Medical Societies Speak Out on Proposed Aid-in-Dying Bills

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Last week a Nebraska legislative committee began deliberations on one such bill , prompting protests from the Nebraska Medical Association and Nebraska Academy of Family Physicians. Though the California Medical Association has taken a neutral stance, other groups in the U.S.

Conference Circuit: Net Results

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The American Volleyball Coaches Association’s 2015 Annual Convention began earlier this week in Omaha, Nebraska. Location: Omaha, Nebraska. Rundown Attendees: 2,600. Exhibitors: 100 plus.

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Happy 100th to the Car Wash! How One Association Is Celebrating

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We felt like we do have a bit of a leadership role in the industry to recognize these kinds of accomplishments as the industry’s association,” said Eric Wulf, CEO of ICA.

Social Media Roundup: How AARP Won the Oscars, Too

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Dern, alas, didn’t win an Oscar for his role in Nebraska.) Smooth the Path ‘s Amanda Kaiser says it depends on the needs of the members—especially the ones who might feel a little left out of the leadership or speaking opportunities.

SCD Group: Do "Best Practices" prevent association innovation?

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You CAN clone a cow (apparently), and the cow operates pretty much the same in Iowa as it does in Nebraska. LinkedIn Promotes Association’s Leadership Positio. Pages. About. Contact. Causeaholic. AMR Management Services. Stronger by Association. Thursday, August 9, 2012.

Future of Work Manifesto

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Leadership insight.right when you need it. in Change , Humanize , Individual Development , Leadership , Managing People , Truth , Uncategorized - 1 comment. Maddie is the one who wrote it up, but it was the result of a weekend retreat last fall of twelve people (including me, Maddie and Charlie; Maddie lists them all in her post) in, of all places, Omaha, Nebraska. It’s a new view on leadership. Leadership. Consulting. Speaking. About. Contact.

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