Graham, ASAE The Center for Association Leadership

Association Adviser

John Graham, president of ASAE The Center for Association Leadership is our Corner Office profile subject this month. Mobile is a game changer in the sense that it alters the way a member engages with an association. Historically, the association controlled the member experience.

People Like Me Join an Association Like This

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It is easy to say we are for the senior leadership team, or tax accountants, or the amusement parks industry. Who are your best members? Define this now and help your best members say, “people like me join associations like this.”

Industry Buzz: 3 Key Takeaways from #MCLIVE18


there were a number of breakout sessions covering a variety of industry-related topics: how to work with a difficult board (yeah, we’ve all been there), how to improve the member experience, how to more effectively manage your organization’s data - all that good stuff.

Associations Are Lagging Behind, Is It Because We Are Not Playing Enough?

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This is a big opportunity for associations: We can prove to our members and within our professions and industries how critical play is to the kinds of goals we are trying to achieve. We can show our staff, board members and members how to make use of play.

10 Traits of an Innovation Mindset for Your Association


Innovation helps organizations create and improve processes, products, services, and experiences for their members, customers, staff, and audiences. Everyone strives to better understand the members and market. Everyone has different strengths, perspectives, and experiences.

Are Associations Positioned Too Narrowly?

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But we can offer networking opportunities that are not well attended and professional development that leaves members feeling bored and uninspired. It is to advance the profession and industry and, Help each member become a better version of themselves, and you can try to.

How Lonely are Your Members?

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Many association members are directors, VP’s and CEO’s. While we would never market it like this, another huge value for some associations is addressing member’s loneliness, helping members cope with loneliness and helping them find others like them so they can be less lonely.

MTI's Story: Harnessing Community to Digitally Transform

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The Metal Treating Institute ( MTI ) is a nonprofit trade association built to support its members, companies in the heat treating business. It has 370 member companies across 40 U.S. 97% member retention rate. MTI’s Community Brings Value to Help Retain Association Members.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.10.19

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He writes about a functional requirement that associations often overlook during association management system (AMS) selection: user experience. Some associations are experimenting with a membership model that includes free online education.

FAQ 212

Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.3.19

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If that type of experience isn’t an option for you, WBT Systems shares 13 ways you can get a basic level of knowledge and keep up with the trends in your association’s industry or profession. Mapping the Journey to Long-Term Member Engagement. Leverage Data to Drive Member Engagement.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.29.20

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The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community… Reboarding members. WBT shares ideas for using what you learn during reboarding to better serve members. I wonder how PCMA and its attendees felt about the experience.