Why It’s Time to Move Millennials Into Leadership

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At this point, we should have collectively shaken off our millennial anxiety. They’re fully entrenched in the workforce now, so the more meaningful question now is: How will millennials be empowered to take the next steps into leadership?

New Report Examines How Millennials View Leadership

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New research reveals both similarities and differences in the way millennials and older generations approach the C-suite, as well as some misconceptions. It also gives cross-generational recommendations on how to ensure that millennials become successful leaders.

Learning from Millennials

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Ever since the Millennials started coming into the workforce about 10 years ago, we’ve been hearing a lot of complaints about them. For the Millennials, that has come in the form of complaints about them being entitled – showing up at work and immediately wanting a promotion.

Millennials Are Lazy?

Eric Lanke

There, the focus was primarily on Generation X, and our investigative question was primarily on whether and how members of that generation would step into positions of leadership in our society and its organizations as the swelled ranks of Boomers began leaving the workplace.

How to Convince Association Millennials to Stick Around in 2019


With the average age of the association workforce starting to shift toward the younger generations, it’s crucial that you’re considering what it will take to keep Millennials plugged into your association. Trying to look into the future to see how you can be the most prepared in 2019?

Review: When Millennials Take Over

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I recently had the opportunity to read a review copy of When Millennials Take Over , a new book by Jamie Notter and Maddie Grant of Culture That Works designed to help us get past the freak out and to a “ridiculously optimistic” view of the future of work.

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Tips for Managing Millennials - from a real, live millennial!

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Leadership is about coping with change.”. that it dawned on me that I belong to the dreaded Millennial Generation. In a Fortune Magazine article entitled Everything you need to know about your Millennial co-workers , Katherine Reynolds Lewis.



This leaves a number of leadership roles to be filled by younger colleagues, millennials, who bring a different skill set and life experience to these important roles.

Learning from Millennials (Yes, Really)


This post originally appeared on the Higher Logic blog , where I’m posting an ongoing series related to Millennials and online community. For the Millennials, that has come in the form of complaints about them being entitled – showing up at work and immediately wanting a promotion.

Professional Development for Millennials (and Everyone Else Too)

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Millennials: You know them well, those 73 million professionals born between 1980 and 1996 who are now an integral part of the American workplace. It’s a myth that millennials feel entitled to a better title and more pay for simply doing their jobs. Volunteer for a leadership role.

The Secret to Better Leadership

Jamie Notter

I attended a session this week about leadership development in the association world. We talked about different leadership styles, and the need to adapt your style to fit the context, and then we talked about leadership development programs for volunteers. Culture Leadership

Tapping Millennial (and Other) Talent from Every Part of your Organization

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"Businesses must realize the importance of adapting to millennial employees in order to leverage the advanced, forward-thinking ideas that they can provide." Innovation Leadership Reinvention and Reconfiguration innovation millennials organizational culture

The Problem Isn’t Millennials


Stop focusing on the Millennials and their entitlement, their impatience, their flip flops, and how they only know how to text, but not how to write. The entrance of the Millennials may be highlighting the problem, but they themselves are not the problem.

Cultivating Next-Generation Association Leaders

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What is your association doing to ensure that it has a talent pipeline for key positions, especially leadership positions? This article provides practical strategies for addressing succession and leadership development in a thoughtful, structured manner. Joanne Smikle, PhD.

Figuring Out the Millennials as Consumers

Jamie Notter

Everybody wants to figure out the Millennials. Since the Millennials are the largest generation ever, they are ultimately going to spend more than any other generation has. But it''s coming, and more and more companies are now lining up to figure out the millennials so they can market and sell to them better. Unfortunately, since there''s so much hype about this generation out there, it''s hard to get a bead on what is really going to matter to the Millennials.

Pew on Millennials: Bad News for Associations

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Based on the results of a new Pew Research study, Millennials in Adulthood: Detached from Institutions, Networked with Friends , bad times are coming for associations. Millennials are the most racially diverse generation in American history.

Data-Driven Millennials in the Social Sector


Are you a millennial that wants to make a real impact in the world? As part of their social responsibility campaign, Evaluate for Change has launched the Millennial Nonprofit Data Fellowship. Do you pledge to make a difference that can be measured?

Book Review: Leadership and Self-Deception

Jamie Notter

Leadership and Self-Deception: Getting Out of the Box. Books and Reading Individual Development Leadership by the Arbinger Institute. Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc.

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What Recent Changes to the CAE Say About Leadership

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Plenty of recent leadership scandals, inside and outside of nonprofitdom, have shed light on the importance of establishing a solid grasp of ethics. The post What Recent Changes to the CAE Say About Leadership appeared first on Associations Now

Five Reasons Why Lockstep Board Leadership Succession Makes No Sense

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Once in a while we encounter an organization with a structured leadership succession process that makes no sense except, perhaps, to the founders who concocted it. I like to call this the lockstep board leadership succession model. Leadership Association Boards

When Millennials Take Over on The Nonprofit Exchange


Guest post by Todd Greer, PhD, Executive Director and Managing Editor of Nonprofit Performance Magazine and the Synervision Leadership Foundation. ————– The reality is that we are different. And things are changing. So what can we do about it?

Humanize and the Millennial Generation

Jamie Notter

Leadership insight.right when you need it. Humanize and the Millennial Generation. That post was the setup to this one, based on the original question that was posed in one of our Humanize twitter chats, which was “Is the Millennial generation better poised to accept the ideas in Humanize than previous generations.” In my ebook on Generations , I provide my understanding of the forces that are shaping the Millennial generation. Leadership.

Book Review: When Millennials Take Over and the Fluid Workplace

Beth Kanter

I am knee deep in developing a peer learning program for Millennial leadership development in nonprofit organizations that is designed based on the research out there. The Millennial generation entering the workforce. The fluid chapter describes networked leadership.

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Better Listening, Better Leadership

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A new book by New York Times leadership columnist Adam Bryant shares CEOs’ lessons for success. Early 2014, for me, is overstuffed with new leadership and management challenges. The post Better Listening, Better Leadership appeared first on Associations Now

Millennial Engagement: Lessons from a Successful Video Contest

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Through a social media-based video contest targeted at millennials, the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) introduced thousands of individuals to the organization and its credential—and picked up some tips for engaging students and young professionals.

Manufacturing Group Tries to Draw Millennials With New Initiative

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Now, PMA is trying it again—this time focusing on millennials. And I think that for that continuity to happen, we want it to be a resource for these, especially small-to-midsize manufacturing companies as they transition leadership, as they onboard and bring on new talent.

The Leadership Gap Beyond the Generation Gap

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A recent study spotlights a generational divide over defining leadership. But we can agree on what leadership is , right? Even the definition of “leadership,” though, isn’t set in stone. The post The Leadership Gap Beyond the Generation Gap appeared first on Associations Now

Proven Tactics to Recruit, Retain and Unleash Millennial Talent


By 2025, Millennials will comprise 75% of the global workforce. A vast majority of these Millennials want to work for organizations that foster innovative thinking, develop their skills, and make a positive contribution to society. Millennial’s Employer Criteria.

Eric Lanke: Millennials Are the New Slackers

Eric Lanke

Leadership. Millennials Are the New Slackers. In this case, the blogger is Andrew McAfee and his target is the "entitlement mentality" of many Millennials. Its horrific, McAfee says, and he goes on to detail out how Millennials should be acting in this dismal economy.

Study: Millennials Rate Themselves as Better Employees Than Others Do

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A new study of millennial job seekers and HR professionals illustrates some of the stereotypes facing generation Y as it works to make a name for itself in the workplace. Millennials are known for many things, at least stereotypically. Good leadership skills?

Ready to Promote Your Millennials 2 or 3 Levels?

Jamie Notter

Social Media Roundup: Overcoming the Millennial Hurdle

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The conventional wisdom is that millennials are always connected, but are they primed and ready to join an association? Every generation has its differences, but some of the elements that differentiate many millennials from their forebears could present some challenges for associations.

From Millennials to Inclusion: Key Reflections From Great Ideas 2015

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But fortunately for you, we have some highlights here, including a sneak peek at a new book focused on millennials. What the audience says about millennials. So are these crazy millennial types all jean-wearing, want-it-now, flex workers (with sleeve tattoos)?

How to Boost Newer Employees Into Leadership

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Gen Xers and millennials are get held back for fear of disruption, a new survey suggests. The association of professionals who help people find leadership talent is concerned that organizations are searching too narrowly.

Wednesday Buzz: Adjusting Your Travel Policy to Millennials

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Being a little more flexible with your business travel policy may keep your millennial employees happy. It’s no secret that employers are going to have to be adjustable to keep up with the needs and preferences of millennials.

What leadership skills do nonprofit emerging leaders need to succeed?

Beth Kanter

Are leadership skills different for emerging “Millennial” leaders than for people from different generations? There’s an excellent summary by the study’s authors in this post, “ Preparing Millennials for Leadership Success ,” the tips include: 1.

Are You Ready for When Millennials Take Over – Your Questions Answered

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Just a week removed from the last YM monthly webinar Are You Ready for When Millennials Take Over with Jamie Notter and Maddie Grant, CAE from Cultures That Work, I ran into both of them at Elevate.

Meet the Millennials: Young Professionals Are Pushing Associations Forward

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Want to get a glimpse into the minds of millennial employees and members? We are a vibrant part of the broader community—the next generation of association leadership. The post Meet the Millennials: Young Professionals Are Pushing Associations Forward appeared first on Associations No

#MCON2012: Scott Gerber The Entrepreneurial Spirit of Millennials

Beth Kanter

I’m attending the MCON12 a virtual conference to explore ideas, strategies, and to hear directly from experts on how to organize millennial engagement programs. He talked about how Millennials are changing the work place. (See When Millennials graduate, it hits them.

Report: Millennials Value Face-to-Face Meetings More Than You Think

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Despite what you’ve read about millennials and the impending decline of the meetings industry, a new report by the Meetings Mean Business Coalition found that this generation understands the importance of in-person events.